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Asia Exchange’s eCampus is a distance learning solution for you to earn credits online from anywhere you want. All courses taught at the eCampus can be joined independently of place and time, providing you with the ultimate flexibility. The inspiring and modern lectures at the eCampus can also be optional extensions to one of our regular studies abroad programs. Enjoy the incredible benefits of distance learning. Apply now, easy, and hassle-free online on our website. We mostly confirm your study placement within 24 hours.  

Asia Exchange, established in 2007, has sent more than 10.000 students abroad and we are proud that our Google community reviewed our services with 4.8/5. Read what our students say about us.

On top of that, Asia Exchange received several awards and recognitions worldwide, ranking us as the number one study abroad provider around the globe.

10000 students 100 countries- study with asia exchange and beyond abroad

These reviews are more than plain words. These reviews, awards and recognitions are the feelings and experiences of our students and partners worldwide. We feel honoured that more than 10.000 students and partners from more than 100 countries trusted Asia Exchange and allowed us to positively impact their lives beyond imagination.

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Program Overview


Independent from time and place.
Join additional eCampus courses during your regular study abroad program

Max. Credits

Each course is worth 5 ECTS points. Choose between 1-7 courses

Program Content

Distance Learning Courses in the most innovative social learning platform

Levels of Study

Bachelor, Gap Year

Study Fields

Economics, Marketing, Politics, Social Sciences

Program Highlights


During the pandemic education systems worldwide went online. As a result, many students not only got comfortable with studying from home but also realized its huge advantages. With the eCampus you don’t have to give up the freedom of distance learning. At Asia Exchange, we want to enable students to benefit from distance learning. Thus, Undiknas University and Asia Exchange have launched the innovative eCampus!

Do you want to travel the world during your semester abroad? Or how about exploring your dream destination, e.g. Bali, and experience the beauty and vibrant life of a foreign culture? Or if a semester abroad is too long, you can also study part of the eCampus at the convenience of your home and travel abroad for a short time. With the eCampus you can now do all of this and much more while earning credits conveniently by studying online with your own schedule! 



There are indications that online learning can be more effective in a number of ways. To students who are interested in studying abroad, what are you waiting for? Study abroad and participate in the eCampus program and experience what it’s like to study with the best distance learning platform!

  • A study from distance, independent of time and place
  • Get an academic transcript for your eCampus courses
  • Add missing courses to your study program and expand your knowledge
  • Learn more than anywhere else
  • Study most affordably in an individualized study path

Explore virtually – interactive destination tour

eCampus Insights & Student Interview

Online learning has shown significant growth since the pandemic happened. The global education system has changed noticeably, with the rise of online learning, wherein studying was taken remotely with the use of technology and other digital platforms. While some believe that the pandemic has forced learners to adapt to online learning with insufficient preparation may result in poor quality of education others believe that the emergence of this new hybrid model has significant benefits and could permanently change how education is delivered.

Asia Exchange has introduced its own online study platform – the eCampus program and since the platform has launched, this online study has been very helpful to students who are taking the courses. According to them, the courses covered has helped them develop their understanding of concepts and principle, and are satisfied with the overall quality of the program. When asked if they want to consider taking another course, students agreed and would even recommend the course to fellow students.

This response evidently shows how online education greatly influences students’ learning process and their ability to adapt to modern learning methods.

”eCampus is a fantastic distance learning program. The student feedback has been excellent, and there is high demand for more courses provided in English. Furthermore, all courses taught at the eCampus are independent of place and time. This gives students the ultimate flexibility to combine their study abroad experience, traveling, and other activities in destinations like Bali”, explains Tuomas Kauppinen, Vice-President, and Co-Founder of Asia Exchange.

Not only does it provide and offers different advantages, but it also increases students’ satisfaction and performance, which are conducive to both short-term and long-term learning goals. 

From the quality and organization of course, availability of source reference to the relevance of the objectives, there’s no doubt that this platform can suffice students’ demands for a good quality of education.

Marlon Merten, 22 years old, from Germany is currently taking his semester abroad at Warmadewa University in Bali. He decided to integrate the eCampus program into his study abroad because the courses offered caught his attention and find them very interesting  

Marlon is one of the first batches of students that enrolled in the program since Asia Exchange launched its platform. He’s very active and has been doing an excellent job in his distance learning.

Why did you decide to take an eCampus course(s)?

 I decided to take an eCampus course because, in addition to the classic business administration courses, they offer very interesting courses on the study content at your own university. In addition, the eCampus courses offer a great opportunity to get credit for one or two additional courses at your own university, which were not creditable with the university abroad

What are the preparations you made in taking your eCampus courses?

To be honest, I didn’t do much preparation. I just looked at the course content and chose exciting courses based on that. In the end, I found out whether they would ultimately be eligible for credit at my university.

Do you think online programs like eCampus courses are an effective tool for learning? Please explain.

Yes, definitely, because you can look at the content of the course when you want and so you can divide the days in your semester abroad as you want. In addition, the content of the eCampus courses is very diverse, so it is never boring to study the content.

What are the best things you like about the program?

I find it best that you can divide your time as you wish and that the content is taught extremely well and exciting.

What piece of advice you can tell other students about the eCampus program?

The courses of the eCampus program are very diverse so you can have a lot of courses credited by your home university. In addition, the classes are very small, so that questions and comments are answered quickly.

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