Asia Exchange Company Values

hand holding heart green iconCARING

Caring is written in our DNA. We care about our students, colleagues, staff, partners, stakeholders and the environment. We take part in charity activities that support the local societies in our study destinations. We aim to broaden the worldview of all our students and stakeholders and thus build a better tomorrow. We deeply care about providing life-changing experiences for our students.


We develop and improve our daily actions and operations persistently for the good of our students, stakeholders, colleagues, staff and global societies. We create a better tomorrow by acting as intrapreneurs in our own positions and being creative, flexible and responsible in our actions. We focus on solutions and lean on a can-do attitude to overcome obstacles.

certificate green iconPROFIT ABILITY

We create a position where we can constantly provide life-changing experiences for our students in a sustainable way. We constantly search for winning ways to create conditions for sustainable business and ever-growing benefits for all our students and stakeholders. To maintain our profitability, we find ways to keep tuition fees as low as possible and lower than those of individual free movers.

book reader green iconLEARNING AND INNOVATION

We value life-long learning, developing ourselves and improving our performance. We praise mistakes and successes as learning experiences. We have the courage to try new things and be the pioneers and vanguards of student mobility and studying abroad.


We aim to create happiness for our students, colleagues, staff, all our stakeholders and ourselves. We find the silver linings and sun rays from every storm and want to spread the good around us. We encourage ourselves and our students to practice good deeds, even one a day.


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Asia Exchange was established in 2007 in Finland by two former exchange students, Harri Suominen and Tuomas Kauppinen. They both had studied abroad in Asia in the mid-2000s, and the experience left a deep impression on both of them – so deep that they wanted to help others do the same.