Financing your study abroad semester in Asia

In most countries, higher education is not free, and Asian countries are no exception. However, what sets Asia apart is that the fees are typically more affordable than in many other parts of the world. On top of this, Asia Exchange has negotiated discounted tuition fees with its partner universities to give as many students as possible the opportunity to study abroad in Asia.

Living costs in Asia are also considerably lower than in Europe or Northern America, for example. It’s possible to get by with only a few euros or US dollars per day and afford a shared luxurious villa just on a student budget.

There’s however no denying that studying abroad requires an investment of both time and money. When choosing to study abroad in Asia, the overall financial investment is a great deal less than when studying abroad in the US, UK, or Australia. However, the overall value gained in terms of living standards, experience, knowledge, and skills can easily be greater.

There are many ways to fund your study abroad semester, depending on your situation and the country you’re from.

Finnish students are eligible for both student benefits for studying abroad (ulkomaan opintotuki) and student loans (opintolaina). There are also many scholarship options. Read more here.

German students can apply for the state-provided student benefit for studying abroad (Auslands-BAföG). Even students not normally eligible for BAföG within Germany may still be eligible for Auslands-BAföG.

There are also a variety of scholarships and student loan options available for students in Germany. Read more here.

Students in Austria can apply for the state-provided student benefit for studying abroad (Auslandsbeihilfe). Everyone eligible for the regular student benefit within Austria can apply for the extra support for their study abroad period. Read more here.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t offer scholarships directly for studying abroad. You can however apply for certain scholarships based on where you live. Read more here.

Study abroad in Asia with CSN funding

The CSN grants awarded by the Swedish and Norwegian States aim to enable as many students as possible to gain experience abroad. CSN is considered one of the best financing mechanisms worldwide, especially regarding study abroad semesters for Swedish and Norwegian students. The CSN grant is very extensive as it can cover most of your costs, including tuition and living expenses.

Often praised as the best loan for students worldwide, CSN is indeed the best choice for students in Sweden in Norway.

Please refer to our CSN funding page here for more information.

Across the world, scholarships are one of the most typical ways to fund your studies. There are many private, public and non-profit organizations in many countries offering scholarships and grants for various purposes.

See our scholarships page for a comprehensive list of scholarship resources per country.

Read more about study abroad scholarships!


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