Internationalization Webinar

Internationalization is a great asset for everyone This is especially true for students developing their skills and broadening their perception

Are you interested in studying abroad?
Or maybe the topic “Internationalization” sparks some interest!

Asia Exchange will hold a webinar at Turun Suomalisen Yhteiskoulun Lukio, in Turku, Finland. The event will be joined by the Mayor of Turku Minna Arve, CEO of Asia Exchange Harri Suominen, global star Joalin Loukamaa and the Mighty Eagle that was involved with the creation of Angry Birds, Peter Vesterbacka.

For students who register and participate, you will have a chance to win a 1000€ gift card sponsored by Asia Exchange. Join us at the live stream to gain inspiration for Internationalization and learn about the benefits of internationalization from our very special guests.

“Inspiration for Internationalization”

keynote speaker

Join our live stream and meet some of our very special guests

Harri Suominen

CEO & Co-Founder of Asia Exchange Co-Founder of Edunation

Peter Vesterbacka

Founder of several successful businesses Including Slush, Edunation and was the “Mighty Eagle” Involved in making the well known Angry Birds

Joalin Loukamma

Artist & Social Media

Minna Arve

Finnish Politician who serves as the mayor of Turku

time schedule


Opening speech By Riikka Lindroos Rector, TSYK


Panel Discussion By Minna Arve, Joalin Loukamaa, Peter Vesterbacka, TYSK student


Why Internationalization? By Harri Suominen


Closing Speech By Harri Suominen

This event is sponsored by Asia Exchange.

A lucky winner from the participants will be drawn at the end of the panel discussion
by Joalin and will receive a 1000€ gift card to study abroad