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Study Abroad in A Foreign Exchange Student Program in China

Study Abroad in A Foreign Exchange Student Program in China for 1 or 2 Semesters & Discover the Heart of Modern China

Study abroad in China’s fast-paced commercial hub and become a sought-after China expert! Learn Mandarin Chinese and gain insight into one of the most powerful countries in the world. Apply easily and affordably and get accepted even in one day!

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Foreign Exchange student program, Shanghai University, China

Meet people from all over the world while learning more about China’s language, culture, and economy with this program from Shanghai University. You’ll also get to explore one of China’s most modern and dynamic cities and gain a competitive edge for your career by immersing yourself in Chinese business culture.

You may already know about Chinese business and culture, but do you really understand what’s happening? Shanghai University’s foreign exchange student program is ideal for students who want to learn firsthand how China’s society and the economy work. You’ll also get to experience Shanghai’s vibrant arts scene, exciting nightlife, and bike-filled streets as you make friends from all around the world.

Shanghai University’s foreign exchange student Program aims to foster mutual understanding between foreign students and Chinese citizens, strengthen exchange among different cultures, promote the development of international relations, and cultivate talents for the world.

Shanghai, China
As one of the most advanced megacities in the world, enrolling to study abroad in Shanghai, China, will be the best, as you will experience a unique and traditional environment infused with innovations.

Advantages when you study abroad in Shanghai, China:

Aside from its cultural and visionary edge, here are the other benefits when you study abroad in Shanghai, China:

  • The city has top colleges recognized globally, such as Shanghai University. Worldwide, it has top rankings in Artificial Intelligence, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Physical Chemistry, and more.
  • Learners who decide to study in Shanghai, China, have access to career opportunities as it is a hub for international business.
  • Moreover, you will experience collaborations with established corporations and acquire critical professional skills.
  • In comparison to other major Asian cities, it is more affordable when you study abroad in Shanghai, China. The cost of living, such as accommodation, food, and other necessities, is reasonable.
  • Learning to speak and understand Chinese is one of the best benefits when you study abroad in Shanghai, China. It shows you are adaptable and knowledgeable – two traits companies look for when hiring new employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is China open now for international students?

  • Yes! The country opened its doors on January 8, 2023, so you may now continue to study abroad in Shanghai, China.

How to apply for a student visa in China?

  • You can begin the visa application process after receiving the university’s formal acceptance letter. It will be delivered one month before the semester starts.
  • Next, verify with the Chinese embassy in your home country for updates on restrictions and fees. You may also download a visa application form from their website.
  • X1 and X2 are the types of Chinese student visas. The X1 converts into a residence permit upon your arrival in the country. On the other hand, the X2 has a 180 days validity.
  • Moreover, keep in mind that visa application can be time-consuming. After receiving your student visa, we strongly advise booking your flight a few days before the semester starts.

How much is the tuition fee in Shanghai, China, for international students?

  • The tuition fee for international students starts at 2,490 EUR or 3,800 USD.

What programs are available for international students?

  • Educational programs in Chinese language (Mandarin), Culture, Economics, International Trade and Business, Globalization, Social Sciences, Finance, e-Commerce, and Marketing are available for international students.

Do I need to be quarantined upon arrival to study abroad in Shanghai, China?

  • No, you don’t need to quarantine upon arrival in China as an international student. A negative PCR before departure is enough to enter the country.

To sum it up

  • Studying abroad in Shanghai, China, truly is a rewarding experience. Aside from top universities, you can live in a modern city with endless possibilities.
  • Book free counseling today to experience learning higher education in Asia’s mega city, Shanghai.
  • Aside from China, our Virtual Exhibit has other attractive study destinations guaranteed to provide a life-changing educational journey to anyone.

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Join Shanghai University’s China Studies Program for one or two semesters and deepen your knowledge of modern China.

Study Chinese economics, language, and culture in the center of China’s renowned economic capital! Learn more about the world’s fastest-growing economy by residing in the midst of 1.4 billion people. Apply now to the China Studies Program at Shanghai University for one or two semesters. It is simple to apply, and you can receive confirmation of your study placement within a day.

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Shanghai means “on the sea” and its location both by the biggest river in China and the East China Sea dominates and flourishes the city’s existence and nature. Shanghai embodies how a melting pot of cultures in China can lead to an affluent and successful city with a bright future. Studying abroad in China and  Shanghai allows you to experience and enjoy the city’s unique, vibrant international atmosphere as a meeting point between East and West and seize the many opportunities it offers. Shanghai has also been rated as one of the best student cities in the world.