Study Abroad Outlook with Asia Exchange


Category 1 destinations for Summer 2021, Autumn 2021, and Spring 2022

Join us in our student drop-in info sessions and learn about destinations that are safe to travel to and where international students are accepted for studies. Look into the study abroad opportunities for 2021-2022.

Asia Exchange is the leading study abroad provider focusing on Asia. Founded in 2007 and was able to send more than 7000 students, from over 600 universities, and over 80 countries. Asia Exchange ́s core values are to make studies abroad available for everyone. That is why we have the lowest tuition fees in the industry. We have the fastest application process and the most affordable tuition fee of 3500USD. To further live up to the expectations of our values, Asia Exchange has worked relentlessly to find ways how to allow students to still enjoy a semester abroad despite the desperate situation with Covid-19.

After exploring various opportunities, we at Asia Exchange decided to look beyond our current portfolio. As a result, Beyond Abroad was born. Similar to Asia Exchange, Beyond Abroad will partner up with well-established and highly ranked universities. But instead of limiting to Asia, our sister company is focusing on the whole world.


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