Converting Korean credits

Earning credits while studying abroad in South Korea

Like most Korean universities, Hankuk University and Hanyang University follow the same credit system as U.S. universities. Students need to work a total of 16 hours to earn 1 credit. Most 3 credit courses have 3 lectures/seminars a week; the semesters last for 16 weeks.
3 Korean credits correspond to 5 ECTS. Usually, the 3 credit courses contain three lectures or seminars per week.

The conversion of Korean credits into ECTS can also be understood in the relationship between the scope of a local degree program measured in credits and the time it takes to complete it, set against the European standard attainment of 60 credits per academic year. According to this conversion method, the credits of the different universities are determined as follows:

140 (the scope of a degree in local credits) / 4 (the duration of a degree in years) = 35 credits = local yearly standard attainment.

Please note that the Korean Language Course in the Korean Language, Culture and Business Immersion Program is not giving any ECTS or Korean Credits. However, the complementary eCampus courses offered in immersion program are credited and you will receive an academic transcript for these.