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While globalization and internationalization plays a big role in educational institutions, study abroad has been perceived as expensive. Particularly in western country destinations or in Europe. Would you believe that getting a degree or having a semester in Asia is cheaper than what a regular American student would pay for their university tuition?

A time spent abroad or even a semester allows you to cultivate and immerse in an ultimately different culture, in a widely diverse environment. This open opportunity to build an enriching network towards the other side of the world, while having to gain an on-campus learning and practical life experiences off-campus through cultural immersions and well-implemented course curriculum. Asia Exchange is the leading foreign exchange student provider focusing on Asia. 

Through our partnerships and a remarkably simple and fast application procedure, we help young people from all over the world to gain valuable international experience and enjoy life-changing experiences abroad.





Asian Destinations

Study in Seoul, South Korea

Semesters, Full Degree & Summer School

Seoul, South Korea is the most popular destination for American students. Experience a blend of technology and tradition! Home to both hi-tech companies and UNESCO heritage sites, Seoul will teach and show you a lot! 


Study in Busan, South Korea

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Study abroad in Busan, South Korea, the main tourism destination of the country and second biggest city with more than 3,5 million inhabitants. Study at one of the best private universities of Busan and explore the mind-blowing city, right on the coast of the pacific ocean.

Study in Taipei, Taiwan

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Study business, communications, marketing, management and other topics in Taipei. Experience the unique Taiwanese variety of Chinese culture and the most friendly people on earth in this modern South-Asian city. 

Study in Bangkok, Thailand

Semesters & Full Degree

Study at prestigious Thai universities and explore life in a city where every day and behind every corner, you can discover something new. Did you know that Thailand is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world as the top destination for studying abroad?

Study in Bali, Indonesia

Semesters, Full Degree, GAP Year & Summer School

Take interesting courses in business, environment, languages, marketing, tourism and other fields, learn something about yourself and try new free time activities, while studying abroad – sunset surfing or yoga, anyone? 

Study in Shanghai, China

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

China is one of most powerful economies of the world. Studying abroad in China is a career-boosting opportunity you cannot miss.

Study in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Study high-quality courses in business, education, engineering, IT, social sciences and other topics with local and other international students! Explore Malaysian culture and the rest of South-East Asia.

Study in Phuket, Thailand

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters & GAP Year

Study abroad for a semester
on the paradise island of Phuket, where you get to go all coconuts with the beautiful landscapes. If living in this kind of place doesn’t boost your study motivation, then what will? Studying abroad will give you lifelong memories.

Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Challenge yourself academically and enjoy life in Vietnam’s bustling capital. Live and study in Ho Chi Minh City – or Saigon, to use its historical name, the charismatic business hub of Vietnam. 

Study in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is another well-known study abroad destination due to its technological advancement, safety, and vibrant atmosphere. International students can choose among the top universities in the country where they will learn globally-demanded programs. A day in the life of a global student in Tokyo involves attending classes and socializing with learners worldwide through extracurricular activities. Being independent is highly valued in the country, so expect to master being self-reliable.

Beyond Abroad Destinations

Study in Sardinia, Italy

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations, a sophisticated Italian island, west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica. Being the second–largest Mediterranean island, it has so much more to offer with an interesting history, wild mountainous interior, vibrant towns with local traditions, and colorful festivals. A warm welcome awaits you in Sardinia.

Study in Lisbon, Portugal

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Join over 200 international students and study at the most attractive destination in Portugal. Gain international experience, boost your career and dive deep into Portugal’s culture in some of the most popular study abroad programs in Europe!

Study in Cancun City, Mexico

1 or 2 Study Abroad Semesters

Aside from being a top choice for vacation, Cancun is also an attractive study abroad destination.

As one of Latin America’s wonders, Cancun has lots to offer international students.  You will surely enjoy the lovely tropical weather, rich history, welcoming locals, flavorful foods, and more!

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American Student Experiences from Asia

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Ryley, USA

My semester in Bali was absolutely amazing! Also, it was much cheaper than any program my school offered. I studied abroad again with an American program in Jordan, and it costs over 16,000 USD to participate with. Asia Exchange was a great price and provided more freedom than any American program I found.

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Josh, USA

Asia Exchange is great! They are always happy to answer questions and get involved. I'd recommend them to anyone!!



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