Webinar: CUre for covid-19 and student mobility

With covid-19 cases continuing to increase abroad, a few destinations within Asia Exchange´s portfolio still have travel restrictions, which might continue way past spring 2021. Even though the pandemic hit hard on the educational industry worldwide, Asia Exchange has still been able to send in total this year over 100 students to our destinations in Asia. Therefore, we at Asia Exchange are seeing blue skies! This pandemic gives us the gift of time to consider how we can offer the optimal solutions for overcoming study abroad barriers for 2021.

To help all students and our partners affected by the current pandemic crises we at Asia Exchange have been determined to find a cure for covid-19.  Although we have not found a vaccination yet we do have worked hard on given students a backup plan to make sure they will be able to experience a life changing experience abroad despite COVID-19.

Last spring Asia Exchange hosted the highly popular webinar “how to study abroad during the COVID-19 era” and now we are organizing a follow-up webinar where we will discuss different solutions on how to enable student mobility in 2021.  “Cure for COVID-19 and student mobility” is an interactive webinar where we present the destinations which will be safe to study abroad next spring 2021. Students who are currently studying abroad in Asia will participate and share their experiences on how the situation is in each destination and why they chose to study abroad despite COVID-19.

22th of October 2020
15.00 CEST – 16.00 CEST
(e.g. Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands)

For whom? 
This webinar is for students and University professionals who now are looking for student mobility options in 2021.

15.00: Which are the safe destinations in Asia & in Europe
15.10: Student mobility predictions for 2021
(Michael Hauchecorne, Vice president – international relations & affairs at Université Le Havre Normandie) 
15.20: Panel discussion 
15.50: -Q&A session 

Student panelists 
Elisa – Studying in Lisbon
Nani – Studying in Bangkok
Jules – Studying in Seoul


french girl as exchange student

Mathilde, France

Don't think about it, just do it! I sincerely recommend Asia Exchange to anybody daydreaming about Asian horizons, and if I have a single piece of advice: Don't think about it, just do it!

asia exchange student, lukasz, germany

Lukasz, Germany

It was the best experience of my life! Every student should experience the same! You’re one application awayfrom a paradise world… And you’ll never regret it!


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