Accommodation for studying abroad

As an Asia Exchange student, you are in charge of finding your own accommodation for the duration of your studies.

Choosing your accommodation

Depending on the destination, you will usually be choosing between private off-campus housing and on-campus dorms.

While the dorms are often a sound choice when available, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you cannot book a room in one. The options via the private market are usually much more luxurious than student housing on campus. Private accommodation is still very affordable because of the generally lower prices in Asia.

Keep in mind that in the Asian business culture, it’s common to do business face-to-face; this is nothing to worry about, though, as many of our students in the past easily have reserved their accommodation beforehand. It is a good idea to start looking early, especially if you plan to apply to one of our recommended options.

Some students choose affordable accommodation without extra conveniences, while others want to live more lavishly during their exchange and dip into their own swimming pool after classes. Look into all the different options, and choose the accommodation that best suits your wants and needs.

If you want to ask around for a roommate in advance, you can do so in the Facebook groups created for students each semester.

After the application round has closed, we will send students the Asia Exchange Guide that includes, among other things, detailed information on housing options recommended by our previous students.

Accommodation for the first days

chair next to a pool Some students stay at hostels/hotels for the first week to get to know the other students/potential roommates during the orientation events. If this is your preferred approach, we recommend booking the accommodation for your first days via Agoda. However, we still recommend looking into your long-term accommodation well in advance before your flight. Remember, other students will also be looking for places to stay!



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