Asia Exchange Team

Get to know the energetic team behind Asia Exchange! Altogether, we are a multinational team of around 20 people with vast experience and skills in international relations, international networking, sales, marketing, content creation, administration and customer service. Besides the people below, we have many passionate interns, alumni and partners helping us to spread the word about the benefits of studying in Asia.


CEO Harri

Harri Suominen

Managing Director, Co-Founder – harri[at]

Passionate entrepreneur in education since 2007, big ice hockey fan and inspirational speaker. Feels privileged to make his living with businesses that make a difference. Grateful for being able to help people find their goals and live their dreams.

Harri studied abroad in Athens, Greece and in Shanghai, China.

CEO Tuomas

Tuomas Kauppinen

Director, Co-Founder

Sharp-minded and big-brained Finnish Hongkongian with ambitious goals. He refuses to give up and encourages everyone around him to reach excellent results while still cheering the spirit up. Midwifes are gossiping that the first word from his mouth was entrepreneurship, the second perseverance and the third optimization.

Tuomas studied abroad in Greensboro, USA and in Shanghai, China.

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Sales and Relationship Manager – joonas[at]

Joonas can be described as the pitbull of the Tampere team. He has a burning desire to make things happen and will never give up. For him, every problem is an opportunity. A true problem solver who always keeps going even when others are ready to give in. As a manager, he always takes care of his team and his constant enthusiasm is genuinely infectious. In his free time, you can find Joonas brewing some craft beer, travelling the world or dragging his wife to a heavy metal concert.

Black and white picture of Hannes

Hannes Borgwardt

Business Development Manager & Chief Representative Asia - hannes[at]

High-spirited, growth-minded, and caring team player who focuses on upscaling our business and creating dream teams. Hannes is an Asia Exchange alumni that fell in love with Asia during his studies and never returned home. Part of his job is to constantly upscale our business and to take care of business relations, mainly inside Asia.  In his free time, you will find Hannes on the beach chasing the wave of his life.  Hannes studied abroad in Rouen, France, Auckland, New Zealand and Bali, Indonesia.  

Administration & Student Advising

Black and white picture of Lintang


Admission Coordinator - lintang[at]

Lintang can be described as the face behind our application processing team. He is from Java in Indonesia and started his journey with our team in 2020 when he supported our website team with various projects. Today, Lintang is a true professional that loves new challenges and learning something new every day.  In his free time, you will find Lintang around friends while practicing his guitar and singing skills.  

Black and white picture of CA


International Coordinator - ca[at]

Meet our invoicing expert from the Philippines. CA is a perfectionist and constantly having an eye on details. She is leading all invoicing matters at Asia Exchange and supporting our Management in daily matters. CA has a marketing and Human Resource background and has been part of the team since 2019. In her free time, you will find CA strolling through downtown Manila, enjoying life to the fullest with family and friends.

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International Coordinator –Gino[at]

Gino is part of our talent hub in the Philippines and defines positiveness and happiness at work.  He brings joy to the whole team on a daily basis and always has an inspiring quote in mind.  Gino is part of our administration team, being mostly involved in our customer service and admissions team. He always focuses on service excellence and is not satisfied before our students feel perfectly prepared for their time abroad with Asia Exchange. In his free time, Gino is all into photography and anything creative.

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International Coordinator – Nadira[at]

Nadira is our newest team member located in Bali, Indonesia. Nadira has a master’s degree in International Relations and has been in touch with Asia Exchange for years. Nadira is a world traveller and loves to work in international environments. As a result, she spent a lot of time overseas in the United States and Australia. At Asia Exchange, Nadira’s main roles are in customer service and admissions. In addition to that, she is the main contact point for our students in Bali.  In her free time, Nadira is all into studying languages, dancing, and cooking.

lourdes - team - asia exchange


Administration and Customer Service Specialist –lourdes[at]

Lourdes is our newest addition to the team and part of our Talent Hub in the Philippines. She graduated from Bulacan State University in 2018 and has been working in administration and customer service ever since. Lourdes is a true expert in her fields and redefines service excellence in our daily operations. Aside from her main role as an administration and customer service specialist, Lourdes is involved in our Destination Korea and the main contact point for our full degree students.  In her free time, Lourdes love to explore the city, mingle with friends and simply have a good time in cinemas and restaurants.

Sales & Marketing

Black and white picture of Raphaela


Engagement Specialist - rapha[at]

Meet Rapha, our Engagement Specialist from the heart of Manila, Philippines. She comes from an economic background. Throughout her studies, she volunteered in several NGOs focusing on international student mobility, to gain outstanding intercultural competence. After her studies she managed entire businesses before her journey brought her to Asia Exchange. Today she is our salesperson for all English-speaking nations.

Black and white picture of Christopher


Engagement Specialist - christopher[at]

Christopher joined our team in January 2020 and quickly got involved with our sales team. Today he is leading our sales operations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. As a true sales expert, he makes himself always available for any inquiries, resulting in him being most of the time on the phone or in individual consultations with future Asia Exchange students.  In his free time, you will find Christopher in the gym, surfing or exploring new exotic cultures.  Christopher is an Asia Exchange Alumni and studied abroad in Phuket, Thailand. 

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Digital Marketing Specialist - Nele[at]

Nele recently joined our marketing team. Nele has a strong background in content creation and social media marketing and on top of that, she was one of our students in the past. Throughout her life-changing experience with us, she gathered valuable knowledge that makes her a true study abroad expert. Nele focuses mostly on our social media content and is always eager to share the most interesting stories, interview our students and show you how amazing studying abroad can be.
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Today, Asia Exchange offers the chance to study abroad in TaiwanChina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea. All of our partner universities have been carefully selected and are counted among the best in their respective countries.