Converting Malaysian credits

Earning credits while studying abroad in Malaysia

Each course at Universiti Putra Malaysia is worth 3 Malaysian credits. One credit equals 28 hours of lectures or supervised compulsory tutorial sessions. Students should also consider the work and time required for self-study, exercises, group work, business visits, preparing for quizzes and exams and the quizzes and exams themselves. This way, the home institutions get as accurate a picture of the workload as possible.

In Malaysia, 40 hours of study time (including studies outside the classroom) is valued as one credit. One completed course most often converts to 5 ECTS credits or 3 US credits. Local students generally accomplish 5-6 courses per semester. Exchange students can earn up to 30 ECTS credits per semester.

The conversion of Malaysian credits into ECTS is determined by the relationship between the scope of a local degree program in credits and the time it takes to complete it, set against the European standard attainment of 60 credits per academic year. The University of Helsinki (QS World Ranking place 69), for instance, follows this conversion method. Accordingly, 136 (the scope of a Malaysian degree in credits) / 4 (the length of the program in years) = 34 credits = local yearly goal.

Dividing the European yearly goal of 60 ECTS by the local yearly goal of 34 credits gives the coefficient of 1,77. The scope of a three-credit course multiplied by the coefficient is thereby 5,3 ECTS.