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Study Abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam & Discover Southeast Asia’s Emerging Education Hub

Study in Vietnam and enjoy the best possible education in one of Vietnam’s Top Universities. Challenge yourself academically and enjoy life in Vietnam’s bustling capital. Live and study in Ho Chi Minh City – or Saigon, to use its historical name, the charismatic business hub of Vietnam.

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Study in Ho Chi Minh City at Foreign Trade University

Are you prepared to take your academic knowledge to the next level, step out of your comfort zone and become a global expert in your field? Apply to study in Ho Chi Minh City for one or two semesters! Foreign Trade University is one of Vietnam’s top universities. It has excellent reputations both in Vietnam and across Asia. There are numerous courses to choose from to ensure that you have the best possible opportunities to develop your skills further. Become friends with people from all over the world, make connections with locals and build your international network of like-minded people. Ho Chi Minh City is waiting for you with its sleek skyscrapers and historical alleys to explore!

Study abroad in Ho Chi Minh. 

If you want an energetic city with rich history and exciting activities, we suggest you study abroad in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! As the country’s largest metropolis and former capital city, Ho Chi Minh will captivate you with its busy streets, modern skyscrapers, magnificent cultural architecture, and more. Let us introduce this enchanting city! We will also include the benefits when you study abroad in Ho Chi Minh, plus answer frequently asked questions of international students.  

Why study abroad in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam? 

Aside from being a well-known Asian travel destination, Ho Chi Minh is also popular with international students. Below are reasons to study abroad in Ho Cho Minh. 

It is equally affordable to study and live in the city. 

Anticipate a student-friendly cost of living when you study abroad in Ho Chi Minh. It offers many affordable accommodations, and the food is reasonably priced.  Moreover, well-known learning institutions like the Foreign Trade University offer inexpensive tuition fees. It is Vietnam’s number one business school offering a 2190 EUR tuition fee.  

It has a stimulating culture.  

The country’s mixture of French, Chinese, and Vietnamese allows you to learn more about the old and new cultures and immerse in the ideals of its locals.  Additionally, you will undoubtedly appreciate Ho Chi Minh’s modern vibe decorated with glass and steel buildings.  

You have many scenic spots to visit 

One of the best advantages of studying abroad in Ho Chi Minh is access to scenic corners of the country.  During breaks, you can visit sites recognized by UNESCO. There are also mesmerizing beaches offering ultimate relaxation.  

Hospitable and welcoming locals   

You can expect helpful and friendly Vietnamese when you study abroad in Ho Chi Minh. The country is equally welcoming, whether you’re a tourist or a student. 

Many internships and job opportunities.  

The economy of Vietnam is rapidly growing, allowing students to apply for valuable internships. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the language used in Ho Chi Minh City? 

Vietnamese is the official language in Ho Chi Minh. However, many use English, specifically in universities, business establishments, etc.  We strongly advise you to learn the basics of the Vietnamese language to immerse yourself in the country. 

What are the visa requirements in Ho Chi Minh City for international students?  

If you plan to study in Ho Chi Minh City, apply for a student visa at the Vietnamese embassy in your home country. You may also visit their official website. Then, submit your approval note, proof of university acceptance, a valid passport, a visa application form, and two passport-size photos. 

What are the modes of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City? 

You can rely on the metro system, buses, taxis, and motorbikes to take you anywhere in the city.  

Is it easy to find accommodation when I study abroad in Ho Chi Minh?   

Yes! The region offers reasonably-priced options like hostels to modern apartments. Click here to learn more about the prices of accommodation in the city.  

To wrap it up 

Overall, it is a positive and wonderful experience to study abroad in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Apply now and achieve your study goals in Vietnam! If you have questions, book a free counseling session, and our team of experts will assist you.  

Furthermore, visit our Blog section to learn more about studying higher education abroad.  

Lastly, our virtual booth has the best information about universities worldwide! Aside from Ho Chi Minh City, you can learn more about learning institutions in other exciting destinations globally! 

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Challenge yourself academically at a top university in the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, also known by Saigon’s historical name. Apply to study abroad at one of Vietnam’s best universities for business and choose among courses from a large number of fields!

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in Vietnam – Destination Guide

Vietnam is a country of rapid growth and ancient culture, a confusing yet stunning cocktail of seemingly contradicting realities.

Vietnam has all the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure. With its majestic landscapes ranging across two climatic zones and distinct geographical regions it truly offers something for everyone: its densely forested mountains in the North, the grand Mekong delta in the South, it’s rolling hills and tropical lowlands. And to top it all off – Vietnam has a breathtakingly beautiful coastline reaching from its border to China in the North to the country’s border to Cambodia in the West.

Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling megacity of contrasts where you’ll discover something new every day

Ho Chi Minh City, the business capital of Vietnam and formerly known as Saigon, is one of the fastest developing cities in Southeast Asia and one of the lesser known gems of Asia. Ho Chi Minh City, with its population of nearly 9 million, is a an interesting fabric of old and new.