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Studiereim Ausland in Busan, Südkorea, dem wichtigsten Tourismusziel des Landes und derzweitgrößten Stadt mit mehr als 3,5 Millionen Einwohnern. Studiere an einerder bestenPrivatuniversitäten in Busan und erkunden die atemberaubende Stadt, die direkt an der Pazifikküsteliegt. Bewirb dichfür ein oder zwei Semester und werdeninnerhalb eines Tages angenommen!



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Studiere im Ausland in Busan, Südkorea an der Dong-A Universität

Do you want to combine the highest education standards with the benefits of studying in one of the biggest tourist destinations in Asia? Then study in the no. 1 tourism destination in Korea at Dong-A University! Choose among the intriguing selection of Business Management courses, deepen your knowledge of your chosen courses and become a globally-minded expert. You can study in Busan for one or two semesters.

Möchtest du die höchsten Bildungsstandards mit den Vorteilen eines Studiums in einem der größten Reiseziele Asiens verbinden? Dann studiere in der Nr. 1 Tourismusziel in Korea an der Dong-A Universität! Wähle aus dem interessanten Angebot an Business-Management-Kursen, vertiefe deine Kenntnisse in den von dir gewählten Fächern und werde zu einem global denkenden Experten. Du kannst in Busan für ein oder zwei Semester studieren.

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Study abroad in Busan, South Korea Aside from quality education, expect more when you study abroad in Busan, South Korea. We listed the advantages of studying in the city, plus other essential and inspiring information you should know! Quick Facts about Busan, South Korea
  • The region is considered South Korea’s summer capital. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit the area to enjoy its majestic beaches.
  • It is home to the Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest seafood supplier in the country. You can also enjoy the freshest meals in their dining hall.
  • School breaks are always fun when you study abroad in Busan as you can visit the Shinsegae Centum City- the biggest shopping mall worldwide! Aside from boutiques, it has salons, business centers, and even a golf course!
  • Do you need to relax after studying? The city is also known for its spas and centuries-old hot springs.
  • Expect a reliable transportation system when you study abroad in Busan, South Korea. The region has an extensive bus and subway system that can take you anywhere in the city.
  • Moreover, buying an Hanaro or Mybi card lets you save on bus and subway fares. If you like to drive, cruising in the city is convenient using your international driver’s license.
  • Anticipate cooler and breezier weather when you study abroad in Busan, South Korea. During summer, the temperature is comfortable at 27C, while winter is ideal at 6C.
Benefits when you study abroad in Busan, South Korea
  • Busan is home to globally-recognized colleges, like Dong-A University. It offers innovative facilities, an international atmosphere, an acclaimed curriculum, and more!
  • The city has a dynamic atmosphere with a captivating mixture of traditional and modern Korean culture. You will surely enjoy a wide selection of food, museums, events, etc., when you study abroad in Busan, South Korea.
  • Learning the Korean language is fun through immersion, and the city of Busan takes it a notch higher. Aside from its energy, its diverse population offers fresh perspectives to make you see the world unbiasedly.
  • Several multinational companies are stationed in the country, allowing you to collaborate and learn essential learnings through internships.
Frequently Asked Questions What are the visa requirements when I study abroad in Busan? Global learners who wish to study abroad in Busan must have a D-2 student visa. To apply, submit your formal admission letter from a Korean university, a copy of your passport, a student visa application form, and proof of financial capability. Present all the mentioned requirements at your country’s Korean embassy or consulate. How do I find accommodation in Busan? There are several renting options when you study abroad in Busan. Some Korean universities provide housing facilities for international students. You may also choose from homestays, dormitories, or apartments outside your campus. Moreover, some websites offer assistance in finding an excellent place to stay during your semester. How much is the cost of living in Busan? Expect a reasonable cost of living when you study abroad in Busan. The city’s necessities are surprisingly priced cheaper than in other major cities in the country. To learn more about the cost of living in South Korea, click here. Summing it up Busan is an excellent study-abroad destination as you experience everything – from a modern metropolis to refreshing and calming tropical sceneries! Book free counseling today to experience learning higher education in Busan! Aside from South Korea, our Virtual Exhibit has other tempting study destinations guaranteed to give you a memorable educational journey!

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Studiere für ein oder zwei Semester an der Dong-A Universität und gebe deiner internationalen Karriere einen Schub!

Studiere in der zweitgrößten Stadt Südkoreas, Busan. Busan liegt direkt an der Küste, beherbergt historische Tempel und ist die Heimat von mehr als 3,5 Millionen Einwohnern. Die Stadt liegt im südlichen Teil des Landes und gilt als das wichtigste Tourismusziel in Korea.

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Korea’s #1 Tourismusziel

Von wunderschönen Stränden und fantastischen Meeresfrüchten bis hin zu traditionellen Märkten und kulturellen Dörfern gibt es viele Gründe, Busan, Südkoreas zweitgrößte Stadt, zu besuchen. Busan ist zweifellos eines der besten Reiseziele Koreas und bietet unberührte Strände, historische Tempel, heilige Berge, einzigartige Attraktionen und eine blühende Kunstszene. Die Atmosphäre in Busan ist ganz anders als in Seoul. Es ist weniger hektisch und hat eine entspannte Atmosphäre. Wenn du das hektische und überfüllte Stadtleben nicht magst, sondern eher ruhige Städte bevorzugst, dann ist Busan vielleicht besser als Seoul.

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