Ways to study abroad: 10 Best and Proven Ways to Upgrade your Education Overseas

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If you are finally ready to go on a life-changing journey and looking for ways to study abroad, we can help!

Aside from educational benefits, enrolling overseas enhances your professional credibility to work internationally. Imagine all the opportunities waiting after finishing a degree in South Korea, China, Cuba, or Cancun.

Today, we will discuss ten ways to study abroad. You will also learn vital statistics and how to choose the perfect program.

Study abroad statistics

Before learning the ways to study abroad, let us inspire you with recent figures about enrolling outside your home country.

The Erasmus Impact Study revealed that 64% of global companies are more likely to hire students who graduated outside their home country.

The same study found that international corporations prefer global learners as they are more passionate, highly resilient, and confident.

97% of study abroad graduates got jobs immediately within a year, while only 49% who finished in their home country got employed in the same duration.

96% of students who finished a program abroad acquired self-confidence

85% of study abroad graduates have the necessary and in-demand skills in the job market.

There are more benefits to studying abroad, and to further motivate you, read the best quotes about enrolling overseas by clicking HERE.

10 Ways to Study Abroad

Now that you know vital facts and the importance of studying outside your home country, here are ten ways to study abroad.

1. Sign up for a program at your university to study abroad

Learning institutions have beneficial partnerships with colleges worldwide, offering study abroad programs to their enrollees.

Aside from their assistance in helping with visa application and finding your accommodation, you also get valuable academic credits for your education credentials.

You can ask counselors to learn more about study abroad opportunities or visit your school’s official website.

2. Search for a third-party provider

If your university doesn’t have the specific program, location, and dates you prefer, searching for a third-party provider is one of the ways to study abroad.

Third-party providers aid students in enrolling overseas regardless of their university or program. They can find a match for your educational needs for a fee.

You can also ask your university for recommendations about the best third-party study-abroad providers.

3. Apply directly to a university outside your home country

Directly enrolling in your preferred university is one of the best ways to study abroad. Aside from having personal contact, you can also ask for specific information that helps you decide.

Nowadays, international learning institutions warmly welcome students from all over the world. They offer English-taught subjects and provide communities to help you immerse.

On the other hand, if you wish to apply to a university without English courses, you must be fluent in the country’s dialect.

4. Sign up for a language school overseas

One of the great ways to study abroad is to enroll in a language school. Aside from learning a new dialect, you get a total immersion in the country by living in a community or staying with a host family.

Additionally, signing up for an international language school is less costly and requires less paperwork.

5. Ask for educational support from your government

Through federal agencies and departments, your government assists qualified citizens in upgrading their education.

Visit their website or regional offices to learn more about this privilege and address your concerns.

6. Participate in field research abroad to expand your knowledge

Joining field research is ideal for students who want to expand their knowledge and experiences while a country’s culture, history, and more.

Though it is only advisable for some, and it will not provide academic credit given in classrooms, participating in field research is one of the best ways to study abroad as you get to experience fun activities like excavation, marine life analysis, and more!

7. Get an internship for academic credit

Having an internship overseas specifically merges studies with work experience. You get to be an “employee” while learning valuable real-life skills.

Additionally, though you will not be paid, imagine all the knowledge and skills that will prepare you professionally.

Furthermore, to make your internship more valuable, ensure it is pre-approved and meets the credit standard of your home university.

8. Go on a global independent study

Independent study overseas is one of the most beneficial ways to study abroad, where under a faculty sponsor, students design and complete a comprehensive program outside their home country.

Though a global independent study overseas may seem similar to the ones offered in your learning institution, note that the programs generally differ in requirement, size, and specialization.

9. Join a student exchange program

Student exchange programs are generally among the most popular ways to study abroad for a semester or academic year. Aside from experiencing refreshing ways of learning, you can surely immerse in the host country’s culture and make new friends.

10. Start with the basic through high school study abroad program

If an exchange program is not an option, attending a high school study abroad program is a good alternative.

It is one of the most popular ways to study overseas for graduating seniors that starts during summer or school breaks and can last an entire year.

Tips on how to choose the perfect study abroad program for you

After introducing the ways to study abroad, refer to the guide below on selecting your ideal overseas program.

Begin as soon as possible

Start your application early as the finest and most in-demand study overseas program fills up quickly. Collect your requirements and ensure they are valid.

Reflect on your academic interest

Aside from being related to your major, ensure you are incredibly passionate about your chosen program. Remember that you are building the foundation of your future, so specifically, select the one you want to pursue.

Consider your personal preferences

Your preferences generally play an important part in choosing a program overseas.

For those wanting to enjoy nature, enrolling in Bali is for you. If you enjoy exciting meals, studying in Japan allows you to taste the freshest sushi and sashimi worldwide! Schooling in Lisbon is highly advisable for the grandest view of the ocean. 

To help you pick a study abroad destination, click HERE.

Set a budget

Though some ways to study abroad are less costly, most require private funding. With this, our Budgeting Guide can help you effectively help in managing your finances abroad.

Moreover, to further help your expenses, read the cheapest countries to study in Asia if you plan to enroll in the continent.

In a nutshell

Whatever ways to study abroad you choose, ensure it will lead to your ultimate goal of enriching yourself with the best teaching and experiences for your future!

Take your first step by scheduling a free counseling session today! Our team of experts will guide you step by step in upgrading your education.

Furthermore, visit our Virtual Booth to see the best locations and universities globally!

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