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Study Abroad in Phuket, Thailand

Study Abroad in Phuket, Thailand – Spend a Life-Changing Semester in Paradise

Study in Thailand on the exotic paradise island Phuket! A lot more than just beautiful beaches, Phuket is the perfect destination for anyone studying or living abroad for the first time. Apply today for a life-changing semester or a full year in Thailand and get accepted as quickly as in a day!

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Just fill out an online application form and submit it with a few attachments.

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You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement as quickly as in day.

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Tuition fees only 1990 EUR per semester.

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Universities & Study Programs
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Study business, culture, management and tourism at one of Thailand’s top 5 universities and get to know life and culture in Thailand. If you’re fresh out of high school or in between degrees, join our gap year program in Phuket to get a new direction for your life!

Study & Live
in Phuket – Destination Guide

Pearl of the Andaman Sea

Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. There are about 400,000 inhabitants in Phuket but from November to March, during the tourist season, the population grows exponentially. Around 5 million tourists visit Phuket yearly and they have several good reasons to do so.

The majority of the people in Phuket are disarming in their friendliness and extreme helpfulness – a big reason for developing a serious crush on the place. Thai people in general are one of the genuinely nicest nations in the world.

Spend a semester abroad in Phuket, Thailand!