Wojciech in Seoul (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

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Wojciech studied abroad at Hankuk University of Foreign Students in Seoul, South Korea. He comes originally from Poland and studied at the Mikciewicz University. Read his story below.

The Korean spirit

Hi everybody! My name’s Wojciech and I’m an exchange student from Poland studying Korean language (which is my major) atHankuk University.

I don’t know where I should start when talking about Hankuk Universityso maybe I’ll begin withthe fact that if you want to learn Korean language Hankukis the best possible choice. The universityhas great teachers, who are always keen to help their students; the classes are comfortable andthere are usually no more than 10 students in them and the atmosphere here is really great and unique. Not only because people here are friendly but also because you can simply feel the “Korean spirit” here.

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Besides that the very first thing you’ll probably notice when coming to our campus is that it is full of foreigners. You can say that Hankuk University is truly a multinational community with diverse people and cultures. This is a great opportunity especially for those who come to Koreato study other country’s culture and language.

Broadening our minds

I think that studying in a foreign country broadens our minds and Korea’s Hankuk University is a great place to do that! In addition to the studies, you can learn about the culturethrough various extra-curricularactivities like, for example, taking Taekwondo or Samulnori (a folk music accompanied by four percussion instruments) classes. I myself am attending Pungmulnori classes which is a variation of Samulnori (we are dancing when playing the instruments).

So in the end I want to say that if you want to come to an Asian country to study, Korea’s Hankuk Universityis just the University you were looking for!

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