Employee Candidate Data Protection Statement

1. Data controller

Asia Exchange Oy, Vuorikatu 3 L 3, 33100 Tampere

2. Contact point in matters related to data file

Asia Exchange Oy, info@asiaexchange.org

3. Data File Name

Employee candidate data file

4. Legal basis for the processing and purpose of use of the personal data

Processing of personal data (“Employee Candidate Data”) is generally and primarily based on:

1)     Consent(s) received from the employee candidate and/or third parties;
2)     Mandatory legal (e.g. labor, data protection, and non-discrimination laws as well as penal codes), obligations and rights of data controllers; and
3)     Legitimate interest of data controllers (need to fulfill open job positions).

The data subject may, at any time, withdraw the consent to the processing of Employee Candidate Data.

5. Data content

Identification and general recruitment related data such as: Name, email address, phone number, personal address, cover letter, CV and other application related documents, self-evaluation of language and IT skills + other job relevant skills.

The data will be stored six (6) months after the application according to the privacy policy of Asia Exchange Oy.

6. Regular Disclosures of Employee Candidate Data and Transfer of Employee Candidate Data to countries outside European Union or the European Economic Area

Employee Candidate Data is not disclosed to another controller for independent use, unless required by the law such as to authorities.  Further, it is not regularly disclosed regularly except within Asia Exchange Oy and even then, such disclosure shall comply with applicable laws.

7. Security Principles of Data File

Employee candidate data is protected by technical and organizational measures against accidental and/or unlawful access, alteration, and destruction or other processing including unauthorized disclosure and transfer of employee candidate data. Data controller makes sure that data is processed by authorized people only inside the organization.

8. Rights of Data Subject

In accordance with the law, the data subject has the right, at any time, to: 1) Access his/her own Employee Candidate Data upon request, request inaccurate employee candidate data to be rectified, supplemented or erased

9. Retention period of employee candidate data

Generally, Asia Exchange Oy retains employee candidate data no longer than six (6) months from the recruitment decision or the collection of employee candidate data, in case of an open job application

10. Provision of Employee Candidate Data

Provision of Employee Candidate Data is voluntary but necessary to proceed with the recruitment process with Asia Exchange Oy and to enable possible entering into an employment contract with Asia Exchange Oy.