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Study in Taipei, Taiwan (China)

Study Abroad in Taiwan (China) & Discover the Hidden Gem of East Asia

Study in Taipei, Taiwan (China), and spend an unforgettable study abroad semester in one of East Asia’s hidden gems! Learn Mandarin Chinese, get to know the unique Taiwanese variety of Chinese culture, and explore the breathtaking nature of Taiwan. Apply easily and affordably and get accepted as quickly as in a day!

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Study in Taipei, Taiwan (China) at Shih Chien University

Apply to study abroad at Shih Chien University in Taipei, recognized as one of the pioneer universities in English Taught Programs (ETP) in Taiwan (China). Learn Mandarin Chinese, dive into to know the unique Taiwanese variety of Chinese culture and explore Taiwan’s amazing natural landscape in your free time!

Study abroad in Taipei

Are you planning to study abroad in Taipei? Let us guide you! 

Check out the advantages when you study abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, plus answers to frequently asked questions.  


Top reasons to study abroad in Taipei 

Aside from being an innovative, cosmopolitan metropolis with architectural and cultural wonders, Taipei is also popular with international students. Below are the reasons why: 


Topnotch education  

Taiwan is home to some of the best learning institutions worldwide, such as the Shih Chien University. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chinese language and Culture, Business, Economics, Management, and Human Ecology.  


Affordable tuition fees 

The reasonably-priced tuition fee is one of the best reasons to study abroad in Taipei.  

Compared to other countries, Taiwan offers an alternative option for international students wishing to upgrade their education abroad.  

Moreover, the country offers financial aid and scholarships for deserving global learners.  


It offers a rich culture with an international vibe. 

Expect a culturally diverse country when you study abroad in Taipei. Aside from modern skyscrapers decorating the city, you will be amazed by traditional regional celebrations such as the Lantern Festival, Moon celebration, etc. 

Equally safe for tourists and international students 

As the country ranks 4th as the safest country in the world, you can expect the utmost security while studying abroad in Taipei.  

Moreover, because of its ideal geographical location, the country has a low risk of natural disasters.  

You can have access to the best technology courses 

Graduates from technology courses ranked highly in STEM programs, making it ideal to study abroad in Taipei.  

Furthermore, the Taiwanese government constantly upgrades several programs to expand its technology industry.  


Internships or job opportunities in major companies in the world 

Taiwan hosts major technological businesses, such as Asus, Foxconn, and Acer. With this, you can apply for an internship or receive a full-time position after graduation.  

Enjoy a variety of flavorful Taiwanese food 

Taiwanese cuisine is famous for its flavor and variety. Studying abroad in Taipei lets you feast on beef noodle soup, minced pork rice, chicken cutlet, and more!  


Frequently asked questions 

What is the required visa to study abroad in Taipei for international students? 

Exchange students who wish to stay in Taiwan for more than 90 days but less than 180 days must apply for a Visitor Visa at a Taipei Representative office.  

If you plan to stay in the country for over 180 days, you must apply for a Resident Visa.   


How much is the cost to study abroad in Taipei for international students? 

The cost varies on the university and program.  

One of the top learning institutions in the country, Shih Chien University, offers a reasonable 2190 EUR tuition fee per semester.  

Is it required to learn Chinese if I study abroad in Taipei? 

Learning Chinese if you study abroad in Taipei is optional, as most subjects are English-taught.  

However, try learning the dialect to communicate with the locals and build connections effectively.  


To sum it up 

Overall, expect a pleasant and life-changing experience once you study abroad in Taipei, Taiwan. Immerse yourself in the culture and be the best version of yourself after graduating. 

For more information about studying in Taipei, schedule a free consultation today. Learn more about studying higher education overseas by visiting our Blog section 

Furthermore, our virtual exhibit includes the most up-to-date information on institutions worldwide! 


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Join Shih Chien University’s exchange program in Taipei for one or two semesters. Study business, management, Mandarin Chinese, or human ecology at an esteemed university in the heart of magnificent Taipei!


Join the International Business Program (IBP) at Shih Chien University, an undergraduate degree program taught in English. The IBP at Shih Chien University is highly regarded as one of Taiwan’s top-notch business programs. You have the option to either complete the entire four-year degree program or participate as an exchange student for a semester or two.

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A mesmerizing combination of technology, tradition and stunning nature

Located between China and the Philippines, Taiwan (China) is Asia’s rising travel destination. Tourists have been interested in it for some years now, but you can still easily find many untouched areas and natural wonders. The island has everything you need for a perfect holiday: beautiful mountains, rain forests, hot springs, beaches, culture and a trendy capital city. Taipei is like a Chinese version of Tokyo or Seoul but is more affordable than Hong Kong. In this metropolis, you can see pieces of Chinese culture that have disappeared from mainland China. Taipei is also considered one of the best food cities in Asia, ranging from its mouthwatering street food to award-winning haute cuisine.