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Around the World Study Program

Travel around the World: Learn about business and culture in Latin America and Bali in just 1 semester

The Around the World study program is a one-of-a-kind study abroad program that redefines international student mobility. The program allows students to challenge and tackle problems like political polarization and prevent misunderstanding of each other. Instead of a traditional study abroad semester, students will have the chance to get the most remarkable experience possible. Our students will not visit one university in their semester abroad but 2 of the best private universities in Southeast Asia for 8 weeks and Latin America for 6 weeks.

Asia Exchange and Beyond Abroad, established in 2007, have sent more than 10.000 students abroad, and we are proud that our Facebook community reviewed our services with 4.8/5. 

On top of that, Asia Exchange and Beyond Abroad received several awards and recognitions worldwide, ranking us as the number one study abroad provider around the globe.

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"Around the World is one of the most exciting projects we have ever worked on. We are proud to have formed such a project with the Latin American University of Science and Technology and Warmadewa University. I studied abroad in Shanghai, but if Around the World existed, no other program would have convinced me more”

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Student, France

Being able to study abroad gives me so much! I became independent and I was able to learn so much about this wonderful Costa Rican culture but above all to see and visit this country which has such beautiful and diverse landscapes!

student in bali

Ali & Ilona

Students, Germany

When we first planned our semester abroad, we were accepted to an university in Canada. But then we came across Asia Exchange and were amazed by the opportunity to study in Bali. Looking back, we could not be more grateful for letting the chance go of studying in Canada and going to Bali instead.

student in costa ria


Student, Germany

Don’t be scared and just do it! We are not regretting it at all. We are having the time of our life. So, do it, you won’t regret it!

Around the World - Destinations

"Your journey starts in Bali for the first 8 weeks"

Indonesia’s most popular island, Bali, is so much more than sun, sea, and surf. Often called Silicon Bali, the island has developed into one of Southeast Asia’s most concentrated business and innovation hubs. 

Indonesia is the World’s fourth most populous nation and the 10th largest economy globally. The country demonstrated its inherent strength during the global economic crisis back in 2014. Its economy grew by over 5% in 2014, which is better than many other emerging powers in the G20. Nowadays, Indonesia has become an attractive market for investors due to the growing middle class, political and economic openness, and business relations with the large, emerging markets of the Middle East. 

The TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards have awarded Bali the most popular destination in 2021. Every year, the island welcomes over six million foreigners. The island of gods is the best tourist destination worldwide, a surf mecca, a place many students never want to leave.


Study Abroad in Costa Rica at the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) for 1 or 2 Semesters

The Latin American University of Science and Technology -ULACIT- is an innovative and entrepreneurial university. ULACIT strives to prepare its students for leadership positions in science, technology, and other fields of human endeavor, with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will require to serve the World in the 21st century. ULACIT promotes positive social coexistence and interpersonal relationships. They support establishing contact networks, always within an area of respect and appreciation of the cultural, political, ideological, religious, ethnic, and identity diversity of gender.

ULACIT makes its top-of-the-line facilities available to all international students, including fully equipped computer labs, high-tech multimedia equipment, cafeteria, and student lounge areas, library, printing and copy center, our student health center, and on-campus wireless connection.

ULACIT has its campus in central San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The exact location is 800 meters north of the Central Park of San José, or 150 meters south of the newspaper La República, in the Tournón neighborhood. It is located in the banking district of San José, just 20 kilometers (20 minutes) from the Juan Santamaría International Airport. The Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer is located in Escazú, Plaza Tempo.


Bachelor, GAP year


Economics, Business Management, Latin American culture and history, International Relations, Political Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Spanish language

Open for Gap Year Applications

You can apply for a gap year program if you are a high school or college graduate with uncertain plans or simply wish to take a break from your everyday activities. Studying abroad during your gap year is an excellent opportunity to refocus your life!

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“Continue your journey in Cost Rica in the second 6 weeks of the semester”

Costa Rica the land of “Pura Vida”, a country of environmentally friendly policies, with no military, mindblowing natural beauty, and a tropical climate all year long. In Costa Rica, pristine beaches and breathtaking volcanoes are only an hour’s drive away. After spending a short time in Costa Rica, you will understand why Costa Rica is one of the most desirable destinations worldwide.

On top of that, Costa Rica has 27 national parks making up over 75% of the country’s flora and fauna, which in the long run, will guarantee the preservation of Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife. As a student, you will have time to explore the country’s hidden gems and the opportunity to benefit from one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. 


Study Abroad in Bali at Warmadewa University for 1 or 2 Semesters

Warmadewa University is centrally located in Renon, one of the friendliest districts of Denpasar, the bustling capital city of Bali, where international students can fully immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. It takes only a few minutes to reach the city center by public transport, and most students live in proximity. The location also provides easy access to the harbor and the neighboring islands.

Students can easily walk to the beautiful central park or to the white beaches of Sanur and its attractive surfing spots. The town of Ubud, Bali’s art and culture center, is a popular day-trip destination not far from Renon. Ubud is famous for its museums, art galleries, rice fields, traditional Hindu temples, and a monkey forest sanctuary.

Currently, the university has 7 faculties and over 10 000 students. Warmadewa University is an accredited university with the power to grant degrees at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in several areas of study. Asia Exchange students study at the Faculty of Letters (Fakultas Sastra) together with local students. The university simultaneously promotes Balinese and Indonesian cultures and strives for internationalization by offering an intercultural study program and continuously expanding its global network.


Bachelor and Master, GAP Year


International Business, Economics, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development and HR, Marketing, Politics, Environmental Sustainability, Indonesian Language and Culture

Open for Gap Year Applications

You can apply for a gap year program if you are a high school or college graduate with uncertain plans or simply wish to take a break from your everyday activities. Studying abroad during your gap year is an excellent opportunity to refocus your life!

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What does a semester in the Around the world Program look like? Rundown?

You will start your journey on the island of gods, Bali. Also often referred to as Silicon Bali, you will learn about the most trending Marketing and Entrepreneurship topics. The second stop will be at the Latin American University of Science and Technology in Costa Rica to dive into the Pura Vida culture while learning about sustainability, Business Development, and communication.

One of the most life-changing experiences comes from learning about other cultures. Thus, the program is riddled with cultural elements, aside from many sustainability elements, and you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Spanish and the Indonesian Language. 

Study business and economics around the World and on 2 continents. Learn about sustainability and the Latin American and Asian culture while making the World a better place. 


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