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Study Abroad in Phuket, Thailand

Study Abroad in Phuket, Thailand – Spend a life-changing semester in paradise

Study in Thailand on the exotic paradise island Phuket! A lot more than just beautiful beaches, Phuket is the perfect destination for anyone studying or living abroad for the first time. Apply today for a life-changing semester  in Thailand and get accepted as quickly as in a day!

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Study business, culture, management and tourism at one of Thailand’s top 5 universities and get to know life and culture in Thailand. If you’re fresh out of high school or in between degrees, join our gap year program in Phuket to get a new direction for your life!

Study abroad in Phuket, Thailand 

Many choose to study abroad in Phuket, Thailand, as it offers numerous privileges.
Aside from being a dream destination, the “Pearl of Andaman” or the “edge of Paradise” boasts compelling reasons every international learner will adore!
Let us narrate the advantages when you study abroad in Phuket. We will also answer frequently asked questions to help you decide.   

Why study abroad in Phuket, Thailand? 

It offers a commendable education system. 

The country’s curriculum constantly receives upgrades, so you can expect top-quality education when you study abroad in Phuket. 
Moreover, educational facilities pass international standards, so you are guaranteed to use modern equipment and techniques while learning.  

– Phuket hosts several established universities.  

It is home to the best learning institutions in Asia, such as the Prince of Songkla University. Aside from ranking as one of the best in the world, it collaborates with more than 40 countries, the European Union, UNESCO, and the World Health Organization, to mold its students.    

– Expect total personal improvement when you study in Phuket. 

As the region is multicultural with residents and tourists, you can anticipate having a broader perspective when you study abroad in Phuket. 
Moreover, your confidence, adaptability, and other positive traits will develop.  

– You will surely enjoy the cozy, tropical climate. 

When you study abroad in Phuket, expect sunny weather with an all-year temperature ranging from 25C to 34C. 
Moreover, April through May is the warmest month. On the other hand, January is the coldest. 
Aside from studying, the weather is perfect for fun activities waiting when you study abroad in Phuket! 

– Exciting activities during school breaks 

The region is globally known as a dream destination! Beautiful beaches and magnificent sceneries are on every corner offering stimulating activities when you study abroad in Phuket, Thailand!
During school breaks or free time, you can try surfing, hiking, surfing, and more.  

– You will surely enjoy the food in Phuket! 

Your taste buds will indeed have a feast when you study abroad in Phuket. 
Aside from regional favorites like Pad Thai, Kao Phad, Tom Yum, etc., it would be best to try out exotic dishes like loba (fried pig parts), nom vou yang (cow’s udders), and more!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the admission requirements for international students who want to study in Phuket?  

Admission requirements may differ depending on the university and educational program. 
Generally, your academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores, and other supporting documents are needed. 
Moreover, a letter of recommendation may be requested by the Thai university.  

What are the language requirements to study abroad in Phuket for international students? 

The language requirement for each program and institution may differ. International learners are often expected to have a particular level of English proficiency. 
On the other hand, learning Thai is essential for total immersion in the country.  

How much does it cost to study in Phuket, Thailand?  

Aside from being one of the top universities in the country, Prince of Songkla University also has a reasonable tuition fee. It only costs 2190 EUR per semester. You can also choose among acclaimed programs in Business, Tourism, Management, Personal development, and Physical Education.   

To sum it all up 

Overall, expect a memorable and life-changing experience when you study abroad in Phuket, Thailand. 
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Moreover, aside from Phuket, Thailand, our Blog Section has essential information about different study-abroad destinations. 

Book a counseling today and let us help you start a life-changing adventure towards your educational goals! 

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Study & Live
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Pearl of the Andaman Sea

Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. There are about 400,000 inhabitants in Phuket, but during the tourist season, the population grows exponentially from November to March. Around 5 million tourists visit Phuket yearly and they have several good reasons to do so.

The majority of the people in Phuket are disarming in their friendliness and extreme helpfulness – a big reason for developing a severe crush on the place. Thai people, in general, are one of the genuinely nicest nations in the world.