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Apply to study in Bali at the best universities on this island of 4 million welcoming people! Apply for one or two semesters or join a compact 2- or 4-week summer school session. Study business, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, culture, languages, and more in international, interdisciplinary programs. Expand your knowledge, meet with people from all over the world and enhance your career prospects by learning in-demand skills.

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Bali should be first on your list if you plan to study higher education in Asia! Aside from being an appealing destination with everything from captivating beaches to a unique and welcoming culture, the “Island of Gods” has notable universities offering the best education.

Let us further introduce Bali and explain its distinct, irresistible, and enigmatic charm. We will also discuss the cost of living for international students, life as a global learner, and the requirements to study higher education in the region.

Why Study in Bali?

Through the years, Bali evolved into a sought after study abroad destination due to the following reasons:

1. It has internationally recognized universities with diverse educational programs.

You can study business, accounting, management, language, and more from international learning institutions in Bali. Famous academies in the region include Udayana University, Warmadewa University and Undiknas.

2. Lots of recreational activities

Thanks to its tropical location, Bali offers warm weather perfect for various activities on the island. You can head to the beach to surf, dive, snorkel, and do other fun things.

If you prefer activities on land, ride a motorbike, explore fascinating areas, hike on trails, and enjoy a peaceful time in the forests.

3. Affordable for international students

Living and studying in Bali is considerably cheaper compared to the US, Europe, and Australia. There are good alternatives for an affordable stay, like renting a homestay instead of a villa, buying food in local markets instead of eating in a restaurant, and more.

To help you prepare for expenses abroad, visit our budgeting guide. Our blog section also contains valuable tips on how to save money while studying in your dream destination.

4. Additional service packages

Discover our extra service options designed to improve your study abroad experience in Bali adjusted to your liking. Check out the Bronze-, Silver- and Gold Packages here, including all service benefits like airport pickup, flights, activities, accommodation, and much more!

5. Fascinating culture

Be amazed and learn about the rich culture of Bali – from detailed temples to sacred ceremonies.

The nation is also favored for its yoga sessions in vast rice fields. Try it out to have a relaxed mind and fit body!

6. Indonesia has many islands to explore

Bali offers many things, but you may also explore other Indonesian islands during school breaks. Below are the top destinations you must visit during your study in Bali:

7. Ideal weather for every activity

Bali usually has a warm temperature ranging from 26 to 29 degrees celsius all year round. There are two seasons: wet, experienced during October and March, and dry in April and September.

The climate in Bali is ideal for students who can focus more on a tropical setting. For those opting for a colder environment, learning facilities in the area are equipped with air conditioning systems. A limitless supply of fresh air also comes from the sea breeze and lush forests.

The application process to study in Bali

You must have a valid passport, an official acceptance letter, and a letter from the embassy to study in the country. Visit our Indonesia-Visa page for more information. You may also contact the Indonesia embassy of your home country for the updated visa application process.

To sum it up

Bali is a magical place not only to learn higher education and experience life to the fullest. Aside from building knowledge, it opens your perspective on things that will help you grow.

Book free counseling today to experience learning higher education on the “Island of Gods.” Aside from Bali, our Virtual Exhibit has other attractive study destinations guaranteed to provide a life-changing educational journey to anyone.

Explore virtually – interactive destination tour

Follow in the footsteps of the happiest Bali students and join this affordable and interdisciplinary study abroad program for one or two semesters. You’ll not only boost your knowledge with many interesting courses but also enjoy excellent student support!

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Change your life: Learn to become a next-generation leader in Bali

The Bali Academies are different, innovative, and simply better! Escape the traditional classroom environment and learn directly from the businesses with the lowest environmental and most sustainable impact in Bali. The Warmadewa Academy is actively supported by the most successful and impactful figures on the island of gods. It has been designed to give you a comprehensive and unique insight into the topics of your choice. What are the benefits of applying to the most innovative study program ever?

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Join the most international study abroad program at Udayana University! Dive into the Indonesian Language and Culture and other interesting, interdisciplinary topics and get to know people from around the world during one or two semesters.

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Undiknas University is the only university in Bali offering international degree programs in Business & Management or Accounting & Finance. Study for one or two semesters or complete a full Bachelor’s degree. Apply today and get accepted as quickly as within a day.

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Are you fresh out of high school or in between degrees? Join our gap year programs in Bali to gain new direction and perspective for your future!

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Find out more about the Udayana program here…

Spend the best summer of your life by participating in the Warmadewa International Summer Exchange (WISE)! You’ll get to dive into the Indonesian language, culture, and other topics and explore the island for 2 or 4 weeks!

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Join the 2- or 4-week Warmadewa International Winter Exchange Program

Apply to the winter school in Bali and escape the cold winter by studying on the world-famous holiday island! Earn up to 12 ECTS or 7 US credits in just a few weeks, discover the captivating culture, community and nature of Bali and enjoy the endless activities the island has to offer. Apply easily and securely and get accepted as quickly as in a day.

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Join Bali’s most accessible study program and dive into the Indonesian and Balinese culture, while learning the foundations business and economics! You can enroll in this highly international program for one or two semesters.

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The island of Bali is truly dreamlike

The jungles are lush, the volcanoes high enough to touch clouds, and the warm Indian Ocean surrounds the gorgeous beaches of the island that offer superb conditions both for surfing and other water sports. “The Island of Gods” is by far the most popular travel destination in Indonesia and one of the most famous islands worldwide.

Bali can be without a doubt described as a paradise. In addition to the beautiful landscape, the people in Bali are friendly and the lifestyle breezy. The lucky ones can stay in Bali for a bit longer and truly absorb the Balinese spirit and might also be better equipped to handle the Western achievement-oriented lifestyle when returning home.

Spend a semester abroad in Bali, Indonesia!