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Asia Exchange offers a variety of educational opportunities in South Korea, including semester exchanges, gap years, full-degree programs, and summer schools. Applying through Asia Exchange guarantees that your tuition fee is lower than when directly applying to our Korean partner universities. In addition to economics, engineering, social sciences, and other popular study fields, students can also enroll in free Korean language courses. Applicants can apply now, receive acceptance within 24 hours, and study at most desired Korean universities. Do you still have questions? Schedule a free Zoom meeting to learn more.

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Asia Exchange, established in 2007, has sent more than 10000 students abroad, and we are proud that our Facebook community reviewed our services with 5/5. Read what our students say about us.

On top of that, Asia Exchange received several awards and recognitions worldwide, ranking us as the number one study abroad provider around the globe.

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These reviews are more than plain words. These reviews, awards, and recognitions are our students’ and partners’ feelings and experiences worldwide. We feel honored that more than 10000 students and partners from more than 100 countries trusted Asia Exchange and allowed us to impact their lives beyond imagination positively.

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How to apply


Choose a destination, university, and program that suits you best. To help you choose, you can check our study abroad guide or look at this comparison chart.

Get prepared

After receiving your confirmation email and initial acceptance letter, you can begin your travel preparations.


Get the required attachments for the university or program of your choice. Please fill out the application for the university or program of your choice through our application form.


You'll get the invoice for the tuition fee about 2.5 months before the start of the semester. You'll also get the host university's official acceptance letter a month before the semester starts.


We'll process your application in 1-3 working days, after which we will send you an email with a confirmation of your study abroad placement and further instructions.


Ready, set, go! Once you have your student visa in hand, you're good to go! Pack your bags, throw a farewell party and step into the best adventure of your life!

Universities & Programs in Seoul

Study abroad in Seoul

Are you ambitious, international-minded and satisfied with nothing but the highest academic standards? Then studying at the nr. 1 international university in Korea, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, is just for you! Choose among many courses and specializations, deepen your knowledge of your chosen field, and become a globally-minded expert. You can study in Seoul for one or two semesters, join a 4-week summer school program or complete a full Bachelor’s degree in business.

Hankuk University of foreign studies

Study Abroad at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for 1 or 2 Semesters

Study economics, engineering, languages and much more at the no. 1 international university in Korea in the country’s stunning capital city Seoul, and enjoy the excellent academic standards of the Korean higher education system. Apply today and get accepted as quickly as in a day!


Bachelor and Master


Business, economics, engineering, history, international relations and politics, languages, law, natural sciences, philosophy, social sciences and much more

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Complete a Bachelor’s degree in Korea at a top private university and kickstart your international career!

Apply through Asia Exchange and receive a guaranteed 300 EUR scholarship for your first semester as a full degree student at HUFS. This scholarship guarantees a cheaper first semester than applying directly! Asia Exchange will guide you through the application process. Book a Zoom meeting with us to find out more!

Live in the flagship city of the Asian Tigers and enjoy the excellent standards of Korean higher education. Build your international network and become a global citizen of the world at the no. 1 international university in Korea.




International relations, international economics, international law and development, culture, humanities, languages

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Join an International Summer School Program in Seoul, South Korea

Spend an engaging academic summer at the no. 1 international university in Korea, located in the dynamic capital city of Seoul! Dive into the Korean language and culture and earn up to 10 ECTS in the span of one month. It’s easy to apply and your study placement can be confirmed even in one day.




Anthropology & cultural studies, Asian studies, international business

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Hanyang University

Study Abroad at Hanyang University for 1 or 2 Semesters, applicable for GAP year students!

Study at Hanyang University ERICA Campus, located in the Seoul Capital Area in Ansan. The university is currently ranked in the top 150 universities in the QS University rankings. In addition to the diverse selection and high-level engineering courses, students can study economics, business administration, and Pharmacy. Apply today and get accepted as quickly as in a day!


Bachelor and Master


Business, economics, engineering, pharmacy, public relations, physics and much more

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Open for Gap Year Applications

If you are a high school or college graduate, your plans are still unclear or you simply want to take a break from your daily routines, you may apply for a gap year program. Studying abroad during your gap year is the perfect way to give your life a new direction!

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Universities & Programs in Busan

Study abroad in Busan

Do you want to combine the highest education standards with the benefits of studying in one of the biggest tourist destinations in Asia? Then studying in the Nr. 1 tourism destination in Korea at Dong-A University! Choose among an intriguing selection of Business Management courses, deepen your knowledge of your chosen courses, and become a globally-minded expert. You can study in Busan for one or two semesters.

DONG-A University

Study Abroad in Busan at Dong-A University for 1 or 2 Semesters

Study in the second largest city of South Korea, Busan. Busan is built right on the coast, contains historic temples and is home to more than 3,5 million inhabitants. The city is in the southern part of the country and is considered the main tourism destinations in Korea. Busan is home to sacred mountains and is surrounded by pristine beaches that easily compete with Miami, Florida. Busan offers hot springs to explore and has a culinary culture that one can only love. Moreover, Busan is one of Asia’s main logistic hubs and home to some of the biggest logistics enterprises in the world. Dong-A university belongs to the best universities in the region and is the best private university in Busan. At Dong-A University, you will have the unique opportunity to dive into the Korean culture and to learn from some of the best professionals from the country.




Business and Management

Open for Gap Year Applications

You can apply for a gap year program if you are a high school or college graduate with uncertain plans or simply wish to take a break from your everyday activities. Studying abroad during your gap year is an excellent opportunity to refocus your life!

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How to finance your studies abroad in Korea

Did you know that Swedish students get paid to study abroad? Asia Exchange Swedish students study in South Korea or one of our other destinations while sponsored by The Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN).

There are several forms of financial aid, but they all require you to apply through the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN).

All Asia Exchange partner universities in South Korea are eligible for CSN funding. Besides grants and loans, students in Sweden can also get discounts and special insurance. to learn more, please read: Student grants and loans for studies outside Sweden


You submit all the applications and application documents online. Please don’t send us any documents via regular mail.

Our partner universities have given us the right to process and accept applications on their behalf. If you organized a study abroad placement on your own, you might have to wait weeks or months for confirmation. This is what we’ve wanted to eliminate: the sooner you know you’ve been accepted, the better. 

Yes! You only need to fulfil the minimum requirements. For most of our destinations, this means being at least 18 years old and having sufficient English skills. With some destinations, you need to currently be a university or college student. Check the destination-specific requirements here.

Yes! One of the problems with normal exchange and study abroad programs is that there are strict placement quotas. Our programs have either no such quotas, or they are quite high. This means that you can apply with your best friend, significant other or even a group of friends. As long each of you fulfills the application criteria, you’ll be accepted!

Our study abroad programs are meant for everyone who is interested in Asia and wants to broaden their horizons. You don’t have to be studying a certain major. That said, some courses offered by our partner universities might require that you have studied a certain subject before. There are however many study fields and courses to choose from even if you have no background in them. On the other hand, you can be sure to find some courses that match your study background.

Most participants in our programs are students of business, technology, political science and tourism. There are many students with other majors as well, who take courses outside of their major and so expand their academic horizons.

If you don’t find courses that match your major, it’s often possible to include them as a part of a minor or an elective module. We understand that your home university or college has the final say in this, and that’s why we encourage you to make a study plan beforehand and have it approved by your faculty staff and/or exchange coordinator. For more information about credit transfer, see study credits.

Yes, master’s/graduate-level students can also participate in our programs. Most of our partners offer master-level courses and even if you’re a Master’s student, you might be able to take Bachelor’s level courses as minor or elective courses, for example. This is quite common since Master’s courses are often harder to find when choosing a study abroad program. Please consult your faculty staff and/or exchange coordinator about your options.

You can join many of our programs even if you’re not currently a university or college student. You only need to be 18+ years old and have a high school diploma or similar.

If you’ve just finished high school, our study abroad programs are a great option for you if you want to take a gap year before pursuing a university or college degree. In fact, many have done so and found a direction for their future. What’s more, the courses you take abroad during your gap year can often be included in your degree once you start it.

Yes, you can. Being an expatriate is a great experience for your family and can brush up the entire family’s language skills. Your child will benefit from gaining a more open-minded attitude towards new things and your study abroad semester will inspire intellectual and cultural curiosity in the whole family.

Many dads and moms have done it before, so there are numerous blogs on the topic online. All of our destinations are family-friendly and very safe. There are several accommodation options to choose from, many of them very child-appropriate.

You can consider hiring a nanny or bringing an au pair from home for babysitting. Both options can be very affordable since it’s relatively affordable to hire a nanny in Asia. If your partner comes with you, (s)he can also stay at home with the children.

In the above cases, the children’s daily routines don’t necessarily differ much from what would be at home. We’ve had students with families in our study abroad programs before and heard wonderful things about children being very flexible and disarming in new situations. Playing overcomes language barriers quite effectively and there are various international schools and daycares in most of our destinations as well.

Most students go on exchange during their third year of studies, but this varies a lot depending on the field of studies. Anyone with a high school diploma or similar can apply to many of our study abroad programs, and we recommend doing a study abroad semester as early as possible (even though it’s never too late to go). Many go during their second year.

You should have mastered some basic study techniques before studying abroad to ensure you get the most out of your time abroad. Nonetheless, the most important ingredient of a successful study abroad period is having a curious, eager and open attitude towards everything that you encounter. That takes you a long way.

We believe all students should study abroad at some point. It’s simply one of the best things you can do for your personal, professional and academic future. In our opinion, what matters is not so much your grade but your motivation. We don’t think the grade point average (GPA) tells the whole truth about someone’s capabilities and potential, and so a low grade is not a barrier to entry.

You can find course catalogs and course descriptions for each study program on our website under study programs. The offered courses mainly consist of business, tourism and the local language and culture. On average, students complete 20–30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) study credits during their exchange. If you are not studying in Europe, remember to ask your home institution how the course credits you complete abroad will translate into your degree. Our partner universities offer high-quality education, thoroughly depicted on our website in the exchange reports and blogs which have been written by former Asia Exchange students.

The invoice for the tuition fee will be sent 2.5 months before the semester starts and is due one month before the semester starts.

Ask your home institution’s exchange coordinator about possible funding for free mover studies abroad. We also recommend trying to find information about grants and scholarships that organizations and foundations give students for studying abroad. However, please keep in mind that many scholarships have conditions that students must fulfill, such as completing courses that can be included in the degree etc.

You will receive an application fee invoice with the initial acceptance letter. The university-specific tuition fee will be paid about a month before the beginning of the semester. In addition to the application fee and the tuition fee, you should consider, e.g. the following expenses: plane tickets to the destination, vaccinations, insurance, visa expenses and the general living costs in the destination country. Living expenses in our Asian destinations are lower compared to Europe and North America.

We create a destination-specific Facebook group for each semester. The link will be sent to you by email after the application period has ended.

Many countries require longer-term residents and students to have a passport and a visa. The process of applying for a visa varies from country to country and sometimes even depending on the embassy employee with whom you are dealing. The formalities are often case-specific and may change quickly. Asia Exchange recommends contacting each country’s embassy directly in case there have been recent changes to the visa protocol. You can find more information and thorough, country-specific instructions with examples of filled out visa applications on our website. Remember to check the latest information about the visa application procedure and the required documents from the target country’s embassy.

Not directly, but we have gathered a list of popular accommodation options located near the universities at each location. Some universities also offer a possibility for on-campus housing. You can find information about accommodation on our website. We will also send you our Asia Exchange guide one month prior to the start of the study program. The guide offers detailed information about accommodation options, booking accommodation and other practical matters about living in the destination country. It may take some time to find accommodation independently, especially if you have no previous experience with it. Ask your travel agency for hints if the task seems too overwhelming.

You should arrive at the study abroad destination at least a few days before the start of the study program. It will help you settle in and gives you some time to find long-term accommodation before the start of the study program. It is not advisable to travel to the destination weeks in advance because you need to apply for a student visa and applying for it might be possible in your home country only. You need the official acceptance letter in order to apply for the student visa. The letter will be sent to you at the latest one month before the semester starts. Unfortunately, it is not possible to speed up the process due to host universities’ schedules.


Do you want to learn Korean?

Taking language classes and living in South Korea at the same time are the best ways to learn Korean. Asia Exchange programs allow students to study at a Korean university and take Korean language classes for free in Seoul, Ansan, or Busan. Find out more here:

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