Study Abroad Destination

Choosing a study abroad destination is crucial, and you must consider various factors before making a final decision. It is essential not only to think of it as a vacation! Remember, your higher purpose is to upgrade your skills through higher education.

Let us help you pick your study abroad destination wisely. We listed the factors to guide you in choosing the perfect study abroad destination. Also included are the best countries for a semester abroad and how to apply at your dream study abroad destination.


Factors that help you decide your study abroad destination

Read each carefully and reflect to ensure it aligns with your higher education objectives. We also included essential personal preferences that you must consider.

The course you want to focus on plays a significant role in choosing a study abroad destination.

Understand what educational strengths you want to focus on and weaknesses to improve. Doing online research certainly helps as you will get a clearer view. You may also book a free counseling session to guide your decision. 

To make it fun and interactive, you must try our study abroad destination quiz! With just some clicks, you will get fast results to help to decide on your study abroad destination.



You can take short summer schools, a semester abroad, or up to a full degree.  It is not a requirement to spend half to a full year abroad, but the longer you stay, the more you can embrace the culture of your chosen study abroad destination. 

Our Study Programs page will provide the necessary information, including the duration of your preferred educational course. You may also check study fields at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels worldwide.


Which industries would you like to focus on after studying abroad? Researching your study abroad destination and ensuring that it offers specializations in your course is vital.

Additionally, it is possible to provide service in your study abroad destination. Developing countries may need your engineering skills for their nation’s growth. For some, their educational background in health is an edge to apply in their host country.


Different countries have specific requirements for international students, so ensure you can provide them all for a smooth process.

Additionally, your academic score must meet the qualifications of your study abroad destination and prospective university. Inquire if they will ask you to take the English proficiency test.


Aside from the tuition fee, you must consider other expenses in your study abroad destination. When budgeting, include accommodation, food, emergency expenses, leisure, and more.

Are you planning a semester in Bali, Thailand, or Taipei? Visit our How to budget your study abroad semester in Asia.  Aside from providing valuable information regarding expenses, you may also calculate the study abroad costs needed to prepare.


Learning a new language is undoubtedly a fun experience! Though specifically not required, it is advantageous as you can connect with the locals and expand your perspective.

Try practicing the dialect of your preferred host country as early as now. Watch international series, read children’s books, and use mobile online applications to help you get started.


Consider your health in choosing a study abroad destination. Do you quickly get sick in a cold or hot environment? Will the weather affect your studying habits?

If you are okay with a climate different from your country, you can choose any study abroad destination on our list. Bring lighter clothes in hot countries or throw in jackets when packing in a cold region.


Do you have allergies to food? Are you a vegan? Take into consideration the food choices in choosing your study abroad destination.

Though it is tempting to choose any location, you need to have proper nourishment as you will be studying in the host country. Make sure you have a wide variety of choices, and they are easily accessible.


Top Study Abroad Destination

Once you have considered all the factors, you may pick your dream study abroad destination.  Here are the best locations to achieve the best education and life-changing experiences!


Study in Asia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a famous study abroad destination as it offers a calming, refreshing, charming experience any international student will love. As of 2022, 600 global learners are enrolled in the country.

The “Land of the Gods” offer study programs in business, marketing, tourism, and other exciting programs to upgrade your skills.

Balinese people warmly welcome everyone, and you will undoubtedly make new friends and sincere connections in the country.

Everyone deserves a study-life balance, and Bali offers that! Just hop on a scooter and explore magnificent areas in the country, such as lush rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and other breathtaking spots!

Bangkok, Thailand

Aside from being a top choice for travelers, Bangkok also ranks as a preferred study abroad destination. Over 15,000 global learners are in the country, equally distributed in marketing, journalism, architecture, economics, aviation, and more.

Choosing Thailand as a study abroad destination is ideal for you. It is an exciting place to access invigorating beach locations during school breaks. The culture is remarkable as well! You will meet friendly Thais and learn more about their nation to widen your perspective.

Thai food is also for everyone to enjoy! It has a wide range of non-vegan and vegan meals that can certainly nourish you while studying.

Busan, South Korea

Busan is a laidback metropolis located along a mesmerizing coastline.

It is South Korea’s second-largest city, highlighted by modern buildings, innovative amenities, and vibrant yet refined residents.

Enrolling in Busan allows you to have the perfect student-life balance. It has acclaimed universities that will upgrade your higher education learning. You also have access to fun recreational activities such as trekking, spending time on the beach, visiting Buddhist temples, and more!

Busan also offers an exceptional transportation system. It has high-speed trains that can take you to equally exciting locations.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal study abroad destination for global learners who are always on the go! It is an energetic area where you will meet local and international connections to develop your personality and academic skills.

Due to the significant population of ex-pats and global learners, Ho Chi Minh City hosts many international schools. This means learning institutions have a good ratio of local and global students, making you understand Vietnamese culture more.

Aside from its vivid urban life, Vietnam’s largest city is a few hours away from majestic lush areas in the country. You can undoubtedly explore these regions during school breaks.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s central study hub and is a good destination for studying abroad. It ranks as one of the world’s best cities for students and the most affordable student city worldwide.

As the most populated city in the country, Kuala Lumpur is home to exciting cultures. It is also a diverse area where businesses grow and flourish, so international students have global exposure.

The weather in the city is ideal for everyone. It is sunny and warm, with occasional rainfall during the monsoon season. During school breaks, you can explore the area where highlands, coastal towns, and more are easily accessible using affordable public transportation.

Phuket, Thailand

Studying in Phuket means an exciting journey to Asia’s paradise island! Aside from being a top vacation area, it is also a preferred study abroad destination, with many prestigious universities.

Global learners can choose from courses that will benefit their academic goals. After a semester, you will truly enjoy every corner of Phuket, where exciting adventure awaits!

The locals are warm and welcoming, so bonding with them is truly memorable. You will also enjoy world-renowned Thai food, affordable transportation, and a pleasant mix of cultures.   

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is attractive, modern, and influential.  Aside from successfully introducing Korean dramas, trendy fashion, and music, Seoul, the city’s capital, is home to acclaimed universities. It is a top study abroad destination where various nationalities enroll yearly.

Seoul consistently ranks as one of the top student cities in the world. World-class learning institutions in the country offer many educational programs guaranteed to make you a cut above the rest.

Studying in Seoul introduces you to an international atmosphere fueled by the Korean tiger economy. Expect innovations in your university, where you can learn outstanding skills and meet global friends.

Shanghai, China

Studying and graduating from Shanghai is a privilege. It is a mega metropolis known as the center of business, trading, finance, and shipping. Imagine being surrounded by bold and ambitious learners aiming to absorb the city’s fast-forward thinking.

Shanghai is a famous Asian study abroad destination as it is the most westernized city in the country. Skyscrapers and modern facilities fill the area, which equals booming industries and a fierce economy.

Enrolling in Shanghai guarantees top-notch global learning. The area is fully developed and has established universities for international students. The city is also diverse, with friendly locals.             

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is another well-known study abroad destination due to its technological advancement, safety, and vibrant atmosphere. International students can choose among the top universities in the country where they will learn globally-demanded programs.

A day in the life of a global student in Tokyo involves attending classes and socializing with learners worldwide through extracurricular activities. Being independent is highly valued in the country, so expect to master being self-reliable.

The country offers one of the best public transportation in the world. You can visit many areas during school breaks, be amazed at the breathtaking scenery and modern buildings, and feast on regional delicacies.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is an ideal study abroad destination as it offers an innovative, South-Asian city vibe. You can expect a diverse culture with an impressive background and friendly locals. 

International students can choose from a wide range of educational programs in world-class learning institutions. The Ministry of Education of Taiwan welcomes global learners by providing accessible applications and scholarships for qualified students.

During semester breaks, the county has exciting places to visit. You may go on hiking trips, relax at beaches, swim in lagoons, and visit nearby Asian destinations.

Study in Europe & America

Dublin, Ireland

Irish universities are known for their dedication to enriching their student’s life. You can gain the best education with an extensive history of educating learners using globally recognized standards.

Dublin has learning institutions that can certainly bring out the best in you. A great example is the American College Dublin. It has exceptional records, such as having a good spot in the National University ranking and being listed as one of the best places to study abroad.

Choosing Dublin as a study abroad destination has many benefits for International learners. Aside from being a cosmopolitan area where all your needs are available, there are expansive gardens, lush parks, and calming riverside for studying.

Lisbon, Portugal

Located west of the Iberian peninsula, Portugal is undoubtedly a top choice of study abroad destination in Europe. It offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate, consistently ranks as one of the safest nations in the world, and is an attractive location with many scenic spots.

The European University of Lisbon is the perfect choice for international learners looking for a study abroad destination. It offers higher education programs based on updated teaching practices elevating your employability anywhere in the world.

During semester breaks, you have many options to relax in the country. You may visit equally attractive small towns in the area, spend days on picturesque beaches, or learn futbol (soccer)!

Sardinia, Italy

Italy has been a top choice as a study abroad destination for many years. It provides world-class education but is generally more cost-efficient than other European countries.

Studying in Sardinia will introduce you to a sophisticated and dreamy Mediterranean island. It has a breathtaking coastline complimenting a seemingly endless sparkling turquoise water. 

Aside from panoramic corners, Sardinia is home to the University of Caliari. This global learning institution holds many accreditations, such as ranking as one of the best forensic science universities and the best university worldwide. 

Cancun city, Mexico

Aside from being a top choice for vacation, Cancun is also an attractive study abroad destination.

As one of Latin America’s wonders, Cancun has lots to offer international students.  You will surely enjoy the lovely tropical weather, rich history, welcoming locals, flavorful foods, and more!

Additionally, Cancun has prestigious learning institutions that meet your higher educational goals. One of the best is the Anahuac Cancun University. Aside from receiving the Best Private University in Mexico award, this learning institution has a five-year strategic plan to improve its services further.

You have tons of exciting things to do in terms of school breaks! You may visit popular beaches, bond with the locals or other global learners, or simply enjoy the warm climate.

Costa Rica

There are many reasons to choose Costa Rica as your study abroad destination. The country surely prides itself on living “La Pura Vida,” – which means enjoying a pure and good life! You can expect a pleasant and calming stay while reaching your academic goals.

The curriculum in the nation focuses on human development, and education is available at every level. International students can truly benefit from the nation’s top-notch academic setting.

The Latin American University of Science and Technology is one of the leading learning institutions in the country.  Aside from being the only bilingual academy in the region, it is the top private university where you can enroll in Economics, Business Management, International Relations, and more.


How to apply to your dream study abroad destination

  • You must be 18 years at the time of your application
  • Highschool diploma
  • Language proficiency in understanding classes in English


  • are not currently enrolled in a university
  • are studying at an open university or community college
  • are graduating
  • have already studied abroad
  • come from a university that doesn’t have an existing bilateral agreement with one of our host universities
  • are planning to take a semester abroad with a friend or a significant other, or plan to go overseas as a part of a large group
  • are having a challenging time finding courses that are part of your major
  • have a family


You must be able to afford all the fees associated with applying for your study abroad destination. Prepare for the application fee, tuition, visa, flights, lodging, and other living expenses in your study abroad destination.


Easy Application Process by Asia Exchange

It’s a perfect idea to confirm your plan to study abroad with the university, college, or other higher education institution where you are presently enrolled.

Then, create a study plan that you may submit to your institution after looking at the university’s course offerings on our website. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine whether the study credits you acquire overseas can be applied to your home degree.


Fill out the application form and indicate whether you prefer to study for one or two semesters. If available, you may also complete a full degree.

You may combine two of your chosen destinations or universities. It is also possible to enroll for a second semester after.    


You will receive an email confirming your study abroad placement with additional instructions.

Once you receive an initial acceptance letter, we will send an invoice for the application fee, payable within ten days.


You will also receive the official acceptance letter from your chosen university a month before your study abroad starts.

Present your official acceptance letter to apply for the student visa. Depending on the destination, it may take a few days or weeks.


Pack your bags, throw a farewell party, and be ready for a fantastic and memorable experience!

Please arrive at your study abroad destination before orientation to learn how to navigate your host university’s daily academic life.

Wrapping it all up

Choosing a study abroad destination is fun once you understand your educational goal and where you want to hone them. It is a significant investment, so make sure to pick wisely!

Book a free counseling session now to talk with experts in studying abroad. Our student stories are in the blog section to inspire you!

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