Coronavirus Situation Report

How are our destinations doing under the COVID-19 situation?

The COVID19 pandemic must be addressed individually in each destination, as the situation is often very different.

Student safety is our highest priority, but it is essential that the students feel comfortable and welcome in our destinations, even during the most turbulent times. To make these ideas come true, we have negotiated extended application deadlines with our partner universities, implemented even more flexible terms & conditions, and most importantly, thoroughly made sure that our partner universities are safe, prepared, and welcoming for you.

We will continue to stay in close exchange with our partner universities, universities in your country, and most importantly, with the students in our destinations at the very moment. We hope that we can also help you find the perfect destination for the adventure of your life! Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at or +358 8 2371 1893 (Mon – Fri 3am-6pm UTC+3).



For more than a decade, from the first day of its existence, Asia Exchange has run programs all over Southeast Asia and has prioritized students’ safety and health over everything else. We carefully handpicked our partner institutions and built excellent relations with key contacts in each destination. Some of our contact persons have even agreed to be available for our students at any time. Regardless of the development of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to do our best to provide our students with the safest possible study environment abroad.

We will provide students, parents, faculties and all members of our extensive study abroad network with frequent and relevant updates published on this page.

Asia Exchange constantly monitors updates from several national and international sources in all our destinations and sending countries. We decided only to follow official announcements from governmental institutions and organizations like the WHO to avoid spreading false information of any kind. We also regularly consult the host universities that advise us on the risks associated with traveling to the countries of the host universities and monitor advice from local authorities.

Asia Exchange’s employees are based in various countries worldwide and working remotely for the time being. While we are doing our best to overcome these unfortunate times hand in hand with our partners, we cannot deny noticing an impact on our ability to complete day-to-day operations. Thus, we would like to apologize for any delays in communication. 

We appreciate your patience with Asia Exchange as we face many ongoing concerns associated with this situation, from many directions and about several destinations. Global health information and related travel restrictions are changing fast and often nowadays. We always share information with our best knowledge about the current COVID-19 situation in our destinations whenever we receive confirmed information, without delay, and to our best knowledge.  We at Asia Exchange will regularly inform our students, parents, and institutions about our destination countries and the host universities activities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic on this page.

We also focus on reliable and trusted sources for information and recommend anyone to follow a similar approach. Both WHO and national health institutes have excellent up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to inform your parents and guardians that they can email us, give us a phone call, or request a meeting on any other communication channel with a working professional at Asia Exchange. We speak English, French, German, Swedish, and more! We are here for you and calling you is not a problem for us.

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DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the COVID pandemic, situations and information may change very rapidly and with very short notice. We at Asia Exchange aim to provide the best possible information to our students. Please note that the categorization of destinations may change very quickly as well. Depending on your nationality, regulations and restrictions may differ.