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Top 5 Best Countries in Asia to Visit!

The list goes on and on, from megacities to remote islands, and from the highest to the lowest point on the Earth’s surface. With over 4 billion people and 48 countries, Asia is the most diverse continent in the world. Asia has it all! With this in mind, choosing the correct destination for your holiday or exchange semester can be overwhelming. To help you figure out where to go, here are some of the top 5 countries to visit in Asia.

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palm tree in Malaysia
Asia is beautiful, and there is so much to discover


Although Bali gets most of the attention, most people don´t know much about Indonesia. A common mistake is to think Bali is a country, but it´s not. It is one of the more than 17,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. It is a province. Each of these islands has its own different dialects, cultures, species, and nature, which makes Indonesia even more appealing to explore because there is so much to discover. It’s amazing to think: I can see orangutans not far north, I can see Komodo dragons not far east; and I can surf world-class waves at the Mentawai Islands, not far west. If you are an adventure junkie, go to Indonesia!

Travel to Indonesia and fall in love with the always so friendly local people! Photo by Zeyn Afuang / CC BY

Indonesia is a country with many different cultures and a long history. It is also home to many popular tourist spots.

Some of the must-visit destinations in Indonesia:

  • Borobudur: This is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple and one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.
  • Mount Bromo: This is an active volcano located in East Java, and a popular destination for trekking and hiking.
  • Ubud: This is a beautiful and historic town located in Bali, known for its traditional Balinese culture and beautiful rice terraces.
  • Gili Islands: These are a group of three small islands located off the coast of Lombok and are popular for their pristine beaches and clear waters.
  • Tana Toraja: This is an ethnic group located in South Sulawesi, known for its unique cultural practices and traditional houses.

In Indonesia, it’s common to take your shoes off when you go into someone’s home or a mosque, and it’s polite to dress modestly when you go to a place of worship. You should also try the local food, which includes dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Sate (meat on a stick), and Gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce).

Indonesia is also known for its traditional dances, like the Pendet, Legong, and Barong dances, which are done with elaborate costumes and gamelan music. At local festivals, cultural shows, and temples, tourists can see these dances.

Indonesia is a must-see for anyone who wants to see a new and exciting part of the world. Its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and many different traditions make it a unique and unforgettable cultural experience.

best time to visit indonesia and peak season

The best time to go to Indonesia depends on what you want to do there and where you want to go. Indonesia is most popular with tourists from June to September when the weather is dry and sunny. This is a great time to visit Bali, Lombok, and the Gili Islands, known for their beaches. June to September is also the best time to visit some of Java and Bali’s historical and cultural sites.

But if you want to avoid crowds and have a more relaxed time, April through May and October through November are good times to visit Indonesia. The weather is still lovely during these months, but there aren’t as many tourists.

It’s important to know that some parts of Indonesia, like the highlands of Flores and the Raja Ampat islands, have a rainy season from November to March. If you’re planning a trip to one of these places, it’s best to check the weather before you go.


Napoleon once said, “China?” There lies a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! “For when he awakes, he will move the world.” China will most likely overtake the United States as the world’s new superpower in the near future. Over the last few decades, the country has experienced unprecedented growth, and it is now the world’s second-largest economy. Therefore, learning just a little bit of Chinese or knowing a little bit about its culture and history will improve your future job prospects. Soon everyone is looking eastward to make business, and your knowledge will be a huge asset.

Shanghai is a global financial hub and it’s a must-visit when traveling in China. Photo By Adi Constantin / CC BY

Some of the must-visit tourist destinations in china:

  • The Great Wall of China: This iconic structure is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a symbol of China’s ancient civilization.
  • The Forbidden City: This was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties and is now a museum showcasing ancient Chinese art and culture.
  • The Terracotta Army: This is a collection of 8,000 life-sized statues of soldiers, horses, and chariots, located in Xi’an.
  • The Bund: This is a historic waterfront area in Shanghai, known for its colonial architecture and night-time lights.
  • West Lake: This is a beautiful lake located in Hangzhou and is surrounded by temples, pagodas, and gardens.

When you go into someone’s home or a temple in China, it is common to take your shoes off. It is also important to respect local customs and traditions, like not pointing at or touching people with your feet.

Regional specialties like Peking duck, dumplings, and hot pot are just a few of the delicious dishes you have to try in China.

China is also known for its long history of traditional arts and crafts, such as calligraphy, paper cutting, and Chinese knots. People can see these arts by going to local markets, museums, or cultural events and performances.

In conclusion, China is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn about a rapidly growing world power and explore a new culture. It is a unique mix of ancient history and modern development.

best time to visit china and peak season

The best time to visit China depends on where you want to go and what you want to do there. Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are usually the best times to go because the weather is nice and there are fewer people. During these times, the weather is pleasant, and the landscape is either lush and green or brightly colored with fall leaves.

In China, July and August are the busiest months for tourists. Many people take advantage of the warm weather to visit places like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Warriors. But this also means that these places may be crowded and prices will be higher. If you don’t mind crowds, summer is a great time to go, but if you want a more relaxing trip, you might want to go in the spring or fall.


Is Malaysia the most underrated country in Southeast Asia? Yes, I believe it is. There are a few places in the world that have it all. Malaysia is one of them. Though people traveling to Southeast Asia talk more about the wicked surf in Indonesia or the crazy parties and beautiful beaches in Thailand, Do you often hear about Malaysia? I bet you don´t. But this could be to your advantage! As Malaysia is not as hyped as the rest of the Southeast Asian countries, there are more uncrowded places to visit, which are not yet as mainstream as Thailand, for example. Malaysia offers amazing cuisine, stunning national parks, picturesque beaches, world-renowned aquatic life, a rich history, and a vibrant culture. If this country wasn’t on your bucket list, well, now it should be!

There are plenty of uncrowded beaches in Malaysia Photo By Sébastien Jermer / CC BY

Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia that should not be missed:

  • Petronas Twin Towers: These iconic skyscrapers are located in Kuala Lumpur and offer breathtaking views of the city from their observation deck.
  • Batu Caves: These are a series of caves and Hindu temples located just outside of Kuala Lumpur, known for their colorful staircases and statue of Lord Murugan.
  • Borneo: This is the third-largest island in the world and is home to many unique species of plants and animals, including orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and pygmy elephants.
  • Penang: This is a beautiful island located in the northwest of Malaysia, known for its colonial architecture, street art, and delicious street food.
  • Langkawi: This is a group of 99 islands located off the northwest coast of Malaysia, known for their beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical forests.

Dressing modestly and showing respect for local customs and traditions is important in Malaysia, especially in places of worship.

Malaysian food is varied and tasty, with influences from Chinese, Indian, and Malay cooking styles. The dishes nasi lemak, roti canai, and laksa are all ones you should try.

Malaysia is also known for its lively festivals and cultural celebrations, such as the Thaipusam festival in Penang, the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival, and the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak.

In conclusion, Malaysia is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a unique mix of natural beauty, rich culture, and modern conveniences. It should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

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best time to visit malaysia and peak season

From November to February, when the weather is dry and pleasant, is the best time to visit Malaysia. This is when you can do things outside and see more of the country. Usually, the most tourists come in December and January, when they want to get away from the cold in their home countries. But it’s also important to keep in mind that during this time, popular tourist spots can get crowded and flights and hotels can cost more. If you want to travel during the busy season, it’s best to book in advance.

South Korea

The changing seasons and year-round festivals are the biggest reasons why you should travel to South Korea. Each of South Korea’s four seasons is distinct from the others. You might have heard of the cherry blossom season. As the winter snow melts, nature comes to life in a jaw-dropping way. That´s the beginning of the cherry blossom season, and to witness it is a sight in itself. Trees on the streets turn pink, and it´s a picturesque vista beyond compare. This is the perfect time to step up your Instagram game.

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If you are interested in learning more about the country’s rich history, colorful culture, and unique traditions, perhaps the best way is to attend any of the annual festivals. In April, you have the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, and in October, you have the Jinju Lantern Festival, just a few of the many exciting festivals in South Korea. We promise you; you will never get bored in ”creative Korea”!

Visit South Korea during the cherry blossom season. You will not get disappointed! Photo By AJ / CC BY

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: A historic palace located in the heart of Seoul that offers a glimpse into the country’s royal past.
  • Jeju Island: A volcanic island located off the southern coast of South Korea, known for its stunning beaches, waterfalls, and natural hot springs.
  • Namsan Tower: A iconic tower located in the center of Seoul offering panoramic views of the city.
  • Seoraksan National Park: A scenic mountain range in the northeastern part of South Korea known for its rugged peaks, scenic waterfalls, and lush forests.

South Koreans are known for being polite and respectful. This is a part of their culture. People often greet each other with a bow, and it’s polite to take your shoes off before entering someone’s home.

Food is a big part of South Korean culture and cuisine. Dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, and bulgogi are popular both in South Korea and all over the world.

When you go to South Korea, you can get a unique cultural experience and learn about the country’s long history, lively culture, and modern way of life.

best time to visit south korea and peak season

Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November), when the weather is mild and pleasant, are the best times to visit South Korea. You can see the country’s famous cherry blossoms and fall foliage at these times. South Korea is most popular with tourists from June to August when the weather is warm and humid. During this time, there are also a lot of festivals and events, so expect crowds and higher prices.


The potato-shaped island Taiwan might be small compared to China. But don´t judge a book by its cover. The small island, which has a larger population than Australia, occupies an important position in the global economy, and Taiwan is a top player in the world’s information and communication technology industry. As one of the four Asian tigers, Taiwan is not commonly talked about as a travel destination. Considered one of the safest countries in the world, you can travel around the island without being worried about violence or theft. Besides that, with its stunning scenery, wealth of culture (from ancient China to modern-day Western additions), and amazing food, Taiwan is a must-visit travel destination!

For people who love being outside, Taiwan has a lot to offer. For example, Taroko Gorge is one of the most beautiful national parks in Asia. The famous Alishan Forest Railway is also on the island. It takes people on a beautiful ride through the mountains while showing them beautiful views of the area.

It’s important to respect the people and their traditions when it comes to local customs. For example, when entering a temple or someone’s home, visitors should take off their shoes and be aware of how chopsticks and other cultural practices are used. As a sign of respect, it is also common in Taiwan to bow when you meet someone.

Overall, Taiwan is a unique and interesting place to visit, with a mix of ancient and modern influences that make for a rich cultural experience.

best time to visit south taiwan and peak season

When the weather is mild and typhoon season is over, October to December is the best time to visit Taiwan. So it’s a great time to explore the island and do things outside. During this time, places like Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, and Alishan that are popular with tourists won’t be as crowded.

Taiwan’s busiest tourist season is from June to August when the weather is hot and humid and not suitable for doing things outside. Still, this is a popular time to visit because there are a lot of festivals and events going on, like the dragon boat festival, which brings in a lot of people. During this time, places for tourists to visit tend to be busier, and prices for places to stay may be higher.

Take the chance now and study abroad in Asia. It´s a once in a lifetime experience!

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