Accommodation in Seoul

Student accommodation in Seoul

Students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies can choose to live at the Globeedorm on-campus dorm in Seoul, or at one of the two off-campus dormitories which are also only about 2–3 minute walk from campus. If you are studying at the Global Campus, there is HUFS Dorm available at the campus.

You can indicate your accommodation choice in the Asia Exchange application form. Kindly inform us if you have any special requests such as roommate requests or if you have medical issues which affect your choice of accommodation.

Students who wish to live in one of the dormitories must also complete a medical examination form. The tuberculosis test is the only test which is obligatory for all students (skin test or chest X-ray). The test should not be taken more than 3 months before the beginning of the semester. Students can also take the test in Seoul (chest X-ray test costs approximately 15 dollars). Please send the form to Hankuk University directly, but if you have any questions concerning accommodation or the medical examination form, please contact Asia Exchange. If you are staying at the Globeedorm, the medical examination form must be presented in order to check in to the dormitory.

The room is paid in full once you arrive in Seoul. You’ll receive the bill from the dorm office which you should pay in cash at the on-campus bank. The receipt of the payment needs to be taken back to the dorm office.

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Seoul Campus accommodation

It’s recommended to stay at a hostel or a hotel for a few days after arriving in Malaysia and to compare different housing options

Globeedorm (Seoul Campus)

  • Capacity: 100+
  • Semester (16 weeks): KRW 1,123,000 (40,000 KRW security deposit)
  • Local and international students

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Rooms at “Globeedorm” are air-conditioned and have free Internet access. There are both double rooms and rooms for three people. All rooms will be assigned to exchange students randomly.

No cooking facilities are available in the on-campus dormitory. Lunch is available for a small price every day at the on-campus student cafeteria. This cafeteria is open to all Hankuk University Seoul campus students.

International House A & B (Seoul campus)

  • Capacity: Max. 30 for A, Max. 65 for B
  • Semester (16 weeks): KRW 1,540,000 (100,000 KRW security deposit)
  • Mainly international students

International House rooms are air-conditioned and have free Internet access. There are kitchen facilities available. A roommate can be requested; please indicate with whom you’d like to live in your application form. International House A is for female students only.

Prices given above may change. Please check the latest information on the university’s website.

Global campus accommodation

HUFS Dorm (Global Campus)

accommodation at hufs global campus

  • Capacity: 100+
  • Semester (16 weeks): KRW 1,284,000 (30,000 KRW security deposit)
  • Local and international students

All rooms are double rooms and include air-condition with free internet access. The campus has multiple on-campus cafeterias serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for affordable prices.

Information for summer school students

You can live at the HUFS dormitory during the summer school. Accommodation at the Globeedorm costs KRW 400,000 (approximately 320 EUR / 360 USD). International House costs KRW 600,000 (approximately 480 EUR / 540 USD). You can move into the dormitory one day before the program begins and you need to move out one day after the program ends. Earlier check-in is not possible. If you arrive earlier, please book a hotel/hostel room for the first nights.

Finding short-term accommodation in Seoul

If you have the need for short-term accommodation for just a few nights, Agoda can help you find affordable good deals.

Look for short-term accommodation


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