Flight Ticket Cancellation Insurance

The flight ticket cancellation insurance of HanseMerkur is applicable to all flight bookings of any duration of your trip. Insurance coverage for a cancellation of your flight before departure due to an insured event – e.g.:

  • unexpected severe illness
  • refusal of a visa or theft of travel documents
  • repeat examination
  • revocation of a confirmed semester, traineeship or seminar abroad

The premium depends on the maximum possible amount of cancellation costs for your ticket.

Pre-existing conditions:

Insured benefits:
Refund of contractually owed cancellation costs (incl. an agency fee of up to 100 €, which was owed, invoiced and included in the insured sum)
Refund of additional outward journey costs in case of a delayed start of the trip (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
Refund of costs for rebooking the trip in case of an insured event (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
Refund of costs for rebooking the trip because of any other reason up to 42 days before departure (max. 30 €)
Refund of a single room supplement in case of an insured event leading to the cancellation of an insured fellow traveller (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
No deductible
Insured events for insured persons or additional persons at risk:
Unexpected and severe illness
Serious accidental injury
Complications in an existing pregnancy or determination of pregnancy after the commencement of the insurance
Intolerance to a vaccination
Breakage or loosening of implanted joints
Job loss followed by unemployment as a result of an unexpected business-related termination of employment by the employer
Assumption of a job subject to social insurance or an activity with
compensation for additional costs (“1-Euro job”) from a state of unemployment
Short-time work that is necessary due to the economic situation with
an expected reduction in income of at least the amount of a regular
monthly net pay
(Voluntary) Change of job, whereby the insured trip or rental falls in the probationary period, but as a maximum in the first 6 months of a new job
Considerable damage to the property as a result of fire, water-mains burst, elementary event or criminal act by a third party
Insured events only for insured persons:
Chronic or existing conditions becoming acute, provided that ability to travel was confirmed by the treatening physician upon conclusion of the insurance
Unexpected cancellation of a study, internship, course of research place abroad by the involved organisation, provided that it was fixed in writing upon conclusion of the insurance
Resit of a failed examination falling in the planned travel time or up to 14 days after end of the planned trip in order to avoid extension of the time spent at school or university or to successfully complete a course
Failure to move up into the next year (if a school or class trip was booked)
Unexpected movement of an examination date that was set in writing upon conclusion of the trip and before the conclusion of the insurance in the home country by the school/university and which now falls during the travel time
Assuming full-time employment with a minimum contractual duration of 12 months within 3 months of finishing your degree or school education (conditions: the insured person was not pursuing a similar professional activity upon conclusion of the insurance contract or has not worked for this employer in the last 12 months)
Unexpected summons
Petition for divorce (in the event of amicable split, the corresponding application) being filed with the responsible court immediately before a joint trip between the affected spouses
Dissolution of the living situation with your life partner (in place for at least 6 months) before a joint trip (solemn declaration on the part of the affected life partners required)
Refusal by the responsible representative body (embassy, consulate) in the country of travel to issue a visa (condition: visa application was submitted through a professional agency or must have been made online)
Stay abroad unexpectedly being called off by the host parents (condition: stay was confirmed in writing upon conclusion of the insurance
Missing a connecting means of transport as a result of delay (at least 2 hours) or cancellation of a public transport service or feeder flights within Germany
Theft of travel documents required for the outward journey provided that copies of the documents cannot be obtained until departure
Cancellation of transport service (means of transport booked or planned to reach the main destination has been cancelled or impaired due to an external incident that was not influenced by the insured person within a week of the start of the trip
Danger to your physical safety at the destination as a result of incidents leading to the release of a travel warning by the Federal Office of the Federal Republic of Germany
Unexpected severe illness or death of a dog registered to travel with you
Additional persons at risk:
Insured persons who have booked and insured a trip together (up to 5 persons; in case of more than 5 persons travelling together only relatives are insured together)
Relatives not taking part in the journey: spouses, life partners, children, parents, adoptive children, adoptive parents, step-children, step-parents, foster children, foster parents, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, parents-in-law, children-in-law, siblings-in-law (additionally and only in case of death: aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces)
Persons looking after minor-age or care-dependent relatives of an insured persons
Another close person, who must be specified upon conclusion of the insurance
Existing conditions are insured, if they become acute unexpectedly. Illnesses related to heart conditions, strokes, cancer, diabetes (Typ 1), epilepsy, multiple sklerosis are not insured to the extent, that these were treated with in-patient treatment in the 12 months preceeding conclusion of the insurance. Check-ups are excluded.

Table of Premiums

Flight Ticket Cancellation Cost Insurance (worldwide)

Max. cancellation costs up to:Premium per person
200 €13 €
400 €23 €
600 €33 €
1,000 €42 €
1,250 €50 €
1,500 €59 €
10,000 €4.4 %

Find the right premium by taking the following into account:

  • The flight ticket cancellation insurance is a cancellation insurance especially and only for flight bookings.
  • It is applicable to any flight booking (ticket) and any duration of your journey.
  • Being a student is not a requirement. The flight ticket cancellation insurance can be booked by everybody. The insurer is HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG.
  • There is no age limit.
  • The correct premium to insure your ticket depends on the maximum possible cancellations costs of your ticket + possible booking fees. If you also wish to insure the risk of flight tax not being refunded by the airline in case of cancellation, please add the amount of tax when calculating the premium.

Please read the Full Terms & Conditions.

  • Booking period: At any time until 30 days before departure. Within 3 working days, if travel booking was made during the last 30 days before departure.
  • Your insurance policy will be sent to you by email immediately after successful online booking.

Insurer: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG