Exchange Hubs


Despite the current pandemic, Asia Exchange still pursues the great vision to offer students the opportunity to study abroad. Therefore, we have carefully thought through ways to deliver what we can do best: mobilizing and connecting students. Consequently, we came up with the perfect solution for you! With our Exchange Hubs, you can still realize the dream of an exchange semester abroad, regardless of travel restrictions. 


A physical place at chosen campuses for exchange students who cannot travel to their initial destination country or elsewhere but still want to have a study abroad experience away from home.
Exchange Hub universities provide studying facilities and on-campus experiences for students with the chance to meet other students.
Students study courses online at their Asia Exchange host university or any non-partnered university, e.g. through Erasmus or other means, while enjoying the facilities amenities and services provided by the Exchange Hub together with other students.

FOR WHOM is the exchange hub for?

The Exchange Hubs are solutions for any students studying through Asia Exchange, Erasmus or other means who can not go abroad to their original destination.
Students who want to experience a semester abroad despite the pandemic

WHY Should you study at an exchange hub?

Students can get a study abroad experience despite travel restrictions to their original study-abroad destination.
Students can meet both local and other exchange students, make use of campus facilities and amenities. Students can attend activities organized by the Exchange Hub university as well.
Students can choose from a great variety of online courses offered by five different universities. Select a program that matches your needs and wants.

How it works?

infographic - exchange hubs


Choose where you want to take your online courses from


Choose what Exchange Hub you want to attend, ie. what country and campus you want to study (your online studies) from


Fill in our online application form for your destination here 


Relax and get ready to plan your trip

Online Courses and Studies

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Tuition Fee:
1990 €

The Universiti Putra Malaysia offers top-quality online courses. As UPM is ranked 132 in the QS Global World Rankings 2021, you’ll receive access to 2-6 online courses of one of the most renowned Universities worldwide. The courses also reflect the international standards of the Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) model of teaching. Moreover, at UPM English is the main teaching language and all available courses are therefore held in English.

Please note that UPM reserves rights to changes in the course offering. Since UPM offers no tailor-made exchange program with specific courses, students should be prepared for possible course changes. Pick some extra courses when making your initial course selection, in case one of your choices isn’t available. 

Shanghai University

Tuition Fee:
2290 €

Participate in the China Studies Program at Shanghai University, one of the best 100 Universities in China and Asia as well. You can set your focus by choosing 4-6 Bachelor level courses out of 12 available online courses.
The program introduces you to the Chinese language, business, culture, foreign relations, trade and other subjects. After completing your studies, you will have acquired a basic knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, you will understand the special economical features of the fastest growing economy in the world and you will find out what has made China the powerful country it is today.

Warmadewa University

Tuition Fee:
1790 €

Warmadewa University is a private University in Bali, ranked among the best universities in Indonesia. We offer two different programs at Warmadewa that will run online. The first one is called the Warmdewa Academy. Select 3-6 courses and learn to become an entrepreneur and leader of the next generation and pick up the basics of the Indonesian language. Secondly, in the “Warmadewa International Program (WIP)” you will develop your skills and understanding in International Business, Economy, Leadership, and Management among other intriguing and career-benefiting topics, by taking 3-7 courses.

In both programs, you can freely choose courses from Bachelor or Master level and cross-select courses from both WIP and Academy for a small additional fee.

Udayana University

Tuition Fee:
1990 €

At Udayana University, we offer a study program tailored for exchange students called “The Bali International Program On Asian Studies (BIPAS).” You can take 3-7 Master or Bachelor level courses per semester, regardless of whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

BIPAS is taught in English and combines a great selection of study fields with interesting cultural insights. Broaden your knowledge in international business, marketing, tourism, law or environmental management and get introduced to the Indonesian language and culture. You’ll also learn about modern Indonesia and gain an understanding of South-East Asia. Udayana University is ranked among the “50 Promising Universities of Indonesia” by the Ministry of Education of Republic Indonesia.

Don’t want to study online courses from our partner universities, but still attend the Hub?

You can still attend one of our Exchange Hubs, even if you are not studying at an Asia Exchange partner university. Attend one of our Exchange Hubs at a discounted price, meet other students and study online courses at your host university through Erasmus exchange or others.


exchange hub in lisbon

Join over 200 international students at the European University of Lisbon. The university is part of the largest global group of higher education, the Laureate International Universities. It offers stands out for its ability to innovate and for its differentiated academic model which is founded on the principles of quality, internationalisation and the proximity to business and the labour market. The University, located in the centre of Lisbon, aims to prepare its students to become the Global Professionals of the future, with all the necessary skills to achieve professional success anywhere in the world. By joining the Exchange Hub, you will receive access to the Campus of the European University Lisbon. However, you are not counting as an enrolled student. 


Sardinia, or in Italian ‘Sardegna’, is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations, a sophisticated Italian island, west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica. Being the secondlargest Mediterranean island, it has so much more to offer with an exciting history, wild mountainous interior, vibrant towns with local traditions, and colorful festivals. Sardinia is renowned for its beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, and fascinating rock formations. A warm welcome awaits you in Sardinia. On top of having the chance of visiting one of the most beautiful islands worldwide, you may join 1 course at UNICA in the Exchange Hub.

tropical environment in sardinia

study abroad in BANGKOK, THAILAND

exchange hub in bangkok
Study at Siam University in the bustling city of Bangkok. When applying to our Exchange Hub at Siam University, you must choose 2 local courses along with your online studies, meaning you will also be receiving two Transcripts from both Siam University and your online host university! Siam University recommends all students select MBA courses. You may choose these even if you are not a master level student.

Your arrival date is flexible, but please note that the courses start on August 16th. In case you have not arrived in Thailand yet, you may participate in the courses online until your arrival.