Kiitos kun lähetit meille hakemuksesi! Vaihto-opintosi ovat nyt yhden askeleen lähempänä!

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Here's what's next:

You should have received a confirmation email in your inbox. It contains a copy of the application details just submitted. Check that the details are correct, especially your phone number and passport number. If you cannot find the email, check your spam folder.

If you need to correct any details or submit missing attachments, please send the corrections / attachments to

Add the address to your address book. That ensures you will be getting all our future emails. Here is how to do this in Gmail

Within a week from now, we will contact you to confirm your placement or, if needed, ask you for more details concerning your application.

Please apply to only one study abroad program at a time. If you wish to apply to other universities, contact us first.

For more information on the next steps, see the description of the application process. Check out our student's checklist as well for a more detailed breakdown of the things you can do next. Read more about the Application Process

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*The discount applies only to the tuition fee. It’s not possible to get a discount on the application fee.