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We help you study abroad in some of the most dynamic and fascinating destinations in Asia.

“We’ve heard great things about Asia Exchange, particularly about your programs in Indonesia and Thailand.”

-Mr.  Andy Wilcox, Business Associate, The Harvard Advocate, Harvard University

What makes Asia Exchange programs special

There was a time when studying abroad in Asia was only reserved for those who were lucky enough to find a study abroad placement through their own university. The only other option was to find a placement independently.

Finding a placement through your university meant only a limited number of placements and destinations available. Often you would want to study abroad with a friend or even a group of friends, but the strict student quotas sometimes made it impossible.

If you took the courageous route of finding a study abroad placement independently, you had to be prepared to put in lots of time, effort and possibly money. You had to figure out everything yourself, including available courses, semester lengths, application procedures, costs, visas, scholarships, travel vaccinations, accommodation… the list goes on and on.

Asia Exchange answers all these challenges. We want to make studying abroad as easy and affordable as possible. This is because we believe studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience. It’s something that should be available to the many, not to the few.

Studying abroad is also one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional growth. Our own careers and life paths have been positively shaped by our study abroad experiences. We believe it can do the same for everyone. We have seen with our own eyes how studying abroad has changed students’ lives and set them on unique paths they wouldn’t have taken otherwise. You can read some of these stories here.

So far, we’ve helped more than 10 000 students from 100 countries to study abroad all around the world. Will you be the next one?

Here’s how we help your dreams come true:



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International trendsetting through product innovation

Asia Exchange is taking part in a regionally funded business development grant project funded by the EU and the regional ELY center. The objectives of our 1-year project are the following:

We aim to get to a position where we grow 5 times larger than before the pandemic. Our project consists of increasing internationalization and product development. We are looking for new partnerships in our portfolio of the most interesting destinations in the world. This will make it possible to penetrate new market areas, e.g. in Asia. With product development, we can tailor our service to suit universities and students. In addition, we are enabling a “corona-resistant” model combining distance learning and safe study destinations, which we will also develop to be attractive in the post-pandemic period. With the help of this funding, we aim to create entities that support sustainable development and help students and local communities launch environmentally friendly operating models. Additionally, a stronger emphasis will be put on sustainable development and innovative ways of learning in our program design.

Our goals during the ELY-funded program include the following:

  1. The identification of exchange destinations for us in new host markets, Latin America and Europe
  2. Developing the service portfolio to meet customer needs in new markets
  3. Product design, i.e. the identification and development of new innovative program content and the creation of new business opportunities
  4. We are designing and redefining our services to meet the needs of the B2B market in our sector, alongside the current B2C model.


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