Where Should You Study Abroad In Asia? See Unique Destinations To Consider

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Are You Confused About Where You Should Study Abroad in Asia?

Are you thinking about studying abroad in Asia? The world’s largest continent has much to offer. You’ll find incomparable food, breathtaking landscapes and a host of new countries to explore.

You have many nations to choose from—where should you study abroad in Asia? From Taiwan to Vietnam to South Korea, here are inspiring choices to consider.

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There are dozens of reasons to study abroad in Taiwan. The government wants to encourage foreigners to learn Chinese and offers multiple undergraduate and graduate scholarships to those who qualify. Bye-bye student loan debt. If you can score a full ride here, why not seize the opportunity? Studying abroad is a fantastic time to learn something new — follow your opportunity to be part of the 35% of study abroad students who actively use their second language in the future!

Additionally, the government of Taiwan devotes considerable money and resources to education. The nation’s robust technology sector requires a highly respected degree. Students come from around the globe to study biotechnology, semiconductor technology, chemistry, business, agriculture, and animal husbandry, to name a few.

You will also be able to enjoy a lively culture and some of the best academic resources in the world. The nation values a free press and gender equality, making it a welcoming spot for women to study. You’ll also visit some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth.

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If you’re looking for natural beauty and unique culture, you will fall in love with the gorgeous countryside of Vietnam. Plus, if you like your coffee, you’ll find Saigon’s cafe culture unparalleled in the world. You’ll also find a lively art scene with enough museums and galleries to keep you busy for months.

On your trek, you can tour the Hanoi Hilton, where late U.S. Sen. John McCain spent his time as a prisoner of war. Many young people no longer remember the conflict but can take field trips to historical interest points. It’s fascinating to learn how people in the nation view the years of strife quite differently from the U.S. — they see it as successfully fighting off a powerful outside invader.

If your budget tends to the lean side, you won’t have to part with a lot of dong, or Vietnamese currency, to get a hot meal in your belly. Experts consider the nation student-friendly, and you’ll find affordable accommodations that leave you ample cash left over to buy souvenirs.

The Foreign Trade University is one of the top global schools for studying. Business majors will have a field day learning about international business management, international finance, banking, logistics and economics.

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South Korea

Why should you study abroad in South Korea? You can visit Pyeongchang, one of the cities where the 2018 winter Olympics took place. Plus, you’ll celebrate the new year twice, as citizens honor both Jan. 1 and the start of the lunar new year. You’ll enjoy tons of fireworks and parades — and if you blow your first resolution, you can make a new one a month later and try again.

There’s much more than a vibrant athletic and party scene to South Korea, though. This country boasts lightning fast internet speeds, making it a breeze to stream anything from course content to your favorite K-pop videos. You won’t pay a ton for the privilege, either. The nation has an affordable cost of living, including transportation.

Are you the STEM-minded sort? If so, you may have found your educational match in South Korea. The country has a stellar reputation for some of the top mechanical, environmental and civil engineering programs, and excelling in medical science.

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Where to Study Abroad in Asia? Try These Three Destinations

If you’re wondering where you should study abroad in Asia, any of the nations on this list make a wise choice. Where will your learning adventure take you?

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