What is it like to do a full degree in South Korea?

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Interview with Thanusha, full degree student in Seoul, South Korea

Thanusha from Germany, is currently doing a full degree in Seoul, South Korea, with Asia Exchange. She is 27 years old and started her bachelor’s degree in Germany. However, her major did not really suit her preferences. Consequently, she decided to quit her studies and start all over again with a new adventure in South Korea! This spring semester 2021, Thanusha has started her bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Looking back, she has never regretted that decision.

palace in Seoul, South Korea
Thanusha is doing her bachelor in South Korea

When and why did you come up with the idea to study abroad?

I thought about studying abroad right after my high school graduation. Due to personal reasons, I was not able to do so. But as time passed, I realized that I was not really motivated to study in Germany.

How did you find the right full degree program for you?

I found the right program through Asia Exchange. My previous university in Germany introduced Asia Exchange to those students who were interested in studying abroad. So, I searched on Asia Exchange’s website for universities in South Korea and checked the majors that they offered. I know some students would say why not just search for the universities on google. But for me, Asia Exchange’s website was quite convenient because I could find all the information in German, too. And I got a lot of help from a diligent coordinator of Asia Exchange who answered all my questions. I guess I wrote around 100 emails. But still, they have replied to all of them.

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Why did you decide to do a full degree abroad in South Korea?

I was dreaming of doing a full degree abroad since I had studied in Seoul as an exchange student with Asia Exchange already a few years ago. Consequently, I build up the courage to do my bachelor degree abroad. I decided to do the program at HUFS because I already did the exchange program there before and I had a good experience.
It was an unforgettable time for me. For instance, South Korea is one of the safest countries worldwide. So, I thought it would be safe for a girl as well. Unlike in Germany, I feel safe even if I walk around alone at night in Seoul’s streets.

How did you feel shortly before your study abroad program started?

At first, I was worried, because there were quite some people who told me not to study abroad. They thought it would be difficult for a foreigner to study in a country where people speak another language. In my case, it was Korean. But I felt confident in my Korean. Moreover, I had already experienced the life of a Korean student as an exchange student before. Therefore, I thought I would be able to do it. Plus, my university has many classes in English, so I did not have to worry about me failing because of the language barrier. (Korean language courses in South Korea)

Do you have any regrets regarding your decision of studying abroad?

So far, I have no regrets regarding studying abroad. And I think I will not regret my decision. I am enjoying my life in South Korea even though we are living in times of a pandemic.I saw all the efforts of Korea to decrease the COVID-19 infection rates and to protect the public. For instance, automatic disinfectors of escalators or cleaning personnel that is effortful cleaning the subway. An finally, I even enjoy studying, nlike in Germany! So, my studies are even doing better than in Germany.

What piece of advise would you give someone who is thinking about doing a full degree abroad?

I recommend you to contact Asia Exchange and use their services. It is a lot easier than preparing everything alone. There is always someone who is there to help you. Also, they speak different languages and adapted to the language I felt the most comfortable with. In my experience, I always received a reply within 24 hours. But even during the COVID-19, I got an answer after 2-3 days.

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seoul night south korea skyline city
Do a full degree to take your time to truly immerse yourself in the Korean culture

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