Who can apply?


In addition, some of the universities require students to be enrolled at an institution of higher education during the program


University Enrolment required Enrolment not required
Warmadewa University  x
Udayana University  x
Universiti Putra Malaysia  x
Siam University  x
Kasetsart University  x
Prince of Songkla  x
Shanghai University  x
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies  x
Shih Chien University  x
Foreign Trade University  x
Summer School in Bali  x
HUFS Summer Session  x *
Hanyang University  x  
Dong-A University  x  
University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce  x
University of Lisbon  x
University of Cagliari  x
The Latin American University of Science and Technology  x
Cienfuegos University    x
American College of Dublin x  

*Students with an associate degree are also eligible. If you have only a secondary degree and wish to participate in the HUFS Summer Session, please contact us at info@asiaexchange.org.

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Minimum requirements for participation
  • Minimum age of 18 years (you must be 18 years old at the time of your application)
  • A high school diploma or similar certificate
  • Sufficient language proficiency to understand lectures given in English (taking a TOEFL language proficiency test is not necessary unless separately requested)
You can apply even if you...
  • are not currently enrolled in a university (see table above)
  • are studying at an open university/community college
  • are about to graduate
  • have already studied abroad before (whether through Erasmus or any other kind of exchange program)
  • come from a university that doesn’t have an existing bilateral agreement with one of our host universities
  • are planning to study abroad with a friend or significant other, or wish to go abroad as a part of a larger group
  • can’t find courses that are part of your major
  • have family
Additional requirements
  • To apply, you are expected to have sufficient funding for covering all the necessary costs, including the application fee, tuition fee, visa, flights, accommodation and other living expenses. See budgeting for an overall picture of all the costs involved. See our funding page for more information on financing your studies abroad.
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