Udayana University International Program on Asian Studies, Bali

Study Abroad in Bali at Udayana University for 1 or 2 Semesters

Study at Udayana University’s only truly international study program, the Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS)! Meet people from 16+ countries and expand your knowledge with courses from many different fields. Apply easily and get a confirmation of your study placement as quickly as in a day.

Program Overview


Spring (January – May),
Autumn (Sep – Dec)

Max. Credits

36 ECTS /
21 US credits

Program Content

workshops and

Levels of Study

Bachelor and Master, GAP Year


tuition fee / semester+ application fee

Study Fields

Business, Culture, Environmental Management, Language, Law, Tourism, Social Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Communication, International Relations, Globalisation


Udayana University

Ranked #9 best university in Indonesia


Best universities
in Asia


Best university
in Bali

Highest national accreditation (A)



SPRING 2025*

AUTUMN 2025*

SPRING 2026*

You may apply for semesters in the upcoming years already.

*) Small changes possible

Program Highlights

  • Learn more about Indonesia, its culture and economy, and discover the unique Balinese culture

  • Book additional service packages to make your study adventure comfortable, memorable, and worry-free (find more under fees below)

  • Explore the famous paradise island of Bali and the neighboring islands in your free time

  • Get supported throughout the semester by our international on-site team

  • Improve your English, learn the basics of Indonesian and develop your intercultural communication skills

  • Establish an international network at Udayana University by meeting people from around the globe

  • Expand your knowledge with a range of interesting courses from many different study fields

Studying in the Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS)

BIPAS is an interdisciplinary study abroad program taught in English at Udayana University in Bali, introducing you to Indonesian language and culture, international business, marketing, tourism, law and environmental management. You’ll also learn about modern Indonesia, gain insight into South-East Asia and discover fascinating Balinese traditions.

Who is the program for?

  • You’re a university student (or similar)
  • You’re interested in Indonesia and South-East Asia
  • You want to study abroad in a unique and exotic environment
  • You want to expand your knowledge with a variety of topics
  • You want to get to know people from all over the world
Open for Gap Year Applications

If you are a high school or college graduate, your plans are still unclear or you simply want to take a break from your daily routines, you may apply for a gap year program. Studying abroad during your gap year is the perfect way to give your life a new direction!

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Q: Can I take Master’s level courses even if I’m a Bachelor’s level student?
A: Yes, you can. Bachelor-level students can choose Master level courses and vice versa. Please confirm with your home institution which courses are accepted for credit transfer.

Q: Are there mandatory courses?
A: Yes, an Indonesian Language course is mandatory for all students attending BIPAS Program. You can choose it in a scope of 3 ECTS or 6 ECTS. In the 3 ECTS course, you will have one lecture per week and in the 6 ECTS course, you will have 2 lectures per week.

Q: When are my course selections confirmed?
A: We will send your course selections to Udayana University approximately 1 month after the application deadline. Unless you’re notified that there is overlapping with your course selections, all your course selections are confirmed.

Q: Can I drop out of a course or add a course after making the course selections?
A: Dropping out of a course is still possible until the second week of the semester as long as you still have a minimum of 3 courses left. If you wish to add a course, you are required to send proof from your home university that they require an additional course to bipas.bali@gmail.com. The maximum number of courses you can choose is 7.

Q: How does the weekly schedule look like?
A: In general, you will have contact lectures from Monday to Wednesday. The teaching staff may be unable to show up for lectures for some reason from time to time. In this case, the lecture will be moved to another day or you will receive a replacement assignment. Thursdays are reserved for independent work on case studies or other assignments, no attendance on campus is required. There will be one mandatory workshop and excursion for all students and one for Comparative Regional Studies in Indonesia. These will most likely take place on a Thursday or Friday.

Q: What is the required minimum attendance?
A: You must attend a minimum of 75 % of lectures and all mandatory workshops/excursions. You must also pass the mid-term and final exams to receive your grades. In case of sickness, you can discuss with the program staff regarding the excused absence.

Q: When do the exams take place?
A: All exams will take place inside the official semester dates. Mid-term exams usually take place the week before the mid-term holiday and final exams the last week of the semester. The exams are usually scheduled for the same weekdays and times as your normal classes.

Q: What kind of costs are there regarding study materials?
A: There are no book fees at BIPAS Program. Most of the study materials will be uploaded to a student folder in Dropbox. Some assignments must be submitted as printed documents. There are printing shops outside the campus and printing is extremely cheap in Bali.

Dresscode: You should always cover your shoulders, belly, knees and toes when on campus. Please bring enough proper, lightweight clothes with you from home as it can be difficult to find especially bigger clothes or shoes in Bali.

Q: What is the correct type of visa for studying at Udayana University?
A: Socio-Cultural Visa / Short Visit Visa. Exceptions apply to 2-semester students and some nationalities.

Q: When can I apply for my visa?
A: As soon as you receive the official acceptance letter from Udayana University. We will send this to you latest 1 month before the semester starts. You cannot apply for your visa with the initial acceptance letter from Asia Exchange.

Q: Can I travel inside Indonesia during the semester even if my passport is at immigration for an extension?
A: Former students have traveled with a scanned copy of their passport’s ID page and student card from Udayana University. You can find general information about Indonesian student visas here.

Q: How can I find suitable accommodation options? Read our accommodation guide for Bali here. Many of our former students have used and trusted the services of and www.bukitvista.com

Q: Should I book accommodation in advance or after arriving in Bali?
A: It is completely up to you. Many of the cheapest places get booked in advance during the autumn, but most students still prefer checking the accommodation options in person after arrival.

Q: Do I need an International Driver’s License for driving a scooter in Bali?
A: Yes, you do. If you don’t yet have one, please order it from your national car union’s website. Bear in mind that driving a scooter in Bali requires a motorbike license. Without one, you might have problems with your insurance company in case of an accident.

Q: Which vaccinations do I need to take?
A: We recommend MMR, Tetanus-diphtheria and hepatitis A and B. You can ask your doctor for possible other recommendations if you wish to travel to more rural areas. Bali is not a malaria-endemic zone, so most likely, you will not need to purchase anti-malaria medication.

Q: Can I bring prescription medicines to Bali?
A: That shouldn’t be a problem if you bring the doctor’s prescription with the medicine. Some medicines can be very hard or impossible to find in Bali, even though there are plenty of pharmacies in the more touristy areas of Bali.

Q: How are the hospitals in Bali?
A: There are many international standard hospitals in Bali, for example, BIMC, Siloam and Kasih Ibu. Please ask your insurance company for their partner hospital in Bali, as most insurances have one they prefer. With minor worries, you can usually visit the smaller clinics that can be found everywhere.

Q: Do I need to have travel insurance?
A: You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance for the whole duration of the study abroad program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the semester. Additional information and recommended insurance packages.

Q: What kind of costs should I be prepared for? In addition to Udayana University tuition fees, you should be prepared to pay for the student visa, flights, accommodation and other living costs. There are no book fees in the BIPAS Program, as most of the study materials will be uploaded to a student folder in Dropbox. The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. The actual costs depend on your individual lifestyle. Find a list of general living costs hereRead more about budgeting your study abroad semester.

Q: I need to have my learning agreement/certificate of enrollment signed. What should I do?
A: Please fill out the document and send it to info@asiaexchange.org and we will forward it to Udayana University for signing.

Q: When will I receive my Official Acceptance Letter? The electronic official acceptance letter will be sent to you by email the latest 1 month before the semester starts.

Q: When will I receive my Transcript of Records?
A: The university prepares and sends the transcripts of records usually within 2-3 months after the end of the semester

Q: Which other essential items should I bring with me from home?
A: Sunscreen, contact lenses, tampons, underwear, power bank, USB stick and dry shampoo.

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