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että jokainen opiskelija tarvitsee opiskelijaviisumin. Suosittelemme, että aloitat viisumihaun heti saatuasi siihen tarvittavat dokumentit. Viisumiprosessi ja viisumiin tarvittavat liitteet voivat muuttua milloin tahansa. Tarkista siis ajantasaiset tiedot suoraan Indonesian Suomen suurlähetystöstä. Katso yhteystiedot lähetystön verkkosivuilta tai alta. Viisumin hankinta on opiskelijan omalla vastuulla. Viisumin saaminen ulkomaille on hyvin harvoin itsestään selvää eikä Asia Exchange voi taata kenenkään opiskelijaviisumia. Tutustuthan myös erityisehtoihimme.

Opiskelijaviisumin hakeminen

The Indonesian student visa is of the Social Visit Visa type . The embassy in Helsinki issues single entry Social Visit visas for studying. In Indonesia, there is also another student visa category called Limited Stay Visa, which is however intended for long-term study. Exchange students must therefore apply for a Social Visit visa, which entitles them to a 60-day stay in Indonesia. The visa must be extended at the destination according to the instructions of the host university. The visa can be extended one month at a time and its price is approx. €50. If you leave the country while the visa is valid, you must obtain a new visa from the country from which you are returning to Indonesia.




  • Yliopiston suosituskirje

    In addition to the official letter of acceptance, Indonesian universities prepare a separate letter of recommendation (Embassy Letter) which is addressed to a specific embassy and confirms your intention to apply for a Social Visit visa from that embassy. This letter is sent to the embassy directly. If you intend to apply for a visa from somewhere other than Finland, you must inform the receiving university (Udayana / Warmadewa University) separately. Universities have different policies regarding the issuance of letters of recommendation. Read more at the link below.


  • Kopio lentolipusta

    The Indonesian embassy usually requires students to have a copy of the airline ticket that the student uses to prove that they are leaving Indonesia. The flight does not have to be scheduled during the first 60 days, but also after the exchange program. If you are not yet sure of your return date, you can get a cheap plane ticket from, for example, Air Asia. You can often change the date of the flight for an additional fee. KILROY also sells flights whose dates can be changed even during the exchange.

    Please note that an exit ticket is also required when renewing a student visa.

  • Viisumihaun aikataulu

    The Indonesian embassy recommends applying for a visa no later than 14 days before departure. However, you should apply for a visa as soon as you have received the official acceptance letter . It usually takes a few days to process a visa application. If there are any deficiencies in your visa application, the embassy will contact you. However, check that your visa application contains the required information and attachments , especially if the application is in a hurry. You must arrive in Indonesia within 90 days of the visa being issued.

    If you send the visa application by post, send it as a registered letter and remember to include a reply envelope with stamps. Make sure that your visa application is filled out correctly and that it contains the required attachments, a receipt for the visa fee and, of course, the passport itself to which the visa is attached. Pay attention to the time it takes for the mail to travel. In urgent cases, you should contact the embassy to ensure visa processing.  

    The price of the visa (Single Visit Visa) is 50 EUR and it must be paid by bank transfer to the account of the Embassy of Indonesia in Helsinki before applying for the visa. The receipt for the payment must be attached to the visa application.

  • Viisumin tarkastaminen

    After receiving the completed visa, check that it contains the following information:

    • The validity period of the visa and the number of days of stay in the country
    • Your surname and first name spelled correctly
    • Passport number and passport serial number
    • Visa sponsor’s name spelled correctly
    • Embassy/Consulate stamp

    More detailed instructions for reading and checking the Indonesian visa can be found here .

  • Suositellut viisumivälittäjät

    Udayana University is officially partnered with Asiana Oriental Services (AOS) visa agency.

    Whatsapp: +62 821-4592-3762

    Warmadewa University officially cooperates with Bali Business Consulting.

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    Undiknas University

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