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Join a 2- or 4- week Summer School Program in Bali

Apply to a summer school in Bali and spend the best summer of your life studying on the world-famous holiday island! Earn up to 12 ECTS credits or 7 US credits in just a few weeks, discover the amazing paradise landscapes of Bali and enjoy the many recreational activities the island has to offer. Apply easily and securely and get accepted as quickly as in a day.



July to August (2 or 4 weeks)

Max. Credits

12 ECTS /
7,2 US credits

Program Content

workshops and

Levels of Study

Bachelor and Master


840 EUR tuition fee (2 weeks)
990 EUR tuition fee (4 weeks)
+ 50 EUR application fee

Study Fields

Indonesian language and culture, tourism, business and entrepreneurship




Program Highlights

  • Familiarize yourself with Indonesia’s society and culture, its modern challenges and intriguing past
  • Choose among courses focusing on Indonesian language and culture, tourism, business and entrepreneurship
  • Meet people from all over the world and build an international network
  • Improve your English, learn the basics of Bahasa Indonesia and develop your intercultural communication skills
  • Explore the famous paradise island Bali and the neighboring islands in your free time
  • Get supported throughout the semester by our dedicated on-site team

Studying in the Warmadewa International Summer Exchange Program

Warmadewa International Summer Exchange introduces you Indonesian language, culture, tourism and business. You won’t be just sitting in the classroom either, but will also get to take part in interesting excursions and workshops. You’ll also have plenty of time to discover and enjoy the many free-time activities that Bali offers.

Who is the summer school program in Bali for?

  • You’re a university student, high school graduate or a high school student a minimum of 18 years of age
  • You’re interested in Indonesia and South-East Asia
  • You want to study abroad in a unique and exotic environment, but don’t have time for a full semester
  • You want to expand your knowledge with a variety of topics
  • You want to get to know people from all over the world and improve your English

The summer school program consists of two 2-week modules. You can apply for either of the 2-week modules or for the full 4-week program. The courses with a B in the course code are Bachelor level and the courses with an M in the course code are Master level. You can choose up to two (2) courses if you apply for the 2-week program (only from one of the modules) or up to four (4) courses from both modules if you apply for the 4-week program.

Module 1 (July 13th – July 24th)

  • Indonesian Language and Culture WISE41B01 (Syllabus)
  • Tourism Development in ASEAN WISE41B02 (Syllabus)

Module 2 (July 27th – August 7th)

  • International Business and Marketing WISE33B03 (Syllabus)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management WISE33M01 (Syllabus)

Each course has four lectures per week and consists of 7 lectures in total and a final exam. The modules also include workshops/excursions. The lectures, workshops and excursions take place from Monday to Thursday. This gives you a long weekend for traveling and exploring Bali.

Attendance policy

You are required to complete all the courses you select. There is a 75 % attendance policy in the courses. This includes the workshops and excursions, which are mandatory.

The credits are granted in both ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) points and US credits. Each of the courses is worth 3 ECTS / ca. 2 US credits. You’ll therefore get to earn up to 6 ECTS or 3,5 US credits (2-week program) or 12 ECTS or 7 US credits (4-week program) during your studies in Bali. Find out more under study credits.

The fee for the Warmadewa International Summer Exchange program is 840 EUR (2-week program) or 990 EUR (4-week program). For students outside of Europe, the fees are 1150/1450 USD. The application fee is 50 EUR (or 97 USD for students outside of Europe). See what’s included in the fees.

To apply, you need to have at least

  • a minimum age of 18 years
  • a high school diploma or similar certificate or proof that you are currently a high school student
  • sufficient English skills (B2 level). You’re not required to take an official language test, however.

See the additional requirements.

  • An official transcript of records of all your semesters in English (signed and stamped by your home institution or verified with electronic signature or barcode) or, if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education, a copy of your high school diploma (or similar document) in English. If you are currently a high school student, you must submit proof of it. Click the link above for an example transcript of records. The format may vary from university to university.
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after leaving Indonesia. If your passport expires earlier, please apply for a new passport early.
  • Signature Page (See an example of a filled out signature page)

 Apply to the Summer School Program in Bali

Get the required documents (see list below)

Fill out and submit the online application form together with the required documents

accepted within one dayCONFIRMATION
You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement within one week, at best as quickly as in one day.

  • Flexible application: You can apply even if you’re not yet certain of your plans. Cancel at no extra cost up to 1 month before the program starts.
  • Get access to comprehensive information materials such as an Asia Exchange Guide after you apply.


  • Scan all the required attachments to your computer in PDF format.
  • Fill out the online application form below and submit it with the required attachments.

Uploading and submitting the attachments

  • Please upload the attachments in PDF format.
  • If possible, please submit all the attachments together with the application. If you’re missing some attachment(s) when you first apply, you can send the missing document(s) later. We won’t process applications without any attachments whatsoever.
  • All attachments must be sent to us within 30 days of submitting the application or by the application deadline at the very latest.
  • You can submit all the documents electronically. Please don’t send anything via regular mail.
  • There is a late application fee for applications or attachments submitted after the application deadline.

Confirmation and official acceptance letter

You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement in 1-7 days, starting from the day your application is complete with all the required documents. You’ll receive the official acceptance letter approximately 1 month before the program starts.


The application fee invoice will be sent to you soon after the initial acceptance letter. This fee will be due within 10 days of receiving your confirmation. The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel (see below). You’ll receive the invoice for the tuition fee about 2.5 months before the semester starts.


If you’re unable to participate in the program, you have the right to cancel your participation until the due date for the tuition fee payment and receive a full refund (the application fee will not be refunded, however). Let us know about your cancellation by writing us an email at info[at] Cancellations notified via phone, SMS or by any other means will not be considered. For more detailed information on our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions for cancellation. We also reserve the right to cancel your participation if any of your fees becomes overdue. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Travel insurance

You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance from your home country for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the program. See our recommended travel insurance providers.

Universitas Warmadewa, abbreviated as UNWAR, is a private university that was founded on 17 July 1984. It is ranked among the best universities in Indonesia. The university has 7 faculties and 19 study programs. Its name was proposed by the Governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Mantra to honor a former king of Bali, Sri Kesari Warmadewa. The big and modern campus area and its several faculties accommodate students from all around the world. Learn more about Warmadewa University.


Warmadewa University Jalan Terompong No 24 Denpasar 80235 Bali Indonesia

On-campus facilities include tennis courts, a basketball court and a language library. You are more than welcome to participate in different activities such as drama, dance and sports clubs. You can teach English and play with children at the children’s home Seeds of Hope during the semester. Exchange students are encouraged to participate in activities with local students such as jogging events. Students also like to form their own football, tennis and beach volley clubs.



Q: What is the maximum number of courses I can take/ ECTS I can earn during the 2-week program? How about the 4-week program?
A: You can take up to two courses and earn a maximum of 6 ECTS during the 2-week program and up to four courses and earn a maximum of 12 ECTS during the 4-week program.

Q: What does the weekly schedule look like?
A: You’ll have lectures Monday to Wednesday and mandatory workshops/excursions on Thursday mornings.

Q: When do the exams take place? A: The exams take place on the 2nd and 4th week of the program, on Thursdays.


Q: What’s the dresscode at Warmadewa University?
A: You must cover your shoulders, belly, knees and toes whenever on campus. Please bring enough suitable, lightweight clothes from home.


Q: Do I need a visa for studying at WISE?
A: If you stay in Indonesia a maximum of 30 days, you can enter the country without a visa. If you wish to stay longer, you can purchase a 30-day Visa on Arrival at the airport in Bali and extend it for another 30 days with the help of the university-appointed visa agent.


Q: Do I need an International Driver’s License for driving a scooter in Bali?
A: Yes, you do. If you don’t yet have one, please order it from your national car union’s website. Bear in mind that driving a scooter in Bali requires a motorbike license. Without one, you might have problems with your insurance company in case of an accident.

Q: What is the most convenient way to get to the campus?
A: You can either rent a scooter and drive to the campus or you can book a motorbike/regular taxi through Go-Jek or Grab app. Taxis are very affordable in Bali.


Q: Which vaccinations do I need to take?
A: We recommend MMR, Tetanus-diphteria and hepatitis A and B. You can ask your doctor for possible other recommendations in case you wish to travel to more rural areas. Bali is not a malaria-endemic zone, so most likely you will not need to purchase anti-malaria medication.

Q: Can I bring prescription medicines to Bali?
A: That shouldn’t be a problem as long as you bring the doctor’s prescription with the medicine. Some medicines can be very hard or impossible to find in Bali even though there are plenty of pharmacies in the more touristy areas of Bali.

Q: How are the hospitals in Bali?
A: There are many international standard hospitals in Bali, for example BIMC, Siloam and Kasih Ibu. Please ask your insurance company for their partner hospital in Bali, as most insurances have one which they prefer. With minor worries you can usually visit the local clinics that can be found everywhere.

Q: Do I need a travel insurance?
A: You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance from your home country for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the program. See our recommended travel insurance providers.


Q: What kind of costs should I be prepared for?
A: In addition to tuition fees, you should be prepared to pay for the visa if needed, flights, accommodation and other living costs. There are no book fees in the Warmadewa International Summer Exchange, as most of the study materials will be uploaded to a student folder in Google Drive. The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. The actual costs depend on your individual lifestyle. Find a list of general living costs hereRead more about budgeting.