Many nations, including European citizens, can travel to Mexico for 180 days without a visa. Instead of applying for a visa, you will receive a student card upon entering the country. It is recommended for students studying in Mexico for one semester to take advantage of this tourist card, as it is a very convenient way to enter Mexico.

The requirements and length of the tourist visa waiver depend on your nationality. For European citizens, a 180-days stay is being issued at any migratory post when entering the country, no previous requirement is needed.

At the end of 180 days, you can renew the tourist card by re-entering Mexico. A student visa is recommended for students staying in Mexico for more than one semester and not wanting to leave the country during the whole study abroad time. The procedure includes various steps and will challenge your patience. However, the study year in Mexico is worth the effort. You can find detailed information about the student visa application process by contacting your local embassy.

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