Comfort Package

This insurance package of HanseMerkur also includes travel luggage insurance! The package is applicable to all stays worldwide. The comfort coverage package can be booked either in addition to your travel health insurance or separately. It includes the following:

  • Travel emergency insurance
  • Travel accident insurance (death: 10 000 €, disability: 125 000 €; rescue: 10 000 €, cosmetic surgery: 5000 €)
  • Travel private liability insurance (1.5 M€)
  • Travel luggage insurance (single persons: 2000 € / families: 4000 €)

Benefits – Travel Emergency Insurance

benefits in the event of illness, accident or death: 
cost assumption guarantee to the hospital (no refund of costs of treatment, but only granting a loan)15,000 €
in case of travel inside Germany or in countries that share a border with Germany: organisation and refund of costs (max. 2,500 €) of a return transport to the place of permanant residence in case of an in-patient hospital stay of at least 5 daysyes
benefits in the event of premature termination or delayed return due to abduction:
organisation of a return journeyyes
loan for additional costs of a return journey10,000 €
travel callyes
benefits in case of criminal proceedings:
assistance in obtaining a lawyer and/or interpreteryes
loan for lawyer and interpreter costs3,000 €
loan for bail13,000 €
benefits in case of loss of means of payment or documents:
establishing contact to the own bank and assistance in transferring an amount made available by the bank to the insured personyes
loan in case of loss of means of payment1,500 €
assistance in blocking of credit cards, EC- or Maestro cardsyes
assistance in procuring replacement identity documents and refund of costs thereofyes
assistance in case of loss of travel documentsyes
bicycle protection:
refund of repair costs or additional travel costs in case of break-downs75 €
refund of additional travel costs in case of theft250 €
benefits in case of booking changes or delays:
assistance in rebooking a transport service in case of delay or cancellationyes
on request: information of third parties of changes to the planned travel itineraryyes

Benefits – Travel Accident Insurance

insured events:
damage to health through an accident
pulled muscles and torn ligaments
drowning or suffocation
insured sums:
in the event of invalidity125,000 €
in the event of death (adults)10,000 €
in the event of death (children up to 18 years)5,000 €
rescue costs10,000 €
cosmetic operations resuting from an accident5,000 €
accident: The insured person involuntarily suffers damage to their health through a sudden external incident (accident), which has an
effect on their body. By extension, the insurance also covers typical health damage caused by diving, e.g. decompression sickness or eardrum injury, whereby an actual accident, i.e. a sudden external incident which has an effect on the body, does not have to occur.

Benefits – Travel Liability Insurance

inspection of the liability query and settlement of justified claims
surety guarantee for annuities due
costs of a legal dispute
insured events:
liability risks of daily life1.5 Mio. €
claims resulting from damage to rental objects25,000 €
professional liability coverage for au-pairs during their work as au-pairyes
loss of third-party keys during an au-pair stay250 €
damage to movable items in the household of the host familiy2,500 €
Damage to rental objects or in the household of the host family: 10 %, 150 € at least. Damage resulting from loss of keys: 20 %, 50 € at least.

Benefits – Travel Luggage Insurance

insured events:
damage to luggage handed over for safekeeping
exceedance of the delivery deadline for luggage (delivery not on the day of your arrival at the destination; refund of purchase of necessary replacements up to 500 €)
criminal act by third parties
damage in the case of transport accidents
damage caused by fire, explosion or elementary event
insured sums:
single persons (per insured person)2,000 €
families (per insured family)4,000 €
limitations (maximum refund for items listed below):
furs, jewellery, items made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment, portable video systems, laptops50 %
audio players, portable DVD players and mobile phones incl. accessories250 €
golfing and diving equipment, bicycles incl. accessories750 €
wave boards and windsurfing equipment incl. accessories500 €
musical instruments incl. accessories (carried for private purposes)250 €
glases, contact lenses, hearing aids250 €
purchase of neccessary replacements500 €
film-, video-, audio- and data carriervalue of raw materials
identity cards, passport, vehicle documentsofficial fees
no deductible
insured items:
travel luggage: personal travel necessities taken on the trip, as well as gifts and souvenirs acquired during the trip. Items that are normally intended only for professional purposes taken on or acquired during the trip are not insured. The present value of the items is insured.
Sports equipment incl. accessories (excluded: motors) is only insured as long as it is not being used within the scope of intended use.
Valuable items within the meaning of this provisions are furs, jewellery, items made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment, portable video systems, laptops and other electronic devices as well as mobile phones incl. accessories.
not insured items:
cash, cheques, cheques cards, credit cards, telephone cards, securities, tickets, certificates and documents of all kinds, items with very high artistic or sentimental value, dental gold, protheses of any kind, fire arms of any kind, land-, air- and water craft, hang-gliders, paragliding equipment, parachutes incl. accessories
Insurence coverage is given worldwide, leaving the place of permanent residence (begin of journey) until return back to the place of permanent residence (end of journey). Rides, walks and stays at the place of permanent residence are not considered as journeys. Travelling by car: If the luggage is not being unloaded immediately after arrival at home, insurance coverage ends at the time of arrival.

Table of Premiums

Comfort Cover Package (worldwide)
Duration of stay:premium per personpremium per family
1 – 60 months each13.50 €23.00 €
Includes: Travel Emergency Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Travel Private Liability Insurance, Travel Luggage Insurance  

Please read the Full Terms & Conditions.

  • Booking period: at any time until departure
  • Your insurance policy will be sent to you by email immediately after successful online booking.

Insurer: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG