Accommodation in Bali

Choosing your accommodation

You are free to choose your preferred type of accommodation.

There are plenty of accommodation options both near the campus and in popular tourist areas. The prices vary depending on the location and the amenities. Most of the students prefer renting a private villa with a pool as a group.

In the Asian business culture, it’s common to do business face-to-face and arranging accommodation in advance by email or phone may be difficult.

This is nothing to worry about, though, because taking care of housing arrangements once you are on location at the destination is straightforward. This is also when the details of the rental agreement and the final price are agreed upon.

It’s recommended to stay at a hostel/hotel for a few days after arriving in Indonesia and compare different housing options. This also allows you to meet fellow students and find roommates. Our partner Agoda has good deals on hotels.

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  • Accommodation Guide in Bali

    We have prepared a detailed guide for finding accommodation in Bali. You can download it below.

    You can also find information on accommodation from local realtors, classified ads, restaurant bulletin boards, websites and other exchange students.

    Most international students live in a villa with 4-10 housemates. The villas are stunning architectural creations, often with their own pools. The monthly rent per student is approximately 400–500 EUR. Typically cleaning service is included in the rent.

    It’s also possible to stay in a homestay accommodation with a local family. This is highly recommended if you wish to get to know the local language and culture better. You can also find basic rooms for less than 100 EUR a month.

    Please find below the links to trustworthy real estate agents who will help you when you arrive at the destination.

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