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As the most recognised study abroad organisation in the world, Asia Exchange helps students to study abroad in Asia. Wondering what it would be like to study in Shanghai, Bangkok, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh CityTaipei, Seoul, BusanKuala Lumpur or Bali? Asia Exchange offers a variety of destinations, each one of them unique with its curriculums and culture. You can even study in Europe and America with Asia Exchange. There are many subjects to choose from and all of them are taught in English (excluding local language classes).


As a university student or someone who wishes to improve themselves, doing a study semester abroad is an excellent way of growth. Many of our students say it’s a life-changing experience. If you would have the chance to go on an adventure, would you? If you could live and study in a completely different culture, would you? If you could have a life-changing experience, would you?

Beyond Abroad was established in 2020 in Finland by Harri Suominen and Tuomas Kauppinen, founders of Asia Exchange and Edunation. After establishing several businesses in the education sector focusing on Asia and sending more than 8000 students abroad, they decided to leave their comfort zone and expand their operations globally. Beyond Abroad was born. Today, Beyond Abroad offers the chance to study abroad in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

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» We enable students to study abroad in desired destinations

» We increase internationalization and streamline student mobility in a convenient and affordable way

» Asia Exchange is the world’s most recognized and wanted study abroad provider and internationalization partner helping 7000 students abroad in 2025

» Our brand is an equivalent for friendliness and expertise. We are a forerunner as the most cost-efficient, largest, and international study abroad provider specializing in desired destinations

» We are the best place to work for each of our staff members

» Asia Exchange makes our world more connected and tolerant. The more students go abroad, the less political polarization and lack of understanding for other people there will be

Read student stories, blogs, reports and interviews

Let the students speak! You can read interviews with our students, see their reports or check out their blogs for helpful tips for your own semester abroad. Below you can also find videos and testimonials on experiences with the study abroad organisation.

“Study hard, learn as much as you can both culturally and academically, but always remember to make time for putting that cultural knowledge to use. Travel, grow and live in the moment.“
– Lacey Cooper (USA) studied abroad in Phuket, Thailand

“Overall, the experience has helped me become more aware of the world’s diversity and thus be more open-minded, learning to adapt to different environments, meeting great and interesting people from all over the globe, and getting real insights of a country soon about to become the biggest economy on Earth. Most importantly, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone.”
– Mathilde (France) studied abroad in Shanghai, China

“Time flies and we have almost reached the point where we have to say goodbye to this beautiful country, the beautiful people and beautiful vibes. We’d like to thank you again for all this time. It was definitely the best time of our lives so far – and you as an organization made that possible. You and your team are doing great work! Keep it up!”
– Jannik Voß & Magnus Möhler (Germany) studied abroad for two semesters in Bali, Indonesia

“Before the study abroad semester I always thought about how great the slogan “Life Changing Experiences” sounds, but I was sure it was a bit overrated. But after these 4 months I can really say that this was the best time of my life and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss one second of the whole experience! I want to thank Asia Exchange for giving me the opportunity to experience the best time of my life.”– Johannes Rofner (Austria), studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia

“The world has an interesting way of dishing out great experiences to the ones who are passionate about their dreams and want to live up to them. Thanks to the International Office at my home university! Thanks to Tuomas and Harri at Asia Exchange for making this possible! Asia keeps calling me back!”
– Miia Muukkonen (Finland) studied abroad in Phuket, Thailand

Asia Exchange was very interested in its customers and was quick to offer comprehensive assistance whenever we required it. It was especially great to have Asia Exchange visit us personally in Kuala Lumpur at the university and for dinner. They told us about their own experiences, gave tips concerning the culture and other matters and hung out with us during the evening. We were very satisfied with Asia Exchange’s performance and the exchange studies themselves in Malaysia. It truly was as great an experience as it was said to be. We will surely recommend Asia Exchange to other students; perhaps we’ll even do another study abroad semester ourselves! Thanks once again for everything!
– Antti & Sara (Finland) studied abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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