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Study in Latin America in the best English-taught study abroad programs globally!

Located in the Western hemisphere, Latin America is an exciting destination famous for many things. Due to its strategic location on the continents of North and South America, the region holds natural wonders everyone will appreciate.

Moreover, Latin America has some of the best universities offering in-demand programs, modern learning facilities, highly qualified instructors, and more.

Let us introduce this exciting destination by presenting the benefits of enrolling in this celebrated region. We also included the top places to study in Latin America, plus answers to frequently asked questions.

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Benefits of choosing to study in Latin America

Of all destinations worldwide, why should you study in Latin America?

  • Enjoy many natural attractions you can visit during school breaks

    Latin America is home to numerous breathtaking tourist attractions, from UNESCO Heritage sites to wonders of the modern world, which you can see when you study in Latin America!

    You will also appreciate a diverse nature and be acquainted with the country’s rich ecosystem. Imagine enjoying it all when you enroll in the region.

  • Learn a new language

    Aside from creating memorable experiences by exploring, learning a new language is one of the best benefits to enjoy when you study in South America. Picture yourself conversing in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc., flawlessly.

    In addition, speaking a foreign language is generally impressive, especially when applying for multinational companies.

  • Personal and professional upgrade

    Your country can teach many things, but enrolling in Latin America allows you to grow in many ways. Besides upgrading your education, expect your independence, confidence, resiliency, and other traits to develop. These learned skills are essential to succeed in life!

  • Appreciate a refreshing culture

    Another great advantage to experience when you study in Latin America is the culture. African and European lifestyles greatly influenced the nation, producing grand festivals, sumptuous food, intriguing traditions, and more.

  • A wide array of programs to choose from

    There are a lot of educational courses to choose from when you study in Latin America. From Business to Engineering and Bachelor’s to Master’s, the best universities in the country have exciting programs to upgrade you!

  • Easiest application process

    Experience the most straightforward application process in Asia Exchange when you study in this lively nation and other parts of the world! We also offer full support from the Beyond Abroad team, from answering concerns to professional assistance.

Best places to study Latin America

After introducing the benefits to gain when you study in Latin America, below are the popular destinations for international students:

hotels along the shore

Cancun City, Mexico

Study in Latin America, specifically in Cancun, Mexico, known for its Caribbean weather, turquoise water, fine sand, and more!

Anáhuac University is one of the best private universities in Mexico. Aside from offering in-demand programs, you can upgrade your education on a modern campus near the Caribbean Sea.

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San Josè, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica
Adventure awaits when you study in Latin America, especially in San Jose, Costa Rica. Besides access to natural sites and the calming sound of the sea nearby, you will genuinely enjoy the remarkable culture the region is known for!

The Latin American University of Science and Technology is a top choice for international students as it is the only bilingual university in the region. Additionally, it is the number one private academy offering an impressive list of in-demand programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Living and studying in Costa Rica and Mexico is generally safe for international students. To prepare for your study in Latin America, be familiar with laws and regulations set by the government.

Global students are not allowed to have part-time jobs in Costa Rica. However, some universities in the country may offer on-campus jobs to international learners.

On the other hand, those enrolled in Mexico can work part-time under a work permit.

The required documents vary depending on the country and university. Typically, you must submit proof of academic qualifications, language proficiency results, and more to study in Latin America.

Asia Exchange has a more straightforward process! Just fill out our online application form and attach your transcript of records with a copy of your passport.

To apply, click HERE. You may also schedule a free counseling session today for concerns and inquiries. 

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