A semester abroad is a fantastic way to discover different cultures, learn essential life lessons, and advance your academic and professional capabilities. You can immerse yourself in a foreign culture, pick up a new language, and widen your horizons by studying abroad. We’ll walk you through choosing a program, getting ready for your journey, and making the most of your semester abroad. Learn about the world and about yourself by spending a semester studying abroad!

what are the best programs for a semester abroad ?

If you're planning a semester abroad, we got you covered!

Studying abroad is an outstanding opportunity to learn and develop in ways you can’t achieve in a traditional classroom setting. By immersing yourselves in a new culture and living and studying in another country, you will surely gain priceless experiences that will widen your horizons. It will also help develop your key mastery in adaptability, independence, and cross-cultural communication.

Furthermore, a semester abroad program is an excellent way to experience the benefits of being an international student without committing to full academic years. 


By spending a semester abroad, you will have exceptional opportunities to:

  • learn a new language
  • take challenging courses
  • make lasting connections with people from around the world
  • understand a new culture
  • global career opportunities
  • discover new hobbies and interests

Our Asia Exchange semester abroad program offers exciting places to go and a wide range of courses and academic programs. 

We have a passionate and dedicated staff that will surely help you with every step, from choosing a place to go and filling out an application to getting help.

Join us for a semester abroad and learn how studying in a different country can help you in many ways. You will definitely learn valuable skills, make friends for life, and have once-in-a-lifetime adventures that you will never forget!


Asia Exchange’s Semester Abroad Programs

Since 2007, Asia Exchange has professionally guided students worldwide on their semester abroad. We are a muti-awarded company offering complete assistance in fascinating Asian destinations like China, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

We also offer skilled assistance in your plan for a semester abroad in Europe, the United States of America,Latin America, and other renowned destinations through Beyond Abroad and Edunation.  

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Study Fields

We provide complete degree opportunities, summer schools, and exchange studies for your semester abroad goals in a variety of bachelor, master, and undergraduate academic study subjects:  


Bachelor Level Courses

  • Business, Economics and Law
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Sciences and Applied Sciences
  • IT and Engineering
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Architecture, Art and Design

Master Level Courses 

  • Business, Economics and Law
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Sciences and Applied Sciences
  • IT and Engineering

Visit our Bachelor level courses to know more about your preferred education course. Additionally, you may further upgrade your knowledge through our Master level courses.

How To Apply for Asia Exchange Semester Abroad Program

Initial Requirements

  • You must be 18 years at the time of your application
  • High school diploma 
  • Language proficiency in understanding classes in English

Additionally, you can apply for a semester abroad even if you:

  • are not currently enrolled in a university
  • are studying at an open university or community college
  • are graduating
  • have already studied abroad 
  • come from a university that doesn’t have an existing bilateral agreement with one of our host universities
  • are planning to take a semester abroad with a friend or a significant other, or plan to go overseas as a part of a large group
  • are having a challenging time finding courses that are part of your major
  • have a family


Additional requirements

You must be able to afford all the fees associated with applying for a semester abroad program. Be ready for the application fee, tuition, visa, flights, lodging, and other living expenses. 

For a complete breakdown of all the associated expenditures, visit our How to budget for your semester abroad page. For more details on how to pay for your education abroad, check out our Financing your semester abroad page.

If you have further questions or concerns, send us a message, and we will promptly assist you. 

For testimonials and reviews, feel free to visit our blog section. We collected inspiring stories from our global students that will motivate you to enroll. You may also browse essential articles to make your semester abroad fun and memorable. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every country in the world has incredible educational programs that truly benefit your overall development. 

We have collaborations with the best learning institutions globally to make your semester abroad life-changing. Our partner universities are growing, so you can expect more choices that will undoubtedly fit your goals.


Do you prefer a semester abroad on a relaxing tropical island with many thrilling activities after school? How about in a modern and vibrant city where convenience is readily available anytime? 

To help you decide, make choosing fun through our Asia Exchange and Beyond Abroad Destination Quiz. Just pick your preferences, and it will show the perfect matches for a semester abroad in a couple of seconds!  

The result will feature the perfect destinations, our partner universities, semester dates, application deadlines, and more. 

We maintain a lively and helpful community, so for added assistance, you may ask our former students about their refreshing experiences. 


  1. To start your application with Asia Exchange, pick your preferred destination, university, and program. To save time, take our Destination Quiz. 

It’s a perfect idea to confirm your plan to study abroad with the university, college, or other higher education institution where you are presently enrolled. 

Then, create a study plan that you may submit to your institution after looking at the university’s course offerings on our website. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine whether the study credits you acquire overseas can be applied to your domestic degree.

  1. Once you have all the application requirements, go to our Apply Now To Study Abroad

After carefully reading the instructions, fill out the application form. Indicate whether you prefer to study for one or two semesters. If available, you may also complete a full degree.

Furthermore, you may combine two of your chosen destinations or universities. It is also feasible to enroll for a second semester after.     

  1. Our processing time for your application takes one working days. You will receive an email confirming your study abroad placement with further instructions. 

Once you receive an initial acceptance letter, we will send an invoice for the application fee, payable within ten days. 

  1. After receiving the confirmation email and initial acceptance letter, you may begin to prepare for your life-changing semester abroad. 

Below are valuable guides to help you:

  1. About two and a half months before the start of the semester, you will receive the tuition fee invoice. 

You will also receive the official acceptance letter from your chosen university a month before your study abroad starts.

Present your official acceptance letter to apply for the student visa. Depending on the destination, it may take a few days or weeks.

  1. You’re ready to go once you have your student visa in hand! 

Pack your bags, throw a farewell party, and be ready for the most fantastic adventure of your life! 

We highly recommend that you arrive in time for orientation, where you will learn how to navigate your host university’s daily academic life and meet new friends worldwide. 


  1. Start searching online for the best partner for your semester abroad Browse the destinations, universities, and available programs that fit your educational goals. 

Additionally, you may book a free counseling session for further questions. 

  1. Check the requirements and make sure you can complete your major with the credits from your semester abroad program. 

Although the class name is the same, the credits may not automatically transfer to your home university. 

  1. An important thing to consider is the cost of studying abroad. Even though it is enriching, you must consider your budget. 

Aside from tuition fees, you must allot money for airfare, food, housing, leisure expenses, and emergency needs. 


Yes! Most undergraduate and graduate students enroll in a semester abroad to have the chance to visit and explore countries. There, they can engage in the culture, meet new friends, and develop themselves fully. 


Having one or two years of semesters abroad is equally beneficial for your personal development. Below are the reasons why:

  • Enrolling for an extended period is more valuable as you only have to pay for airfare, student visas, and other required fees once. 
  • Research states that international learners adjust after eight to ten weeks in the country. Enrolling in a more extended semester can fully immerse you in your new home, making it a fun and memorable experience. 
  • You have more time to explore exciting places and meet lifelong friends. Bonding with the locals will also expand your perspectives on different ideas.


Yes! To enroll in a semester abroad, you must complete 12 years of education and graduate from high school. 


Benefits of a semester abroad during fall

  1. Choosing to study during spring means having a shorter time to plan during winter break. On the other hand, you will have a longer preparation time during summer for your coming semester abroad. 
  2. Have you been delaying your dreams of a semester abroad? If your senior year is your final opportunity, the fall semester is generally the perfect time. 

Aside from having enough time before graduation for your transcripts to arrive, you can return to school to graduate with your peers.

  1. If you are on a budget, choose to study during fall, as it is shorter than spring. This choice helps you save on other expenses like housing, food allowance, etc. 
  2. Typically, spring is thought of as the ideal weather where dreamy events happen. But in reality, there are many things you will enjoy during fall, such as Asian mid-autumn moon festivals in Asia or the enchanting Christmas markets in Europe.

Benefits of a semester abroad during spring

  1. If you plan a semester abroad in countries with four seasons, you can experience the pleasant transition from cold winter to summer.
  2. You have more time to travel and explore your new home during spring. Also, some of the most significant social events happen during this season. 
  3. Additionally, studying during spring lets you maximize cultural immersion by giving you additional time. That means more time to explore your favorite local spots, hang out with local friends, study the language, and enjoy life abroad.


Studying abroad can cost $10,000+ per semester. Flights, lodging, and other expenses are not included.

To know the cost of your preferred Asian and European universities, visit our Tuition Fees page. 


Yes, you can travel to nearby regions and countries during your semester abroad. Just make sure you have complete requirements before visiting. 


Yes! Online students are treated like regular learners. You can apply for a semester abroad as long as you meet the requirements


Yes, but you may find it more convenient to schedule your semester abroad at the start of the autumn if your home institution uses the trimester system.

A spring start date is ideal if you want a semester abroad for two semesters.


A semester abroad usually lasts for five to six months. 


Ideally, you should apply three to seven months before departure for a semester abroad. 


Visit our Budgeting page and learn the various expenses for your study abroad. Then, download the budgeting spreadsheet for your total cost.

Here are valuable tips that will certainly help you manage finances during your semester abroad:

  1. Apply for a scholarship
  2. Set a monthly budget 
  3. Choose a homestay accommodation
  4. Use student discounts
  5. Bond with the locals to know affordable alternatives in the area
  6. Have an emergency fund 

Regularly check our blog section for valuable recommendations, updates, student stories, and more that will make your semester abroad meaningful and enjoyable!


Once you have completed all the requirements and booked your flight, it’s time to pack what to bring along in your life-changing adventure. 

The essentials

  • Passport, required visas, and clear photocopies of both
  • Prescription medications
  • Travel-size toiletries that can last for two to four weeks
  • Local currency
  • Converters and power adapters for mobile devices
  • Hand sanitizer and face masks

Clothes that are appropriate in the country of your semester abroad 

  • Pack a variety of tops, light jackets, and bottoms depending on the weather in your new home country
  • Clothing with patterns can quickly reveal as repeat items. It is advisable to pack simpler and solid color apparel so you can wear them often without drawing attention 
  • Always practice modesty and consider the culture of your new home 
  • Pack more underwear than you think you’ll need, but if your dorm or hostel has a washer and dryer, that will make a big difference in how much space these essentials take up in your suitcase. 

Footwear to bring during your semester abroad

  • Flip flops
  • Comfortable pair of walking shoes
  • Formal shoes for special occasions


Travel insurance for your semester abroad is vital for minor challenges or alarming situations. It generally protects you from travel cancellations or delays, lost or stolen luggage, sickness or accidents, property damage, natural calamities in your host country, and more. 

We recommend you get insured under Stay Travel Insurance of HanseMerkur. It has no maximum coverage.  Also, if you love participating in sports, all types are covered. 

Additionally, it covers the following:

  • Out and in-patient hospital treatment
  • Dental, operations, dental and physiotherapy procedures
  • Transport to the hospital and return to your home country

Visit our Travel Health Insurance to learn more. To book your insurance online, click here


Every country has different guidelines for residency. Therefore, before applying for a student visa, we recommend asking the embassy about residency limits. 

Additionally, include the start and end date of your semester abroad and the possible reasons for extending your stay. 


Asian Destinations

balinese traditional village

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular study abroad destinations – no wonder why! The nature and the unique culture won’t leave you cold. Take interesting courses in business, environment, languages, marketing, tourism and other fields, learn something about yourself and try new free time activities, while studying abroad – sunset surfing or yoga, anyone?

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the entrance of the batu caves in kuala lumpur-Universiti Putra Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Have you dreamed about living in a big city but still close to nature? If yes, Kuala Lumpur is the right student exchange destination for you. Study high-quality courses in business, education, engineering, IT, social sciences and other topics with local and other international students! Explore Malaysian culture and the rest of South-East Asia.

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temples in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Study abroad in Bangkok, one of the most thrilling cities in the whole of Asia. Study at prestigious Thai universities and explore life in a city where every day and behind every corner, you can discover something new. Did you know that Thailand is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world as the top destination for studying abroad?

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phi phi island in phuket

Phuket, Thailand

This popular tourist destination offers something for everyone. Study abroad for a semester on the paradise island of Phuket, where you get to go all coconuts with the beautiful landscapes. If living in this kind of place doesn’t boost your study motivation, then what will? Studying abroad will give you lifelong memories.

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view of traditional houses in seoul during sunset

Seoul, South Korea

Looking for something exceptional that gives you an academic edge and fires up your soul? Be part of the student exchange in Seoul, the “24-hour city”, and experience a blend of technology and tradition! Home to both hi-tech companies and UNESCO heritage sites, Seoul will teach and show you a lot!

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studiere in Busan an der Dong-A Universität

Busan, South Korea

Study abroad in Busan, South Korea, the main tourism destination of the country. Study at one of the best private universities of Busan and explore the mind-blowing city, on the coast of the pacific ocean.

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ho chi minh city

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Study in Vietnam and enjoy the best possible education in one of Vietnam’s Top Universities. Challenge yourself academically and enjoy life in Vietnam’s bustling capital. Live and study in Ho Chi Minh City – or Saigon, to use its historical name, the charismatic business hub of Vietnam.

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view over tapei during day

Taipei, Taiwan

Study business, communications, marketing, management and other topics in Taipei. Experience the unique Taiwanese variety of Chinese culture and the most friendly people on earth in this modern South-Asian city. Explore the amazing nature, study Mandarin Chinese, try new foods and experience the local way of life, while studying abroad.

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pudong skyline in shanghai

Shanghai, China

What would happen if you would do a student exchange in a metropolis like Shanghai? You would most definitely see things in a whole new way and give your CV a boost. After all, China is one of most powerful economies of the world. Studying abroad in China is a career-boosting opportunity you cannot miss.

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European Destinations

Study in Lisbon Portugal activity-beautiful set of beach ocean and cliff in portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Join over 200 international students and study at the most attractive destination in Portugal. Gain international experience, boost your career and dive deep into Portugal’s culture in some of the most popular study abroad programs in Europe!

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buildings in cagliari-UNIVERSITY OF CAGLIARI sight seeing

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations, a sophisticated Italian island, west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica. Being the second–largest Mediterranean island, it has so much more to offer with an interesting history, wild mountainous interior, vibrant towns with local traditions, and colorful festivals. Sardinia is renowned for its beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, and fascinating rock formations. A warm welcome awaits you in Sardinia.

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American college Dublin-attractions

Dublin, Ireland

What makes Ireland one of the best countries to study abroad? Dublin is a wonderful option for our student exchange programs, as an exchange semester, year abroad, or summer abroad program in Ireland comes with the most memorable and fascinating experiences of a student’s life. Read on to learn why and how you can study abroad in Dublin, Ireland.

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American Destinations

study abroad in costa rica with beyond abroad

San Josè, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica
Adventure awaits when you study in Latin America, especially in San Jose, Costa Rica. Besides access to natural sites and the calming sound of the sea nearby, you will genuinely enjoy the remarkable culture the region is known for!

The Latin American University of Science and Technology is a top choice for international students as it is the only bilingual university in the region. Additionally, it is the number one private academy offering an impressive list of in-demand programs.

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hotels along the shore

Cancun City, Mexico

Study in Latin America, specifically in Cancun, Mexico, known for its Caribbean weather, turquoise water, fine sand, and more!

Anáhuac University is one of the best private universities in Mexico. Aside from offering in-demand programs, you can upgrade your education on a modern campus near the Caribbean Sea.

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Combined / Remote Destinations


study online ecampus


THE BEST DISTANCE LEARNING SOLUTION FOR FREE MOVER MOBILITY STUDENTS. Asia Exchange’s eCampus is a distance learning solution to give you the freedom of where you want to be while studying abroad.

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