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Siam University - International MBA Program

Study at Siam University as a Postgraduate Exchange Student or Complete a Full MBA Degree.

Study abroad in Bangkok at one of Thailand’s best private universities! Study business for one or two semesters or upgrade your career by completing an international MBA degree. It’s easy to apply and your study placement can be confirmed as quickly as in a day.

Program Overview


Trimester 1 (Aug – Dec)
Trimester 2 (Jan – May)
Trimester 3 (May – Aug)

Max. Credits

ca. 30 ECTS /
18 US credits

Program Content

Lectures, assignments, cultural and business excursions

Levels of Study



1990 EUR (2290 EUR) tuition fee / semester or
6000 - 7000 EUR / full degree
+ 75 EUR application fee

Study Fields

Business, economics, management, social sciences

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Siam University

Top 10 of thai universities #301 - 400 World Ranking


Best university in thailand


In good health and wellbeing ranking

#11 in sustainable cities and communities


TRIMESTER 1 (2022)

TRIMESTER 2 (2023)*

TRIMESTER 3 (2023)*

*) Dates still tentative

Program Highlights

Studying in Siam University international MBA program

In Siam University’s MBA program, you’ll gain practical knowledge and skills that will help you tackle the real-world business situation and qualify for top management positions. You will learn both the theory and application of business and management principles from many perspectives while meeting with people from all over the world and building your international network. You can join the program for either one or two semesters or complete a full MBA degree (find more further below).

Who is this program for?

  • You’re a university student, a high school graduate or in between degrees
  • You want to work at the top level of business management or boost your business knowledge
  • You want to improve your English and intercultural communication skills
  • You want to get to know people from all over the world.
  • You want to explore the dynamic city of Bangkok in your free time

Most frequent questions and answers

Q: Should I choose my courses before the semester starts? A: Course selections are made before the semester starts by contacting Siam University.

Q: Are there mandatory courses? A: No.

Q: What is the required minimum attendance? A: You must attend a minimum of 80 % of lectures and all mandatory workshops/excursions.

Q: Do I need to participate in the orientation day? A: Preferably yes, you get plenty of useful information during the orientation day.

Q: How long does completing the full degree take? A: The entire MBA degree can be completed in a minimum of 12 months. Some participants will complete the coursework in 12–15 months and then take another semester to complete a business project (regular track). The majority of the students complete the degree requirements within 18 months.

  • Q: Will I wear a school uniform? A: No, students in the MBA program don’t need to wear a uniform.

Q: What is the correct type of visa for studying in Thailand? A: It’s called “Non-immigrant visa ED”.

Q: When can I apply for my visa? A: After you have received your official acceptance letter. What happens at the latest one month before the semester starts, but it can be even earlier. The visa process often takes only 4-5 working days. Read our general visa instructions here.

Q: How can I find suitable accommodation options? A: Read our accommodation tips for Bangkok here. We will also send you our Asia Exchange Guide with additional tips. Most students decide to stay near the Siam University campus; it is a nice and inexpensive neighborhood.

Q: Should I book accommodation in advance or after arriving in Bangkok? A: It is completely up to you. Most students prefer checking the accommodation options in person after arrival.

Q: Which vaccinations do I need to take? A: In addition to the basic vaccinations (MMR and diphtheria-tetanus), travelers are most often advised to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. Vaccinations always depend partly on the individual, so remember to consult your physician.

Q: Do I need an insurance? A: All students are required to have valid travel insurance for the duration of the semester. See our recommended travel insurance providers here.

Q: I need to have my learning agreement/certificate of enrollment signed. What should I do? A: Please fill out the document and send it to

Q: When will I receive the Official Acceptance Letter? The official letter of acceptance will be delivered to you 1.5 months before the semester starts at the latest. We’ll send it to the street address you have provided in your application. Please let us know if this address changes at any point.

Q: When will I receive my Transcript of Records? A: The university prepares and sends the transcripts of records usually within 2-3 months after the end of the semester

The main reason to attend an MBA program is to increase your salary potential and advance your career. Graduates who hold an MBA degree are usually eligible for jobs that would likely be beyond the reach of those with just a Bachelor’s degree. In many countries, an MBA degree is almost a necessity in today’s competitive job markets. In addition to an education in general management, MBA programs have various specialization areas that help students further develop their knowledge and skills. An MBA degree is relevant for all industries and sectors and is valuable regardless of your career after graduation.

Siam University MBA – Graduating high-performing professionals for over 30 years.

Since its establishment in 1986, Siam University’s MBA program has been one of the pioneers in this category in Thailand. Throughout its history, Siam University has graduated several thousands of executives to business and government sectors, including engineers, bankers, accountants, IT managers, investment bankers, economists, educators, etc. The MBA program at Siam is also known as IMBA (International MBA). The MBA curriculum is approved by the Thai Ministry of Education and regularly revised to reflect the changing global environment. The MBA program is designed to meet the demands of motivated, fast-track managers with executive potential. The teaching methods develop and stress independent thinking. Students are expected to meet practical and verifiable achievement levels and to add value to their respective businesses.


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“My exchange at the Siam University was a wonderful experience in learning in different ways in a different land. It’s for open-minded students who are looking for learning not only from books but the from people who live a world apart. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.” Read more in Laurens' Blog!