How to budget your study abroad semester in Asia

Our founding mission is to provide more affordable study abroad opportunities for students interested in studying in Asia. We constantly and conscientiously work on keeping the tuition fees as low as possible – without compromising on the quality of the study abroad semester.

Most other study abroad agents and providers include more detailed services in their fees and this is also reflected in the much steeper prices (often starting from around 10 000 EUR/USD, up to about 25 000 EUR/USD a semester). The more inclusive packages often include an airport pick-up, accommodation costs and travel insurance.

We want to encourage independent travelling and more personal experiences. We want to give you the freedom to decide when and how to travel to Asia, how much to spend on the accommodation and how to sort out the practical arrangements – and we help you at every step!

More and more students study abroad but participating in our programs is a way to differentiate yourself truly – exotic locations, a chance to build international networks and the opportunity to acquire a completely new skill set that future employers will appreciate.

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What are the additional costs?

The prices are examples of average costs and are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates.

In addition to the tuition fee and the application fee, you’ll need to budget for the following expenses:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa
  • Food

The first three items on the list vary a lot in prices, depending on how you like to fly, where you like to live and what kind of coverage your insurance will have. We have wanted to give you the option to personalize these things, to best suit your budget and your preferences.


The flights to Asia will probably be the most expensive additional cost to your study abroad semester. Flights are usually the cheapest, approximately 50 days before departure. When applying via Asia Exchange, you’ll get a 100% guaranteed study place within a week from applying. This makes it very convenient to book flights in advance. More information on travelling here.

Budget for flights: 500–1000 EUR/USD


Some of our destinations have on-campus dorms available for international students, but mostly our students have to take care of their own accommodation arrangements. Sharing a flat with other students is common. Most students travel solo and decide who to live with only after getting to know the other students during the first couple of weeks of the semester.

The price for the accommodation depends on the destination. In Bali, Bangkok and Phuket, accommodation can be found for as little as 100-350 EUR/USD a month. In Bali and Phuket, luxurious villas for several people go for about 1500 EUR/USD a month (including a pool). Six people sharing a villa would therefore each pay 250 EUR/USD a month.

The price of dorm accommodation also varies depending on the location. For example, in Seoul, Korea, the dorm accommodation for the entire semester (3.5 months) costs about 900 EUR/USD.

You can find out more about accommodation here and in the Asia Exchange Guide, which you will gain access to after being accepted to one of our programs. The Guide includes places recommended by our previous students, trusted realtors and general tips for what to look for and what to avoid.

Budget for accommodation: 300–3000 EUR/USD per semester

Travel Insurance

The price of the travel insurance depends on whether you or your family are already on a plan, how much coverage you want (i.e., for stolen items), whether you will partake in extreme sports, and which country you are going. A standard travel insurance (health costs, accidents, stolen items) for three and a half months in Thailand costs about 250 EUR/USD. More information on travel insurance here.

Budget for travel insurance: 110–300 EUR/USD


The price of the visa depends on your destination country and your nationality. Visa expenses do not generally exceed 150 EUR/USD. Find out more here.

Budget for visa: 50–150 EUR/USD (except Malaysia).


Both eating in and out in Asia is very cheap. You can get delicious, healthy and fulfilling meals for a euro/dollar or do some fine dining with drinks for 10 euros/dollars.

Budget for food and drinks: 300–500 EUR/USD per semester

Total costs

ca. 1300–5000 EUR / USD per semester (not including the tuition fee or the application fee).

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