Why should you choose to study abroad in South Korea?

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Top 5 reasons why South Korea is a good place to study

Let’s dive into the five things why we think you should study abroad in South Korea and what the country has to offer.

streets of seoul in south korea
South Korea has so much to offer. Exchange students will not be dissapointed.

1. High education

South Korea is well known for its high education all over the world. South Koreans are very motivated and committed to their studies. The teachers put a lot of effort into making the class feel like a community and find individual relationships with students important. At the moment, the course setup is mostly online, with some offline courses. The fact that the courses are set up online because of the pandemic doesn’t mean that the quality of teaching isn’t as good as it was. Our partner universities have developed a good online setup where they make the students feel like they’re all in this together. Further in this blog post, we will tell you more about our partner universities.

2. Student-friendly

Besides the fact that South Korea is a beautiful country to visit it is also very student-friendly. Its crime rate is remarkably low, basically non-existent, and especially against tourists. It’s a very convenient place to live as you can find transportation everywhere. There are many local but also many international students, which makes it easy to make new friends and creates a feeling of community.

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students laughing in a café in Seoul
South is a student-friendly country.

3. Humble culture

South Korea is a beautiful destination on its own, but it’s the people that create that special feeling when being there. For South Koreans, family is very important, which creates an ambiance of trust, respect, and community. Like we’ve mentioned earlier in this blog post, there is a very low criminal rate, which gives a feeling of safety.

4. Delicious food

When we think of South Korea, we think of all the amazing food that comes along with it. South Korea has many different delicates. Their main meal consists of shared side dishes and obviously, the heart of every meal is rice. They use a lot of different spices and sauces like sesame oil and different kinds of chili. A popular dish is Kimchi, it’s chili pickled cabbage and can find it in every restaurant in the country.

5. Beautiful four seasons

South Korea has four very clear seasons throughout the year. The spring from April to June is a great time to visit. Flowers are in full bloom and the country turns green and pink from the cherry blossoms. You’ll also see lots of festivals and events throughout the country because of the great weather. The summer is very short and lasts from July to August, it’s the hottest time of the year in South Korea and mostly humid and rainy. After the rainy summer, the autumn turns the country into shades of orange and red. Together with spring, this is one of the best moments to visit South Korea. Finally, the winter is from December to March and can get really cold. You’ll even experience beautiful white landscapes. There are great spots to ski if you are into winter sports.

autumn in seoul
Autumn is the most beautiful season in South Korea.

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