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How to Choose a Study Abroad Destination?

Tips on Choosing the Right Study Abroad Destination

In Asia Exchange, we have 7 countries to choose from and a couple of them have numerous options. How do you know which destination is the right one for you? Everybody has their own dreams, hopes, and visions about a year abroad. For some the decision might be as clear as water, others might need some guidance or help. But don’t you worry, and let this post guide your way to studying in Asia! So, when you need help choosing the right destination for you, read these five tips. 

choose the right study abroad destination Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia. The photo was taken by Thomas Tucker // Unsplash

Duration of the program

Our study program options vary from short summer schools to semesters abroad and all the way to full degree programs. All of these options are not available in all of the universities, so you will want to scroll through our website with this in mind.

Everyone doesn’t have the time to spend a full year or a half abroad, although we think that is the best option. That’s when you get all the benefits and really have the time to dive deep into the culture and habits. But, if you have a situation that doesn’t allow that, we also offer summer schools from 2 to 4 weeks to choose from. In our summer schools, you also earn credits so it’s the best excuse to go abroad. You can study abroad at our Summer School in South Koreas Seoul or Indonesia’s Bali. 

Also, If you’re over 18 and fresh out of high school or college, you’ll want to check out our gap year programs in Bali and Phuket. It’s the perfect option to give your life a new direction. Combine academics with travel and life-changing experiences.

Now, write down your options for study abroad options you have and continue the research.

people studying abroad in their destination choise Study your options and make the choice easier. The photo was taken by Dylan Gillis // Unsplash

Investigate our universities

Universities are always different all the way from student life to the scenery and the studies you can take there.  Follow these three steps to find out your future study abroad destination.

  1. Look up the study destinations and their universities
  2. Check out the fields of studies they offer according to your interests
  3. Read student experiences and other additional information

High-tempo Megacity or the laid-back shore

Are you more into dynamic, 24-hour Megacities or happy-go-lucky, carefree islands? Do you want to find the best surfing spot, chill at the beach and ride the waves right after class or walk through the city with parks full of cherry blossoms? Remember to think about living there full time. If you love to make lists as much as I do, make one with the top things you’d want to see and experience, it’ll help you a lot with your decision. Choose a destination that makes you spark.

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Also, is it your first time abroad or are you an experienced traveler? Consider the culture shock you might be having and your own comfort. Search Google, Wikipedia and travel blogs or websites for photos and inspiration. Get excited! There’s only one thing you for sure will see everywhere: temples.

If you have some kind of a diet or a big allergy, you might want to think about that too. Especially vegans can have a hard time and some destinations need a lot more knowledge in advance than others. For example, we have heard from our former students that in South Korea it’s a huge benefit to speak Korean to make it as a vegan. A little tip: download the app Happycow to make your life a little easier.

choose a study destination in thailand or indonesiaA laidback island is a way to go if you’re looking for the chill vibes. The photo was taken by Robin Noguier // Unsplash

What do you want from your studies abroad?

Do you want to travel a lot to neighboring countries or explore one place through its cord? It’s pretty easy to travel from place to place in Southeast Asia, but on the other hand in South Korea, travel distances grow a lot if you want to travel to another country. On the other hand, who doesn’t love day trips? Indonesia also has a lot of places to get to know outside of Bali. On top of everything, learning the language is something you want to think about, so take a course at the university or learn the basics from home. Communication is the key when you want to try to fit into a culture.

choose a destination in asia Deep dive into the local culture on your study abroad year! The photo was taken by Ruben Hutabarat // Unsplash

I want to go everywhere, how do I make a decision?

If you have this situation, there are a lot of ways to make a decision. Write down a pros and cons list, use your intuition or make it random and pick again and again until you’re happy with the outcome. We also have a bunch of ambassadors to help you with your decision so email them and find out what’s the right place for you to live in. In the end, there are no wrong choices and only you can know what’s best for yourself. The only thing you hear is people regretting not going on an exchange.

Choose a Megacity deastination in Asia You can see everything in a high tempo Megacity. The photo was taken by Emile-Victor Portenart // Unsplash

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This article was written by our marketing intern Jenna!