Welcome back to Bali – Open border, tropical vibes, and hundreds of international students

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This spring 2022 is an extraordinary time worldwide, but especially in Bali. Indonesia opened its borders to international visitors, and our students grabbed the chance and made their way toward the island of gods. On top of all this positiveness, our students came to Bali during the 15th year of Asia Exchange, and we are proud to welcome so many students to Bali this year. Let us celebrate!


Bali, at the end of the COVID 19 pandemic

You can cut the Atmosphere in Bali with a knife. The whole island is very positive, and the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic are becoming a matter of the past. While there are still light covid restrictions implemented and followed by every person on the island, tourism is finding its way back to the island of gods, Bali. Returning tourism is reviving the spirits in Bali, and everyone is doing their best to prepare for positive times in which Bali is the most prominent tourist destination in the world again.


On top of that will, the upcoming G20 economic summit will be held in Bali. This is big news. The leaders of our world will all come to Bali in the coming November 2022 to discuss the economic challenges after the covid pandemic, and topics such as the war in Ukraine will be part of the discussion.

Spring 2022 marks the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, students resume studying abroad in Indonesia, and the G20 congress will come to Bali. 2022 must be one of the most exciting years for Bali and international students. Every student in Bali, right now and in the coming autumn semester, will breathe this magical atmosphere in Bali and most likely experience a once-in-a-lifetime euphoria in Indonesia.

Studying in Bali in Spring 2022

Studying abroad in Bali this spring is a unique experience for our students. While the university facilities are still closed for face-to-face activities, the island is open, and students can come without encountering any problems.


Students study from a distance while living in Bali, which may sound weird, but rest assured, students, love it. Learning from distance combined with open borders and light travel restrictions offers countless benefits. The biggest one may be that students have the chance to explore Indonesia throughout their study abroad semester fully.

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago globally, with more than 17 000 islands, 600 spoken languages, and various activities that soar every imagination. Besides exploring Bali and its wonders, students travel more than ever before. They go and see Orang Utans in Sumatra, Diving in Raja Ampat, surf in the Mentawai Islands, explore each island’s unique culture, and relax on the pink beaches of Sumba. And all this while studying abroad in Indonesia.

study abroad with asia exchange
We have more than 100 students at Warmadewa University and Udayana University right now, coming from 14 countries.

Kick-off Party

Last Saturday, April 23rd, 2022, we invited our students to join us at Alternative Beach, Canggu. We celebrated a great time in Bali, with open borders, the new friends we made so far, and all the life-changing experiences.

study abroad with asia exchange
So many students came, and it turned out to be the biggest and most international student party on the island in 2022. But rest assured, our legendary semester Kick-off party returns this autumn will be beyond imagination! Don’t miss out!


Looking at the autumn 2022 intakes in Bali

The outlook for Bali’s coming autumn 2022 semesters is nothing less than mind-blowing. We expect a fully recovered island, bustling with life and tourists from all over the world, with countless events and activities throughout the island, on-campus classes with hundreds of international students in the most international study abroad programs in Indonesia.

If any other words are needed, then only: Don’t miss out! Study with Asia Exchange in Bali and change your life.

Study abroad in Bali !

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