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Study Abroad at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for 1 or 2 Semesters

Study economics, engineering, languages and much more at the no. 1 international university in Korea in the country’s stunning capital city Seoul, and enjoy the excellent academic standards of the Korean higher education system. Apply today and get accepted as quickly as in a day!



Spring (Mar – June)
Autumn (Sep – Dec)

Max. Credits

30 ECTS /
18 US credits

Program Content

Lectures, assignments and various other teaching methods depending on courses

Levels of Study

Bachelor and Master


1990 EUR tuition fee / semester
+ 75 EUR application fee

Study Fields

Business, economics, engineering, history, international relations and politics, languages, law, natural sciences, philosophy, social sciences and much more



AUTUMN 2021*

SPRING 2022*

You may apply for semesters in the upcoming years already.

*) Dates still tentative 


  • Study at the best international university in Korea
  • Choose among courses from dozens of different fields, including business, education, engineering, international relations, law and 40+ languages
  • Get familiar with the Korean tiger economy, home to technology giants like LG and Samsung
  • Take in the international atmosphere on campus, meet with people from all over the world and improve your English skills
  • Explore the “24-hour city” Seoul, also rated one of the top 10 student cities in the world


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is known for its high-quality curriculum in international studies, globalization and as many as 40+ foreign languages. Apply to study abroad for one or two semesters at any of the two campuses (Seoul Campus and Global Campus) and choose among a large number of courses from several different fields.

Studying abroad at HUFS is for you if…

  • You’re a university student or similar
  • You’re aiming for an international career, whether in business or in diplomacy
  • You want to get to know people from all over the world at the most international university in Korea
  • You want to improve your English and intercultural communication skills
  • You want to live in one of the most modern and developed cities in East Asia

Bachelor level courses (Undergraduate)

Exchange students at Hankuk University can pick courses freely from different Faculties’ course selection, as long as their total worth doesn’t exceed 18 local credits (30 ECTS/18 US credits). There are some courses restricted to certain majors, i.e. you have to be a Business major to take more advanced Business courses. The courses that are marked with a purple ‘V’, under the heading ‘Taught in a Foreign Language’ are taught in English.  However, if only a few of the class participants are international, the class may be held in Korean. The major ‘International Studies’ teaches all of its courses in English. The course information below is the most up-to-date autumn semester course information currently available. You can use it as a basis for making your preliminary study plan. Please also visit the official HUFS website for the previous semesters’ (including the spring semester) and the current 2020 course catalogs. You’ll find the lists under ‘Courses’ and ‘Undergrad (Seoul)’.

Interested in Dance, Taekwondo or Swimming? Check out the courses under ‘Others’.

Master level courses (Graduate)

The Graduate School of International and Area Studies offers Master’s level courses in English in the following disciplines:

• Indian and ASEAN Studies
• Middle East and African Studies
• Russian and CIS Studies
• European Union Studies
• U.S. and Canadian Studies
• Latin American Studies
• International Development Studies

Students can pick courses freely from any discipline, at the most 4 courses per semester (12 Korean credits). Students can also take courses from other disciplines under The Graduate School of International and Area Studies, for example Japanese Studies or Regional languages, but in such cases the courses are taught in those languages. As long as students are fluent in the language in question, they may take such courses.

For the full course lists under each discipline, please go here. In the search box, pick Graduate School of International and Area Studies as the Faculty and then which ever discipline you are interested in under the Major/Common/Dissertation. Course descriptions are available for each course under ‘Syllabus´. Examples of courses below:

  • International Human Rights Law
  • Democracy and Environment
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Case Studies in International Conflict Management
  • Advanced Theories on International Trade
  • Politics of International Organisations
  • Russian Diplomacy
  • Refugees and Displacement in the Middle East
  • Islamic Securitisation
  • Rural Development and Poverty in Latin America
  • South-North Korean Relations

Course selection

Pick some extra courses when making your initial course selection, in case one of your choices isn’t available. You can make changes to your initial course selections during the add/drop courses week at the beginning of the semester. As most Korean universities, Hankuk University also uses the same credit system as U.S. universities. Students need to work a total of 16 hours in order to earn 1 credit. Most 3 credit courses have 3 lectures/seminars a week; the semesters last for 16 weeks. 3 Korean credits correspond to 5 ECTS. Usually the 3 credit courses contain three lectures or seminars per week. Students need to have sufficient background knowledge of the courses they are planning to take in order to be able to successfully complete the course.

After you’ve been accepted to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, you will be given your HUFS ID and password which enable your access to the university’s online registration system. You select your courses online about a month before the semester begins. The course registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis but international students can ask permission to attend from the professor teaching the course. The first week of the semester is an add/drop courses week so if you are unable to register for courses online, you can register for them in person at HUFS. When dropping courses, remember to do it via the online system, otherwise you’ll get an F for the course. Graduate students do not use the online registration but register for courses during the first week of the semester.

Language courses

There is an introductory Korean language course available for international students. The course runs for 10 weeks for 4 hours a day. The course costs about 1 350 USD. Asia Exchange students are eligible for a 10% discount from the course cost. Please inquire about it when arriving in Seoul. If you’re planning on studying Korean, you shouldn’t take more than 1-3 additional courses since the Korean language courses are intensive. Hankuk University also offers an less intensive evening Korean language course for beginners as a complimentary course for exchange students. You can enroll to the course at the beginning of the semester.

Students can choose as many courses as they wish, as long as their total worth doesn’t exceed 18 local credits (30 ECTS/18 US credits). As the maximum amount of credits would be highly demanding, Hankuk University recommends exchange students to take max. 12-15 credits per semester. The majority of the courses are worth 3 credits. Read more about converting Korean credits

Tuition fee: 1990 EUR / semester
Application fee: 75 EUR.

See what’s included in the fees.

Are you from outside of Europe? Find out more about fees.

Benefits when applying via Asia Exchange

  • Confirmation even in one day
  • Asia Exchange Guide with lots of information about studies, visas, accommodation and other tips
  • Orientation days
  • 100 EUR discount when applying for two semesters.
  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • You should be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education (university, university of applied sciences or similar)
  • You should have sufficient English skills (at least B2 level). You will need to submit written proof of your English skills together with your application (see required attachments below).

See the additional requirements.


  • An official transcript of records in English (a stamped version is not required)
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport (please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip starts)
  • A free form personal statement and a study plan limited to one A4 page in English (please include the following information: why you want to study at HUFS, what are you planning on studying and how will your studies at HUFS help you in the future)
  • A recommendation letter in English from your home university (any teacher/professor) that confirms your English skills are strong enough to study abroad. Alternatively, you can provide an official language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, DAAD or similar.
  • A color photo. The photo is for your student ID card and your face should be clearly visible on it. The background should be white. The picture should preferably be in JPEG-format.
  • A certificate of enrollment in English. This document should show that you are a current student at the institution you are studying in, see an example.

APPLY to the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul

Get the required documents

Fill out and submit the online application form together with the required documents

accepted within one dayCONFIRMATION
You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement within one week, at best as quickly as in one day.

  • Flexible application: You can apply even if you’re not yet certain of your plans. Cancel at no extra cost up to 1 month before the program starts.
  • Get access to comprehensive information materials such as an Asia Exchange Guide after you apply.


  • Scan all the required attachments to your computer in PDF format.
  • Fill out the online application form below and submit it with the required attachments.

Uploading and submitting the attachments

  • Please upload the attachments in PDF format.
  • If possible, please submit all the attachments together with the application. If you’re missing some attachment(s) when you first apply, you can send the missing document(s) later. However, please note that we won’t process applications without any attachments whatsoever.
  • All attachments must be sent to us within 30 days of submitting the application or by the application deadline at the very latest.
  • You can submit all the documents electronically. Please don’t send anything via regular mail.
  • There is a late application fee for applications or attachments submitted after the application deadline.

Confirmation, official acceptance letter and visa

You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement in 1-7 days, starting from the day your application is complete with all the required documents. You’ll receive the official acceptance letter 1.5 months before the semester starts at the latest. We’ll send it to the street address you have provided in your application. Please let us know if this address changes at any point. You need the official acceptance letter to apply for a student visa.


The application fee invoice will be sent to you soon after the initial acceptance letter. This fee will be due within 10 days of receiving your confirmation. The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel (see below). You’ll receive the invoice for the tuition fee about 2.5 months before the semester starts.


If you’re unable to participate in the study abroad semester, you have the right to cancel your participation up to 1 month before the semester starts with no extra cost (the application fee will not be refunded, however). Let us know about your cancellation by writing us an email at info[at] Cancellations notified via phone, SMS or by any other means will not be considered. For more detailed information on our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions for cancellation. We also reserve the right to cancel your participation if any of your fees becomes overdue. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Travel insurance

You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance either from your home country or an insurance recommended by HUFS for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the semester. See our recommended travel insurance providers.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), has been continuously ranked as the best international university in Korea. The ranking encompasses the areas of exchange student ratio and satisfaction, curriculum and teaching staff, and international cooperation and networks. Find out more about Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

University’s contact information

Seoul Campus Office of International Student Services Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 107 Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul South Korea, 130-791 View on Google Maps

Global Campus Office of International Student Services 81, Oedae-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu,Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do View on Google Maps

campus area at hankuk university in seoul

University’s website

University’s contact person

Ms. Yoonmee Lee

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Accreditation

  • The Korean Council for University Education
  • The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of the Republic of Korea
  • International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • University Institutional Accreditation
  • Member of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • HUFS ranked first in Korea (7th in Asia) among universities with no medical school *
  • Ratio of exchange students from foreign countries – 1st in Korea *
  • Proportion of lectures taught in English: 30% – 1st in Korea ¤
  • Proportion of foreign faculty [full-time lecturer and higher level] – 2nd in Korea ¤

*2013 Chosun Ilbo.QS Asian University Rankings ¤2012 Joongang Daily University Ranking Evaluation Founded just after the Korean War, in 1954, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies has striven for reconstruction, development, internationalization and peace-building since its establishment. These qualities have come to define Hankuk University as the most international university in Korea, with an extensive network of governmental bodies and organizations both in Korea and abroad. In addition to the university’s status as the best institution teaching internationalization in Korea, it is widely considered to be the best private university in the country, especially in Social Sciences and Languages. It is currently teaching 45 foreign languages.

Soccer field at Hankuk University

The campus has soccer and tennis fields, a gym and a community center for students. The community center includes restaurants and places for to meet other students and spend time outside the classes. Students can also participate in the many students clubs available at the Global campus.



Q: How do I select my courses?
A: Course registration dates will be sent to you by email. Course registration happens through HUFS’ own portal.

Q: What study level are the courses at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies?
A: Bachelor -and Master-level courses. Bachelor-level courses are more widely available.

Q: When do the exams take place?
A: Exams will be organized during the last few weeks of the semester. All courses and exams will be finished by the announced semester ending date.


Q: What type of visa do I need to have in order to study in South Korea?
A: You will need a D2 student visa in order to study in South Korea. For Summer School students a visa may not be needed due to the length of the program. Please contact your local embassy for more details.

Q: When can I apply for my visa?
A: You can start your visa application process after receiving the official acceptance letter from the university. The letter will be sent to you at the latest one month before the start of the semesterRead our general visa instructions here.

All international students residing outside Korea will need to apply for a student visa at the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea. You must apply for the visa in person at your home country’s Korean embassy. Read about the visa application procedure here.


Q: Is there on-campus accommodation available at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies?
A: Yes. In addition to the on-campus dormitories, students can also stay in off-campus dormitories that are located just a minute’s walk away from campus. You can read more about the dormitories and room options here.

Q: When do I know if I will receive a dormitory room?
A: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will inform students on their dormitory assignments before the semester starts

Q: When can I move into the dormitory, and how long I can stay there?
A: Check-in and check-out dates will be confirmed separately for each semester. Normally, you can check in 2 days before the start of the semester, and students can stay in the dorm for the duration of the semester. The dormitory payment is paid directly to HUFS.

people walking around hankuk university

The university provides on-campus accommodation at the Global Campus. The rooms at the dormitory area double rooms with air-conditioning and free internet access. Find out more about the accommodation options and prices in Global campus.


Q: Do I need to take into account any healthcare related matters?
A: In addition to the basic vaccinations (MMR and diphtheria-tetanus), travelers are most often advised to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. Vaccinations always depend partly on the individual, so remember to consult your physician.

All new dorm residents are required to take a medical examination at the HUFS Health Care Center or submit proof of an authorized health examination report at the time of exchange program application in accordance with the requirements of the Korean Immigration Service and HUFS dormitory regulation. Tuberculosis (TB) is the only test on the health examination form which is mandatory for all students (skin test or chest X-ray).

Q: Do I need insurance?
A: All students are required to have valid travel insurance for the duration of the semester. See our recommended travel insurance providers here.


Q: What kind of costs should I be prepared for?
A: In addition to tuition fees, you should be prepared to pay for the student visaflightsaccommodation and other living costs. The costs of living in Shanghai are slightly lower than in many Western cities, but the real costs will depend on your individual lifestyle.


Q: I need to have my learning agreement/certificate of enrollment signed. What should I do?
A: Please fill out the document and send it to

Q: When will I receive my Official Acceptance Letter?
The official letter of acceptance will be delivered to you 1.5 months before the semester starts at the latest. We’ll send it to the street address you have provided in your application. Please let us know if this address changes at any point.

Q: When will I receive my Transcript of Records?
A: The university prepares and sends the transcripts of records usually within 2-3 months after the end of the semester.

Q: Do I need to know any Korean beforehand?
A: It is not mandatory to know any korean beforehand. However, knowing only a few basic words and phrases in advance will already help you a lot! HUFS also offers Korean language courses at different levels through their Korean Language Center.