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Japan is one of the world’s top economic and technological hubs. In contrast, Japan offers a rich culture and traditions. There is always something new to experience, with ancient gods and conventional practices coexisting with cutting-edge technology and fashionable pop culture. Take online classes in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city and one of the top cities worldwide. Apply easily and affordably and get accepted within 24 hours!

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Choose between various distance learning courses in Economics, Marketing, Politics, and Social Sciences at Undiknas University while visiting and studying from Tokyo. You can study in Japan and enjoy its stunning nature and cities while participating in a life-changing study abroad semester with eCampus Tokyo. Japan offers a fascinating mix of edge-cutting technology and well-conserved history. Join 300,000 international students and immerse yourself in Japan’s rich and breathtaking culture!

Study Abroad in Tokyo 

Because of its innovative and vibrant atmosphere, many are choosing to study abroad in TokyoLet us introduce the benefits of studying in Japan’s most famous city and answer frequently asked questions of international students

Best reasons to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan 

Receive high-quality education 

Aside from being one of the best in Asia, Japan’s education system is one of the best worldwide. It constantly gains recognition in global lists and sets the standard among Asian neighbors. Expect top-level teachings when you study abroad in Tokyo, where methods and curricula are continuously updated.  

Learn the ideals of the Japanese people. 

Interacting with the Japanese is one of the best reasons to study abroad in Tokyo, JapanThey are respectful, hard workers, and technically skilled in making products that benefit consumers worldwide. Imagine absorbing the mentioned traits once you study abroad in Tokyo.

Explore a modern environment where natural wonders exist. 

Aside from innovative skyscrapers, Japan is home to natural attractions such as Todoroki Valley, Meiji Shrine, Akigawa Valley, Okutama Area, Kiyosumi Garden, Yoyogi Park, and more.  

Enjoy a reliable transportation system when you study abroad in Tokyo, Japan. 

You are guaranteed the best transportation when you study abroad in Tokyo. It ranks 3rd globally as it is reliable, well-maintained, and easy to navigate. Moreover, JR trains, notably the Yamanote Line, are the best way to navigate Tokyo. Generally, it runs in a loop in Central Tokyo that connects with important hubs.  

Easy access to internships and job opportunities 

You are guaranteed to experience valuable training when you study abroad in Tokyo, Japan. You will understand their work ethics, professionalism, dedication, and more. In addition, it can lead to employment in the country. You can also build great connections that help with career goals.  

Frequently asked questions 

How much is the cost to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan? 

Compared to other first-world countries, it is more affordable to study abroad in Tokyo. 

How much is the cost of living to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan? 

Your cost of living depends on your lifestyle when you study abroad in Tokyo. To stay on a budget, opt for shared accommodation, ride public transportation, and avoid eating in restaurants. To know more about the living expenses, click here 

What are the available accommodations when I study abroad in Tokyo? 

The available accommodations for international students are homestays, university dorms, and shared apartments. You may visit Facebook groups or websites to find which suits you best.  

What are the requirements to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan? 

  • An official transcript of records, or a copy of your high school diploma if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education. This should preferably be submitted in English, but we also accept these documents in German, French, Finnish, and Spanish.
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport.
  • A pass color photo of 4 x 3 cm.  See example

Wrapping it up 

There are countless reasons to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan. It is an ideal study-abroad destination that equally helps you grow – professionally and personally!  

Book a free counseling today, and we will assist your academic goals in Tokyo, Japan! 

Moreover, our blog section specifically has the best information about studying abroad. We have inspiring student stories, tips, and more! 

Finally, enjoy our interactive virtual booth, where aside from Tokyo, Japan, you can learn more about other breathtaking universities worldwide!  

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