Converting European credits

Earning credits while studying in Europe

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a points system used by universities and agreed by governments that makes international education more easily comparable across borders. Thus, the system promotes student mobility by enabling studying in different European nations during their studies. It also makes studying abroad much easier, as it means universities can compare the classes and courses they offer, so you get credit for your semester or year abroad. ECTS points, or ECTS credits, indicate the required workload to complete a study program or a module within a study program. Please note that ECTS points only indicate workload; they do not indicate a grade.

The value of one ECTS credit point varies slightly in each European country. The workload includes contact hours and independent studies.

Country Credit points per study year Workload hours per ECTS point
Portugal 60 ECTS 28 hours
Italy 60 ECTS 25 hours
Ireland 60 ECTS 20 hours
France 60 ECTS 25 hours

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